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  Aug 2018 September
Third Eye Candy
immortality is easy-peasy. you play dead.

you live now. and simply continue. you just get on with it.
zig-zag in plain sight. like a shimmer in an old daguerreotype.
if you must fade. always do it sideways.
  Apr 2018 September
Third Eye Candy
i was born on a Someday.
and You are the only one
that knows.

it gives me

it gives me answers
to questions, i have yet
to imagine.

it gives me You.
  Apr 2018 September
Third Eye Candy
i told myself to leave me alone
in twelve languages.

i got the hint.
September Apr 2018
God's firmament: only
a child's planetarium projector—
If only I could project my
vows in a sphere of light
with even a handful of batteries, all the
eyes in the world
could see how ******* thin
my gossamer guilt is.

My conscience is silky smooth
like Venus-razored legs.
September Apr 2018
U n I r love letters—
O, tucked in bottles and
cast out @ c.
You and I are love letters—
Oh, tucked in bottles and
cast out at sea.

U and I are letters of love.
September Apr 2018
i drove a long way for affection
but i didn't mind a meander
into side streets of self exploration

companionship not compatability

and the simple ******* twists i turned
the gentle buses rode

i tire of you
September Mar 2018
this ship merits no singing of sad songs
cleaned my decks, the salt water is gone.
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