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luna Jun 2015
i want to hear your THOUGHTS
as your stomach turns to KNOTS
your teeth until your jaw ACHES
all your secrets when your brain BRAKES
holding back but gather SHAMEFULLY
those thick strong walls fell so PAINFULLY
off your shoulders and now on your HEART
stolen from you like valuable ART
replacing the air you start to DROWN
your body has begun to SHUTDOWN
luna Apr 2015
im just tired
of the ****** consequences that
are just side effects to -life-

and im wondering
does pain really go away
or are we just finding new ways to -hide-

do you notice
that every time they ask if we are okay
we nod our heads as we turn the other -way-

can you hear me
screaming through my glossy eyes
because i can never find the right words to -say-
luna Apr 2015
we grieve that we cant find ourselves//yet are perplexed as to when we actually became lost in the first place
luna Apr 2015
sacrificed my own sanity
to live among humanity
expected humility
i guess that comes with reality
always ending in tragedy
resulting in insanity
forgetting my own identity
what happened to diversity
i guess that i will never see
the product of creativity
escape a safer fantasy
isolated in captivity
no remnants of community
where emotions become a disability
everyone losing touch eternally
only here temporarily
luna Apr 2015
i was told that if i knock on your door
that you would answer with open arms
so i knocked
:no answer:
i knocked again
:no answer:
so i left for a bit
maybe you were busy  
or it just wasnt the right time
when i came back i knocked once again
:no answer:
you had to be there
i knocked until my knuckles got numb
:no answer:
i was told you were always home
my knuckles began to bleed
if you are there standing behind that door
then why dont you answer
:no answer:
cant you hear my cries for help
its raining now
or maybe thats just my eyes
im beginning to doubt that you are even home
am i even at the right place
i begin to pound the door
:no answer:
my arms are starting to feel weak
im on my knees begging
that the door would open
:no answer:
do you even exist
because if you do then what have i done
was i knocking too much
or not enough
too hard
or too quiet
:no answer:
i was determined now
to have you answer the door
days turned into weeks
weeks into months
and months into years
i now knock only once in a while
:no answer:
the knocks became less frequent
i cant remember the last time i knocked
i tried to knock again today
:no answer:
luna Apr 2015
my blood
is like honey on bones
it drips down
like an ice cream cone
luna Apr 2015
everything that we go through
is just a side effect
of what we went through
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