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Sema Uzun May 21
I also can’t help
But wonder;
How do you deal with this thunder?
Do you really think of me
When I think of you
Or even miss me
When I take a walk without you?
I also can’t help
Myself dreaming of you.
Are you also extra curious for someone? No worries, I am too.
Sema Uzun May 12
Is it just me
Or are we something more
Than words can tell
More than I can serve.
Sema Uzun May 10
You are like a candle darling.
Hot from the inside,
Look how high you can fly.
I can feel your burning flame
Same with you burnt my heart.
I’m not the same with who you used to know,
Though the change didn’t happen in a night.
I remember the way you move,
How you danced before my eyes,
But now I can’t stop talking
Just the way I can’t stop thinking
You burnt my heart darling
But it won’t stop beating.
Written about for those who lit the spark in our bonfire hearts.
Sema Uzun May 10
She is obsessed,
About achieving herself;
Getting over with this messed
Mind rushing by the side of
She kinda like it,
When things get blurred
****, when did you get this cute
Thinking about loves she miss
Due to the chances she missed.
She looks at the highway
Goes to the hell all the way.
Yet there is a quick solution
Jumping into the conclusion
With a car driven by
This is a poem of a girl who is experiencing an unconditional love!
Anybody who can relate?
Sema Uzun May 10
I made you smile at me
Even though you didn’t know that I planned
I let you get inside of my brain
You are the only thing to find in there
Long ago- Longing a go
I was a different girl of earth
Shy and insecure, but no doubt hopeful
I didn’t know what I have back then.
But all the teachings come with a bruise
With a soft touch of loose
Now I do know better
But I can’t be any better
Accept me in the way that I am
Cuz you won’t be cared any better.
This is about how I feel for somebody who is important to me.
I hope you'll enjoy it!
Sema Uzun May 10
Love the beat, don’t delay the pleasure,
This is how is your life now.
Take a chance to make a closure,
If you can’t be his the one.
Someday somebody will love you;
More than enough, more than you want.
Someday somewhere will be your heaven,
If you let yourself to take this ride.
I wrote these lines when I feel heavy in a lock-down. And I tried to embrace some hope. I hope, my hope will be your guide today.

— The End —