i sit in front on my grandfathers shop
where he collects and cuts his butchered meat
i patiently wait in the dusk of sunlight
soaking up the last droplets of summer heat
deep mountain woods grow with the darkness
as the scarlette sky turns to night
and the stars come out; and the crickets cry
i hold a rifle in my hand, but out of sight
my grandfathers cigarette smoke fills the air
cold steel laid softly, as i breath as little as i can
tomorrow i’ll be dreaming of this moment now
without any care, without any plans
Loneliness is an empty road
A thousand miles of the past behind you
And an infinite sea of nothingness ahead
Walking is the only choice you have
Backwards is your safest bet
But what if you go forward instead?
Loneliness is staying awake at night
Coming home to have nothing to do
Laying around the house
Wishing there was someone to talk to
Praying you might be invited
To spend a night out on the town
With all the friends from the past
But every time you check your phone
You’re just let down
Loneliness is being quiet for too long
Wishing you could open your mouth
To share the endless thoughts
To spill pure emotion from your lips
To explode with excitement in the best way
And to see the expression on the faces
Of people that care about what you’re saying
But there’s no one to say these things to
There’s no one to hear a word
It’s an endless isolation ahead of you
So for now, you go unheard
pain is death’s right hand man
a claw that digs into your skin
the death of a loved one
or even a friend
they lower them into the ground
and you know
you’ll never see them again
pain is crying all night
your heart tearing apart
wishing the sunlight
never shone on your heart
killing time in the park
writing poems about death
trying to understand her
with the taste
of a last cigarette on your breath
is *** gonna save me?
will i fly up to the depths
of heavens gentle angels
or will i just disintegrate
becoming ash and dust
like the rest?
the coming of autumn leaves
as orange comes from green
and falls from the trees
to decompose on the frozen ground
the sound of a last breath
releasing its grip on life
that was kept for days too long
death is a cold woman
with her subtle gentle touch
you see it in the glazed over eyes
of the dead men in a battlefield
bleeding out into the earth
you don’t get back the love you gave
from the years spent in fruitless relationships
you don’t get the love back
from those you cared about most
after they die
you don’t get the love back
from those you failed, or gave up on
but somehow
you have to come up with the love
to try again
and to stay alive
love isn’t about what you get back
it’s about what you put in
humans are complex beings
they can talk,
they can make tools,
and they can do just about
whatever they want
but they are born into a world
of luxuries and disappointments
This is my very first poem I ever wrote. It is dated to 2008, I was 10 years old.
as a kid
a ***** head broke in
to my single father’s house
he stole my xbox
most of our food
and sent my family
into a spiraling depression
the broken glass
reminded me of diamonds
ones that i wish i could give back
to my broken family
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