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Selena Nov 2014
Sometimes I think
I'm so thrilled
At how much farther
This journey has to go

Yet other days
The only thought is
Make it stop
Don't want anymore, no

So give in
My mind says
Aren't you so tired
You've done enough

I want so badly
To grasp my fingers
Around complete nothingness
So let's give up

Give up, give up
Give the world
To someone else

Give in, lie down
Close your eyes
It's time to rest
  Oct 2014 Selena
Isha Kumar
I met her once
a little, blind girl
who had let me
inside her wonderful world.

Yes, she couldn't see,
the girl with eyes bright.
Yet, she loved her world
like she never lost her sight.

She heard the music
of the breeze that blew.
The love for her world,
it only grew.

She acquainted me with
that music she heard,
from the buzz of the bees
to the chirping of the birds.

Yes, she couldn't see
the wonders of life.
Yet, she smiled
without a sign of strife.

She had beautiful eyes
filled with wonder.
I stood speechless and thought
how could God make such a blunder?

She danced and sang
with a graceful twirl.
How she loved her life
the little, blind girl.

She smiled and laughed,
her face filled with joy.
With wonder in her eyes,
she was serene, yet coy.

She felt her world
beneath her tiny fingers
and on me left a mark
that would forever linger.

Yes, she couldn't see
the life that she felt.
Yet, she never showed
the sorrow that she dealt.

Her world was dark.
Yet,  she saw
the Earth's true form
pure and raw.

Yes, she let me in.
But I couldn't overstay.
So, I excused myself politely
and quietly walked away.

I had met her once
a little girl who couldn't see.
Yes, she was a child
but the happiest there could ever be
Probably one of my best works. I'm pretty proud of it. ^_^
  Oct 2014 Selena
Justice is not equality
Freedom is not fairness

It’s better to admit you don’t understand
than to torture the hopeless

Waiting for peace on earth,
you dare to hold your breath

So I’ll let you suffocate;
We are equal in death
Selena Oct 2014
Cry yourself to sleep, little one
No one has to know
Of the trembling under the sheets
And the tears on your pillow

Cry yourself to sleep, little one
It's time to get some rest
You've had another long day
And a lot more to get off your chest

Cry yourself to sleep, little one
You've been so brave for so long
Forget everything for a while
And believe that nothing is wrong

Cry yourself to sleep, little one
Soon the dark will come fast
I know you dread tomorrow
Maybe, we pray, tonight will be the last.
Selena Oct 2014
Here's a thought
I'd like to know
If you could feel suicidal
Without being depressed
Does that make sense?
Does making sense even matter
If that's how it feels?

I know I'm happy
And I know it's real
I'm surrounded by the people I love
And I've found love in the things I do

But I see a bridge
And the only thing I can think of
Is jump
I look at cars on the busy streets
From the passenger seat
And think
Maybe today
One of them will just so happen
To hit me, maybe

Smiling is genuine
I don't fake faces, it's just not me
Yet in the safety of my home
I'm not safe in my own head

I don't know how
To ask for help
They'll say I'm fine
And I am fine
But I'm not
And I know it

Selena Oct 2014
adj. wandering alone*

She felt the wind rustle her hair
As the falling leaves caught her eye
He allowed the drizzle to graze his skin
As umbrellas popped up on his sides

The grass was soft between her toes
As the pebbles were firm beneath his heel
She absorbed the vastness of the land
And he wandered around his city of steel

Leaning back into the tree’s embrace
Her gaze landed on a flower of white and gold
He listened to the drone of an airplane above them
As he stopped for a while on the side of the road

She closed her eyes
And allowed the quiet calm her
Basking in the rush of the metro
His nerves bubbled with adventure

While she inhaled, she thought of a boy
Whose eyes lit up like street lamps
With a smile that would make it through
The rain that had his clothes soaked and his hair damp

And she wondered if he would
Think of a girl
With flowers in her hair
If he’d take her hand
Look her in the eye and say
Let’s go someplace, anywhere

They’d hike up a mountain
Or weave through the subway
Maybe visit a museum
Or huddle under a tree on a windy day

But today she was here and was comfortable
In her field by herself
And he was calm and content
On the sidewalk with everyone else

A companion would come one day or another
Right now she was happy to be alone
As he was thrilled to be among hundreds
Yet still be on his own.

— The End —