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Its a swivel,
A swivel of wish.
Wishing our fathers had fought
As our grand fathers hoped they would have fought.
Now we dwindle. As the flag of our fathers crumble.
And out blessings become a curse from our daily annihilation.
Still we profess illumination.
The hearts healing
Is the hearts victory.
I opened my voice
No one heard me scream
My eyes weren't shut
Yet I couldn't see
My nose was wide open
Still I couldn't breath
But in all these spheres,
I could still HATE
Fawn  she hello poetry
He prayed with saints
He danced with gods
He fought with warriors
He dined with kings.
Yet, in all these spheres
Beneath the earth
Lies the man
Cold and lonely.
I am the man
Walking amongst gods
I am the man
Who laughed at the dangling of their swords
I am the man
Who was made to smile by coercion and force
I am the man
Loosing all, yet I fear no loss.
You can leave you pain at the door
Because i dont care anymore
I dont care how you feel
I dont care about your deal
I just know i feel your betrayal
That has turned me maniacal
Yes am selfish, but you're no different
But a little ignorant
Of my feelings you blew off
Now it's my turn to cut you off
Once a friend, now someone i used to know
And you can keep the memories we shared a while ago
They no longer make me happy
But angry.
So enjoy them as they cling
I'll just sit back feeling you sting
With your shots at my head
I hope you feel how i feel too...BETRAYED.

Now my heart wants to speak.
For it will no longer be a guest house

For your short visits.
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