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C Jun 2015
Her vanity ;

Used eyeliners
Polished golden rings
diamond watches still ticking
Her favorite oud scents still preserved in their boxes
Pocket sized pictures of us as kids framing the mirror ,

Her vanity
Doesn't know
C Jun 2015
Oh i forgot to say ;

It was a lie
I never got over you
I couldn't love you less
It just never happened and
I'm not sorry for the lie that kept you close .
C Jan 2015
The corners of her mouth tuned ,
Slowly pressed her cheeks and revealed her teeth .
In her eyes was a glint that made my mind blink rapidly ,
It silenced and paused our surroundings .
They’re nothing but haze now
Setting a series of ripples across the calm waters of my chest
A rush that is shredding my soul
yet embracing it with warmth
As I reach the crest of whatever that was
I can see myself in the reflection
Of her eyes ,
scattered in denial that a simple curve of her lips was an allure
That draw me into her.
  Sep 2014 C

Love!               vs              Love?

I love you!                      I love you?
It's true, I do!                 It's true, I do
Wonder why?              Wonder why;
You love me too!          You love me too?
First published 22nd September 2014, 10:00 AEST.
  May 2014 C
I met a stranger tonight
She was wearing a hat
She looked at me and asked
If she could take the bracelet on my wrist
She told me it will look prettier on her wrist
I agreed
Then she gave me a bracelet of hers
To remember her she said
She asked if she could kiss my hand
An hour later she was lying on a couch
She told me she took three pills and smoked four joints
I asked her if she's escaping life
I heard silence and saw wide open eyes
I know nothing but her name
Her name was like mine
The Indian definition of soul
And the Hebrew meaning of a female ruler
She closed her eyes
A black eyeliner painted wings on her lids
I smiled.
She felt it and opened her eyes
I smiled again.
Her tired lips stretched to a lazy smile
She said I'm weird and I act like her
I told her we should be friends
She asked if I'm escaping life too
Yes that's what I do
She closed her eyes to dream of an empty life
And I went to bed to write the night
C May 2014
Before I close my eyes and surrender in peace you should know,

That I never liked the color grey till I met you.
And snowflakes never interested me .
Drawing used to consume my time
And writing was just a remedy.
Love seemed wicked
And friendship temporary.
I hated people
And my secrets were just mine .

I lived restrained in my own mental
Bars that I've locked myself behind
You bent the metal and held my hand out.
To find a beautiful world of us.
now i leave it all to you
            And close my eyes.
  May 2014 C
She and I
We have weird desires
I like to choke
She likes to bite
I like to bleed
She likes to hit
I crave pain
She seeks my freedom
I'm lost
She's there
To a journey full of sick adventures
I ask for death
She serve it in a golden plate
We do no good for each other
But we ended together
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