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c Apr 4
I hate the moon
For it just watched
As my childhood was taken
Away from my bare hands

I hate the moon
Yet I hate myself more
For it just watched
As i rip my hair out
And gone skin and bones

I hate the moon
For it just watched
As I sat on my window sill thinking
which way would it be, trembling

I hate the moon
For it just watched
Up the sky where it is safe
And far away from things i have known
Far away from home

And so because I hate the moon
Where it sits pretty
And watched as I lose all parts
Of my soul I was born with
That I will take matters into my own

I will destroy the moon
With my tainted hands

And continue to watch
c Apr 4
Up on my windowsill I stare
at the moon glowing innocently
“What clueless little thing,”
I wonder how many cries of help
Has it ignored, yet still
it continues to be beautiful

The moon is alone,
And far away from home
it was all that i wanted
“Is the moon happy?”
I would always ask.
For it has all the things
I wish I could have

Like those like me
Whose eyes always end up
Staring at the moon, glowing innocently
Little cries of help hoping
That the moon would somehow reach
And take them away in its light

To hope for that was all that I could do
As someone who hated the moon most
Sitting on top of my windowsill
Gazing upward again
Like I have for many nights
Spent in vain
Jealous of the moon

Whichever way my body brings me
My final destination will always be
The beautiful yet heartless moon
Glowing innocently.
c Aug 2022
in loving you i have lost
my pride, my worth
and my self
c Sep 2020
is hating the one thing
you love doing the most

writing even though
paper was sand
and pen was knife

and it was life, for you.
c Jul 2020
strange, empty beating
of a lively heart
slow yet steady thumps
bringing me life

in my lungs
breathe in, breathe out
appreciate the life
i never wanted
c Mar 2020
the gentle drops
kissed your face
as you stare at me
with a sad face.

am I dreaming?
but the raindrops on my face
tells me otherwise.

it was raining. and raining
and raining.
raging on, like my heart inside.
c Mar 2020
If i chose to die,
do not resent me
nor cry.

Instead water my flowers
Under sunlight
Let them bloom freely

Take care of my dog
Feed her three times a day
And in your bed let her lay

Give the life I once lived warmth,
everything that I couldn't
and could never again give
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