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1.7k · Nov 2014
chevron hospital
secret amanda Nov 2014
at the chevron hospital to settle nerves opal squeaky teeth and mint clear nose of mint
at the chevron hospital the doctor comes to check my winter tongue
my eyes are soggy bark
a cloth is being wrung
a sightless worm is having a seizure in a washing machine filled with teeth, a sightless worm is having a seizure in a moist cavern clicking carbonation, wringing over saliva   to hiss, not saying a word
just ringing mouths
blinking at the chevron hospital through tangled

help, my eyes are soggy bark a cloth is being wrung a sightless worm is having a seizure and my nerves opal to mint and clear me
secret amanda Mar 2015
for you there are bugs clawing over the rock's body at the summer when the seagulls are switching over calenders and crackling like electric ocean slugs. i am headed into the waves, crowding and swirling in the portal where i'm swimming to smother popcorn under glass . the popcorn turns to mush in my hands like time or couscous porridge within the deep dark depths sweeping away to the air under glass.
secret amanda Nov 2014
they had just been painted and the air was full of paint and shopping carts and hot dogs from a hot dog stand. it's my job to collect shopping carts for the shoppers and once i pushed 2 shopping carts at once but never more than that. i wish my job had more to do with hot dogs and less about shopping carts because i like hot dogs but at least i get to work around the smell of hot dogs, which i like
423 · Nov 2014
help line
secret amanda Nov 2014
calling the help line

a knit bird is silence
busy cereal box
hard times

my skin is floating in the fabric cavern of clothes
like an astronaut lighting candles, burning death christmas gravity
swallowing at the whole
waiting for a song to play in the back of my mind
help line silence feeling the floor
377 · Jan 2015
i don't remember my room
secret amanda Jan 2015
i don't remember my room but
i remember playing in a ditch and making rivers.
the flood from roads on a raining day made the sewers full.
i put on my boots and watched the water go through tunnels in the city
down to the estuary forest swamp where i saw a full bag of blood hanging from a tree by the entrance
331 · Jan 2015
secret amanda Jan 2015
i wish i looked like counting things on travels through bad lands. desert, sand, abandoned wells   cold indians
the landscape looked the same a few times over from the carriage
and then the fireworks came up from the desert over the sky
and it became night       i started counting the fireworks instead of cacti
secret amanda Nov 2014
This city has bursting green roots that shine higher than the towers.
Trees are growing downwards through, the roads are leaves inside.

roads touch holy
ancient relic is inside
body hole far off from space
rests up on the buildings

— The End —