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 May 2019 Pau
Abigail Del Fierro
Is this it?

The sight of a finish line,
despite all those nights sipping wine,
coming closer.
Has anyone ever kept running even after the race was over?

Is this it?

Echoing in the back of my mind:
hushed denials with each squeezing embrace
Every option leading to a bitter after taste
So I leave these aching memories with haste.

Is this it?

My frustration escaped through exhaled sighs
While you place your hands on my trembling thighs.
Blue, deeper than the ocean, colored our sad faces
Because a orange dream was about to reach its demise.

Is this it?

My heart tries to argue: "It cannot be.
For every end is a new beginning
With a twist of fate's hand, something has to be brewing.
Perhaps lead us back to what was once felt that was lost as of late.
History repeats, a wise folk has once told me, make that brave leap and just keep faith.

Is this it?

Meet me again.
After you close your eyes, please I implore, count to ten.
Drift into a dream and meet me there
Until one day you don't have to close your eyes.
One day we will be nose to nose under the same
orange skies.
 May 2019 Pau
Edgar Allan Poe
Romance, who loves to nod and sing,
With drowsy head and folded wing,
Among the green leaves as they shake
Far down within some shadowy lake,
To me a painted paroquet
Hath been—a most familiar bird—
Taught me my alphabet to say—
To lisp my very earliest word
While in the wild wood I did lie,
A child—with a most knowing eye.

Of late, eternal Condor years
So shake the very Heaven on high
With tumult as they thunder by,
I have no time for idle cares
Though gazing on the unquiet sky.
And when an hour with calmer wings
Its down upon my spirit flings—
That little time with lyre and rhyme
To while away—forbidden things!
My heart would feel to be a crime
Unless it trembled with the strings.
 Mar 2019 Pau
Abigail Del Fierro
Elements to the haze of infatuation:

Symptoms of the intoxicating infatuation:
Impulsive beyond imagination.
Crazed by the thirst of their attention.
Obsession over pieces of their life Like it were your occupation.

Wonders of an infatuated person:
What is common sense?
“Is it lust or is it love?” questions your conscienous.
Is a love like this eternal and immense?

When the person is gone:
Let go.
Let it live.
Let it grow.
Do more good than harm -
‘Cause life has more to show
 Oct 2018 Pau
Start Again
 Oct 2018 Pau
I thought that we were two cars
driving too fast in opposite directions.
Destined to drive
in hopeless, helpless circles

I thought that you were going to leave me waiting for you
on the side of the road
But when it all seemed so bleak
And your taillights disappeared from view
And tears like ice dripped down my cheeks
I saw the fading light stall.

A heart changing directions
And you came back.
Two hands holding onto different ways to say "I miss you."

I recognized both.
Welcome back.
I love you.

You came back, and I know
I know that we are two cars
And sometimes we will head in different directions
But we will always head back for home

Arms full of
Welcome back
and hearts full of

I love you.
 Sep 2016 Pau
"i love you" should not be a phrase
thrown around by insincere folk
to describe fake feeling,
to justify an ill-thought decision,
or as a bandage for every problem

when did "i love you" lose its purpose,
its innocence?

i wish "i love you" meant a beginning
i wish it could be independent of artificiality
i wish it still represented a sacred bond between open hearts
so unlike it does these days

i can only dream of hearing someone say it
with passion, with sweetness, with authenticity
as if someone like that even exists
published on the 1st of august, 2016

i'm getting really **** tired of hearing meaningless "i love you"s from people who couldn't care less for me
 Sep 2016 Pau
musings 3
 Sep 2016 Pau
sometimes i wish i didn't exist
other times i wish you didn't exist
all the other times in between im in a weird void thats oddly pretty fulfilling and i really couldnt give less of a ****
what the **** am i writing ****
 Sep 2016 Pau
Taryn Pope
 Sep 2016 Pau
Taryn Pope
Sunrise, sunset
Try and capture it
Beauty falls from the fingers
Sit here with me
I need you to soak it in
So saturated
That it falls
From the corners of our lips
Leaves that sparkle in our eyes
I can tell you watch the sunrise
It seeps from every inch of you
The beauty you have seen.
 Sep 2016 Pau
Okay, sure I left
We did agree to talk
maybe empty words?
I'm not hurting
or falling apart
But we can still speak
I'm not gone forever you know
(If you want to know how I'm doing, all you have to do is ask)
 Sep 2016 Pau
devante moore
 Sep 2016 Pau
devante moore
Have I ever cheated nope
But fighting these temptations
Have left me feeling depleted
And the sin of wanting another's skin against mine
Pulls and tears at my flesh
Trying to rip it apart
I guess I still have some resentment of you  in my heart
And the thought of you doing me *****
Makes me think that cheating might be worth it
But that would make me just like you
And I don't want to make that statement that every man is unfaithful true
So I'll stay down
And continue you hang around
But don't you ever forget that I'm perceptive
And I think all girls are deceptive
Have I ever cheated
Not on any girl or you
And I don't plan too
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