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RyanMJenkins Jun 2014
Gaining wisdom,
Listening to Mos Def
Not to be boxed in by the quadrant of the bass clef,
Because I like the melodies of the treble.
If Eye am to live a life to be confined, then call me a rebel.

Letting out all that was repressed
Counting blessings instead of stresses
Picking up messes &
Preparing for the test
To invest in myself,
in you
Diving below the depths to see what's true~

The interest accrues
But there's no use -
in paying these taxes to factions
When they should be subtracted from the equation
For exacerbating trivial situations

til we see the answer is One

You have the control, a full mind\body/soul collaboration

Sort out ya chakras and rebuild your nation
Plant seeds and reverse the deforestation

Let creativity fill your wounds and be captivated by fascination

Follow your own soul
Guided by sensation
Close your eyes and breathe, if ya need, some quick elation
...Away from frustration or the contemplation on the
"right" choice.

Just share your innermost genuine voice,
Keep the soil moist,
& the stem strong in order to stay poised

Lose the armor
For you are formless
In a state of vulnerability,
We are never dormant
But rather, open to the occupants
that we can't even see
Let your heart explode with love and you'll know what it's like to be free.

Don't open up though, and we'll be doomed to repeat

Be not afraid to call upon the Youniverse
Disperse what you rehearsed
before your vessel is within another in the confines of a hearse.

Weird to hear, but we can't wait for one more day.
It could be anyone's last grain of sand,
So by all means,
Say what you have to say~

You have a gift,
& It's called the present
Living with the ability to lift,
and make others' lives pleasant.
Muster every ounce of love and drift,
Right into another's essence

You hold the power in your hands, reach out~
..You'll never go hungry..
*Giving vital lifeforce to those experiencing drought
I want to study the universe,
I love it so much that it makes me happy when I think of it.
I get curious what's happening everyday.
Yes, I want to study the universe,
But I don't want to be an astronomer,
Because the universe that I want to study is Youniverse.
"I been calling your name in this universe. But I need no space, I got youniverse"-Namjoon from Heartbeat.
Peter Simon  Jan 2015
Peter Simon Jan 2015
It's funny how I'm a universe.
                   A universe so vast.
                                  So vast you'll never see the whole me.

The whole me? Does it *matter?
ohellobeautiful Nov 2017
put your
hand to your he(art)
(and) feel the rhythm of the
YOUniverse; listen to (nature)
sing You melodies of the Truth
that You (are) not a “me" ~ You
are (woven) in to the Cosmos
as an integral part of “we"
and every s(in)gle
thing (You)
you are everything you see, do not apologize for the way your eyes pour waves like the shore and cherish these explosions in your heart for they are the grandest part of your existence; you are the grandest part of existence.
RyanMJenkins May 2014
Electrifying insides much deeper than skin
Rekindling the temple's flame that burns away perceived sin
& Shine in a new light while a new life begins

Into the pond I saw beyond
This span that exists currently
Left me then, besides dread, was the sense of urgency
Along with the notion of taking things so personally

Now's a good time for a lot more breathing
and a lot less worrying

Give me some zaps that will act as a lucid inducer
Insane synapse blasts across my tribal mind maps
Programming much faster than a supercomputer
Inside the Youniverse, past mask diffuser

Crafting within the infinite,
Based on each individual intention
Everything changes from each shift in perception

Let all the walls fall releasing the demons in the form of apprehension

You're beautiful the way you are, a floating eyedea of perfection~
Let's ride the wave, and soul-surf to glory
Splash on the canvas within each page of the story
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2013
Six Straight

The old cowboys of  TV fame,
Were straight shooters,
Who carried six shooters,
Sometimes two.

When I grow up,
I want be a  six straight cowboy too,
Six straight hours of sleep,
Or dem bad poems all dressed in black,
they're a gonna shoot me, holy dead.

The youniverse is getting smaller

The you-in-verse is getting smaller,
My poems, shorter,
Hemingwayesque, see!
Why use two words,

Warmer, too,
Somehow tho global heat
Ain't reached my woman's
Hands or feet.

When you touch my GPS,
It stands ready, at attention,
Always opens up with a prayer,
Directions to Home,
Like I said,
The you-in-verse is getting smaller.

Lend Me a Tune**

Wish I knew how to
Compose some love lyrics,
But can't carry a tune,
It seems that the music
Must always comes first.

So with conceit and disbelief,
Wrote words and shot 'em into space,
Hoping they'd pass thru galaxies,
Maybe a comet tail,
Find a Songster who will strum them
Into perfect, into complete.

I ain't unhappy that all I got
Was the lesser gift of
Humming words to myself,
Ain't dissatisfied, but wish they
Could be ratified, by the music
Of a voice reading them to me
Or fingers tapping, happening them
Upon the ivories upon my chest,
The chest that needs exploration.

So let's make some music
Finish these lyrics jointly,
When all finito, pointedly
Take our co-sing-song,
Dance to it with our bodies
Sing words the whole night long,
And please baby,
Don't tell me to shut up so you can sleep....
Midnight poems analyzed.  1).  Should carry some kind of disclaimer like at the end of a commercial, when they give you 60 seconds of warnings to your health spoken  in 20 seconds 2) inevitably end up with a carnal conclusion 3) probably should leave in the auto corrections that are so funny that you make that sniggering, piglike snorting-laughing noise that annoyingly weakens(?) your "next door" neighbors!j
ohellobeautiful Nov 2018
You do not have to pick
from gardens outside
of the forest that is
already thriving
w i t h i n
Y o u
for if you do
your head will fill
with leaves that fall
when You need spring
winter will come in june
and soon You won't have
sight of the moon
(or You)
b e c a u s e
You lost yourself
inside somebody else's
fire and the only way out
is to find Love in the smoke
of your own two tired eyes
like You could before
You jumped ship
f e a r i n g
the possibility
of finding out that
your pieces may not
ever fit together in
the same way
a g a i n
but what is life
if we always float
where the water is
c a l m ?
i don't know about You
but i prefer the rapid descent
of water falls and milky way skies
that can only be achieved through
the most demanding environments
that leave you filled with
P u r e L i g h t

you are enough energy alone

Your Light is what will
always lead you back hOMe
to your own field of wildfires
where your broken heart's eye
can see Your vessel A l o n e
holds enough Light to fuel
all the stars in the sky,
to warm the
hearts of
m i l l o i o n s
and as you breathe
You can feel the Love of
countless stars who all
exploded to fill your
body cavities with
all the strength
You'll ever
next time
you feel alone
put your hand to
you heart and feel the
rhythm of the YOUniverse
listen to nature sing to you
melodies of the T r u t h
that you’re not a "me"
but are woven into
the cosmos as an
integral part of
“we" & every
thing you
see. . .
older poem~couldn’t remember if i shared :-)
RyanMJenkins  Feb 2017
RyanMJenkins Feb 2017
Discerning wastes by the way we trace
Erasing bad tastes from our face
Til the internal happiness takes it's place
Fumbling habits were now laced with grace.  
Brighter are the fires we chase
Eyes wider, the wildflowers are looking up
Vitamin d rush,
accompanied by the satisfaction
that happens with this chance to touch.  
So many actions were taken to please,
but now we naturally seek necessity. 
Loving everything endlessly
Catering to our specialties
Waking up inside our pleasant dreams.
Getting to see beyond the scenes, and understand why we can be so easily carried like leaves once free.
Narrating with speculation,
generating all you wanna be.  
Accomplishing with mindful reminders to breathe.  
Beauty is the beast, perceived in a different form.  
What's truth honestly may not be the norm -
but we branch out like the mighty tree
& embrace the storm pouring soulful warmth.  
So peace to you and yours.  
Make great with the way you spend time having been reborn.  
Adorn your temple, with any methods or colors you choose.  
Show care for the confession hidden breathless in a bruise,
and be thankful for the light spectrum expression
highlighting time to still choose.  
With that awareness comes the space ready to take in the lessons and Synchronicities we are blessed with.  
I know I've made a mess of this, testing abilities to clean.  
Release disharmony and leftover negative energy streams.  
Just need room to be, fly swirling within serenity.  
Faith suddenly gleams over the horizon, "Hi Son"
"Hi Sun.  I see you glowing keeping everything flowing.  
Knowing you're watching over me feels healthier
than taking potion.  
Thank you for letting me be at ease with my uncertainty.  
Clouds part, allowing light right through, perfectly
Learning to lessen the level of fear
by looking at self by way of Mirrors,
reflecting back at different angles with messages so moving.
Here we are, allllright, and all one.  
Hands in the shared air, have fun, no need to run.  
Prepare to open to a sea of signs that will stun.
Soak in love of present feeling, heart in sync with mother earth.  
I must say I'm very gracious to have been acquainted with life in this corner of the youniverse.

— The End —