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Sebastian Macias Mar 2017
We know for a fact
That nothing lasts forever
Forever does not exist
I don't even think we can
Understand the concept
Of "Forever"
Things come and leave
Today is already tomorrow
Love burns out
Ashes of sorrow remain
We know life isn't lengthy
One idea comes,
Another gets forgotten
We are only humans
Specs of dust to the universe
This alone, Should be the wave
Underneath us everyday
Pushing us forward
Giving us the control, discipline
To not be allowed to be
Brought down by minuscule trivialities  
So why stop?
Move forward, through "it"
Whatever "it" is in your life
Because no matter what it'll come to an end
So might as well get through "it" yourself
Unapologetic and complete
ConnectHook Sep 2015
Oh beautiful for specious lies
where Christless values reign;
for superficial battle cries
above the muted strain:
Diversity, diversity
God hides His face from thee –
and frown he should, while planethood
distracts humanity.

How sad it is when victim groups
monopolize the floor;
enabling the marginals
to agitate for more.
Diversity, diversity,
Your queer agenda rules –
with Balkanizing tendencies
imposed on witless tools.

Degenerate in decadence
the ailing eagle flies;
in spirals of irrelevance
through clouded toxic skies…
Diversity, diversity
the Left defines your terms –
the weakened body politic
grows sicker as it squirms.

Oh Lord we need a miracle
before the patient fails;
celestial intervention please
to purge us of what ails.
Diversity, diversity
We shall not overcome –
Unless the Lord reveal His word
twixt here and Kingdom Come…
♫♪ Sung to the tune of...PROGRESS !! ♪

Why? Because Islam is right about women.
Women are one of two genders!
Chris May 24
I had to break your heart to set my own heart free.
I'm truly sad to see you go but it's better you than me.

What we made together was destined to fall apart.
They say that broken people create the best art.

I hope you find yourself another man to save.
I'm sorry for the time you wasted and the love you gave.

If I could give it back I wouldn't
despite the pain I caused.

Some would say that's selfish.
I never said I'm perfect.
This is a poem about a girl who's heart I broke when I realized I didn't love her.
Carter Ginter Nov 2017
I can't handle this
What have I done?
You're gone forever
And it's my fault

Those songs I've been avoiding
I tried to listen to tonight
And it was worse than I thought

These memories are drowning me
And I can't stop crying
I'm sobbing uncontrollably
As my body contorts under the pressure

My insides are dying at the thought
That I may never see you again

I'm trying to come to terms with the fact
That I might actually feel regret
Because I've never felt this much pain
I've never been this tormented
This ****** up
From losing someone

But I know you'll never forgive me
I wouldn't either

I'm sorry I ruined everything

I hope you're doing ok now

Because this is killing me
Sat drinking coffee eating bacon bap In my local supermarket just as I normally do but seem somehow
than times before more
a feeling of calm relaxed like an acceptance that I'm coming to terms with
I'm finally coming to know
how to deal with my loss
the answer to keep Helens spirit with me
so I can go and do what I wish to, without feeling guilty because Helen will be coming with me just as In
and I'm happy with that almost a sence of relief
I can now start to make something of my remaining days
I shall be living for the both of us but the most Important thing to remember together forever and always as said to each other as In
Strange feeling today almost of acceptance that my has come to terms with grief that now I know how to cope I deal with grief
Holly M Jul 2018
empty is not the right word.
what is the word for
not quite empty but not quite full?
there is a glass on the table-
it is not half-empty,
but it is not half-full.
it is just a glass of water.
i am just a glass of water:
not empty, not full;
not happy, not sad-
not anything.
not anything at all.

the clear blue nothingness
reminds me of the fact.
it’s dotted with cotton candy clouds.
i wonder if they are as sweet.
my tongue salivates at the thought.
it is like a land of dreams
without sorrow or pain
yet i am here,
floating lightly
though i feel like a paperweight,
weighed down by the lump in my throat.

it’s hard to remember
what home looks like.
i can’t see in terms of
“where i belong,”
i only see in terms of
“the trees are like broccoli sprouts-” and
“the cars look like hotwheels-” and
“every single one has a person in it, and
they all have their own journeys, and
i am here.”
i don’t think they know how beautiful it is.
i didn’t.

home to me now is a backpack
a couple books
and a trinket from an old friend.
they are the only ones like me:
strangers in a strange land.
i’d like to find my way back someday-
if only i knew the way.
Bad Luck Jun 2013
“You know, son… There’s a reason...
God had a reason to give you broad shoulders --
It’s so you could carry this load… It’s so you could hold up all these boulders.”

“But these boulders aren’t my own, so why did He leave me them to hold?”
I can hardly hold them now… surely I’ll collapse when I grow old.”

“You can’t think in terms of time, it is not a restriction by which He is bound…
Instead you must think it as your cross, think of the thorns upon his crown.
He will not notice the time; that’s a human concept we’ve created…
Instead he’ll judge you by the size of the burdens with which you’re weighted.”

“Well, that’s a relief, but how can you be so sure?
He’s never turned the night to day; I’ve never seen a disease he’s cured.
Excuse me if I’m wrong, but I struggle to have faith
When the world that he created has become this wretched place.”

“I can’t convince you that he’s real, I can’t show you how to feel.
But if I showed you cold and silence, would you say that they were real?
Yet these aren’t real things, simply the absence of others…
So you must look to the voids, when you wish to discover.”

“I hope that you’re right. I hope he’s up there listening…
I hope there’s golden gates I can admire, I hope that they’re still glistening.
I hope God can take my hand, and tell me ‘Son, you’ve done well.’

I hope to God there’s a heaven – ‘cause I’ve been living in hell.
"Bad Luck: In a Wakeful Contradiction" is now available on Amazon in paperback!

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