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Shlomo  Jan 18
A - G.
Shlomo Jan 18
And…it’s here. A future. Agile? I was not enough to be.

Black in it’s entirety. A new beginning and a new ending.

Clockwork. As though a plan hatched by some supreme being.

Dear dog, which came first? Was it the white or the black?

Either way, it effortlessly taints your profoundly glorious genes.

**** this! Atrocious. Drugs?!

Goodness me. How did we get to this?

Horrible, dehumanising, and it’s here to stay.

“Suppresses”. But really only in the mildest of ways.

As if to constantly remind you of the control you once had.

Now ceded in it’s entirety to a tad bit of fad.
Purcy Flaherty Sep 2018
My estimation is that every human is primarily in the pursuit of love.
That nearly everyone of us is worthy; and that our value stretches way; way beyond the boundaries of the economic machine.
Love is priceless!
Yet we choose to live in a material world; that suppresses love !
and where we are all measured in pounds.
Every one is in pursuit of love;
You can't buy love with pounds.
Terry O'Leary Feb 2017
Awaking blithe each morning,
with eyes upon the World,
I wonder, are we mourning
with ebon flags unfurled –
or are they but a warning,
some draped like snakes and curled,
stray stars and stripes adorning,
sent from the netherworld.

I wander through the garden
with nothing on my mind
and say 'I beg your pardon'
alarmed at what I find
as winds begin to harden
and fate begins to grind.

Confused, I watch my neighbours,
they're wide-eyed, unafraid
to halt all useful labours
and join the death brigade;
the ritters rattle sabres,
the frail and fragile fade,
morticians tap on tabors,
the potentates parade.

The military blesses
(in tunics somewhat browned)
its crimson-stained successes,
**** bent and heaven bound.
Such scenes no more distress us:
a ****** battleground,
dissevered heads with tresses
and arms and legs abound;
the fourth estate suppresses
the heaps of bodies  found
(collateral excesses
discarded in a mound).

Society regresses,
now living by the sword,
with torture and its stresses
upon a waterboard;
a captive kid confesses,
his innocence ignored -
fallacious facts and guesses,
the guts of justice gored!

With canting vindication
a big brass bully brags
(with pearls of perspiration
and swollen tongue that gags)
of third world  subjugation
for gelt and oily swags,
of human rights' castration,
and on and on it drags.

The manifold migration
of refugees in rags
while searching for salvation
soon finds compassion lags;
uprooted populations
are fleeing from their flags
else dying of starvation
as ***** hunger nags.

With trump cards politicking,
two little hands (all thumbs)
may send the Mad Dog siccing.
Insane! All sense succumbs.

Atomic timepiece ticking
until the Reaper comes
as Geiger counters clicking
drown out the droning drums.

Cast out for not conforming,
I wander day by day
to find the earth deforming
as nature wastes away,
with bees no longer swarming
(expunged with garden spray)
and ocean depths transforming
(neath plastic overlay).

With CO2 performing
the climate's led astray,
the atmosphere's been warming,
the grasses ashen gray,
eternal tempest storming
while permafrosts decay,
and ozone holes are forming
in deadly disarray.

The people profiteering
descend a slip'ry *****
destroying, never fearing        
of running out of rope;
instead they sit back sneering
“our wealth’s your only hope”.

Yes, Armageddon's nearing,
it's doubtful that we'll cope,
for Evolution's jeering,
she's scanned our horoscope:
we'll soon be disappearing
with whale and antelope.


The multitudes were jumbled,
some milling ’round the mall,
while politicians bumbled
when bracing for the brawl.

The World around us rumbled,
our backs against the wall,
as bombs were tossed and tumbled
across our broken ball.

My kneecaps creaked and crumbled
but I, too proud to crawl,
took but a step and stumbled  
yet found no place to fall.

And no one heard me grumble
although I tried to call,
or maybe I just mumbled,
as strength began to pall.

Well now the World’s been humbled
I seek an urban sprawl,
but since the feuds were fumbled
there’s nothing left at all.
Shlomo  Jan 21
A - U.
Shlomo Jan 21's here. A future. Agile? I was not enough to be.

Black in it's entirety. A new beginning and a new me.

Clockwork. As though a plan hatched by some supreme being.

Dear dog, which came first? Was it the white or the black?

Either way, it effortlessly taints your profoundly glorious genes.

**** this! Atrocious. Drugs?!

Goodness me. How did we get to this?

Horrible, dehumanising, and it's here to stay.

"It suppresses". But really only in the mildest of ways.

Just to remind you of the control you once had.

Killed! And now ceded in it's entirety to a tad bit of a fad.

Let me just turn back the hands of time! 

My fate I leave with you alone. 

Nothing seems to relieve this pressure and irreparable pain. 

Oh God! Could I be spared such a destiny?


Queuing from my heart to yours. 

Respectfully admonishing your power and grace. 

Simply, do I ask for that childlike sense of serenity.

To take me to a place of restoration and hope. 

Unlock my mind. Repair my soul. For vaults of this kind are too strong.
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Holly M  Aug 2017
the one.
Holly M Aug 2017
all my life i've been skeptical
that "the one" exists for every one
'cause in my life i've watched "the one"
turn too many hearts skeletal
but they all scoff at my fear
they say, "holly, you'll know when you fall"
well, once upon a time, i fell
all that resulted in was tears
and enough self-esteem issues to last me for years
but then they have the absolute gall
to say, "when in doubt, just try try again"
try again? try again?
how many times do i have to lose a friend?
how many times do i have to pretend?

god this is awful
how can we as a society consider it lawful?
it's enough to make me pray for an end
to the madness, the search, the chase
to bow out with just a little bit of grace
after all, cats are cute
puppies are loyal
and i've got my friends
so pick up the phone and call me
when this **** ends

enter you
i didn't know what to do
my glimmer of hope didn't spark
you weren't my flashlight in the dark
but soon i saw less gloom
i saw flowers bloom
my heart opened up like a rosebud
while my mind still remains closed up
because mom and dad live at separate addresses
because colorful words paint a picture
because i doubt my ability to break the chain
so love is the thing that my heart suppresses

you wormed your way in
got right under my skin
slowly at first, then all at once
for the first time my heart didn't yell, "there's been a break in!"
it only extended a friendly hand and said, "welcome home."
so for now you have my heart on loan
and yeah, i still don't believe in "the one"
but my love, my darling, i believe in us
and for me, that is enough
Mira  Mar 8
You & She
Mira Mar 8
An intelligent, bold and smart being,
Fun and out-going,
Caring and understanding
To everyone else,
Except her.

She used to be a confident and energetic woman,
Fear of none,
Loving and caring,
Used to be in her trueself,
Until she fell in love with

She cares for you
She supports you
Always there for you
She only wants your happiness
She suppresses her own desires and wishes
Her sacrifices,
Her compromises,
She does everything for you
Because she loves you.

You always have negative perception of her,
You misunderstand her,
You find her irritating.
You belittle her,
You abuse her,
When all she wants is your caring, understanding and random appreciation of her small gestures.
And it is slowly killing her.

Is she worth of such tortures just because she loves you?

The Consequences?
She is afraid to show who she is
She has lost her self-confidence
She is hurt & burning
Having a war within herself all the time
She cries silently at night.
Her eyes are empty.
Her smile is dead.
She is completely shattered.

Over all the pains she received,
She still chooses you
And stays with you.
Even she knows she deserved better.
Because her biggest fear is losing you than losing herself.
And you mean the whole world for her.

One day
when she will not able to bear the pains anymore,
when she will decide to give up on you,
when she will finally have courage to let you go.
She is counting down for that day.
That day, you will realize what you have lost.
You will then know the value of her.
Things that can't be change even if she wishes to.
Her hope is fading. Her unspoken words & suppressed feelings pour out as poem.
An unforgettable memories which she wishes it never had happened.
She is wondering if he also likes her smile _ adores her way. Then he just may stay_ for awhile

He likes the warmth of her arms around his neck _ her teeth pecking his lip _ the soft rock of her hip

He seems so divine _ when she tastes the wine _ of his skin. She thinks its a sin _  let the play begin

Her tongue finds his navel _ following his angular lines _ to the secret to unravel _ the magic to find

She abandons her thinking _ enjoying the feast _ not having an inkling she possessed such a beast

He abandons all pride _ hearing him cry. Thinking my my my_ she goes for the ride

He opens the door, she is the first one spent _ the first one bent and wanting more

He whispers in her ear of his explosion to come. She begs to be released _ to be his filled one

Now as his salty sweat _ finds her face. Vibrating hips and belly wet both now in a grinding race

The finish near and in her sight. She suppresses the fear _ of whats wrong _ whats right?

His mountain crested, his earth quaked_ her passion bested. Why did she fake?

Johnny Noiπ Jan 30
Odysseus and Calypso in the caves of Ogygia.
Painting by Jan Brueghel the Elder 1568–1625
Ogygia /oʊˈdʒɪdʒiə/; Ancient Greek: Ὠγυγίη
Ōgygíē [ɔːɡyɡíɛː], or Ὠγυγία Ōgygia [ɔːɡyɡíaː]
is an island mentioned in Homer's Odyssey,
Book V, as the home of the nymph Calypso,
the daughter of the Titan Atlas, also known
as Atlantis Ατλαντίς in ancient Greek.

In Homer's Odyssey, Calypso detained Odysseus
on Ogygia for seven years and kept him
from returning to his home of Ithaca,
wanting to marry him. Athena complained
about Calypso's actions to Zeus, who sent
the messenger Hermes to Ogygia to order
Calypso to release Odysseus. Hermes
is Odysseus's great grandfather on his mother's
side, through Autolycos. Calypso finally,
though reluctantly, instructed Odysseus
to build a small raft, gave him food and wine,
and let him depart the island. The Odyssey
describes Ogygia as follows: ...and he Hermes
found her within. A great fire was burning
in the hearth, and from afar over the isle there
was a fragrance of cleft cedar and juniper
as they burned. But she within was singing
with a sweet voice as she went to and fro
before the loom, weaving with a golden shuttle.
Round about the cave grew a luxuriant wood,
alder and poplar and sweet-smelling cypress,
wherein birds long of wing were wont to nest,
owls and falcons and sea-crows with chattering
tongues, who ply their business on the sea.

And right there about the hollow cave ran
trailing a garden vine, in pride of its prime,
richly laden with clusters. And fountains four
in a row were flowing with bright water hard
by one another, turned one this way, one that.
And round about soft meadows of violets
and parsley were blooming... Calypso's Cave
in Xagħra, Gozo. According to Maltese tradition
this was the cave of Calypso and Odysseus.
Ogygia or Phaeacia have been associated
with the putative sunken Atlantis. A long-standing
tradition begun by Euhemerus in the late 4th
century BC and supported by Callimachus,
endorsed by modern Maltese tradition, identifies
Ogygia with the island of Gozo, the second
largest island in the Maltese archipelago.
Aeschylus calls the Nile Ogygian, and Eustathius
the Byzantine grammarian said that Ogygia
was the earliest name for Egypt, while other
locations for Ogygia include the Ionian Sea.
Many modern scholars are reluctant to place
Ogygia or indeed any of the locations Homer
describes in any existing geography,
and the literary tale is acknowledged
as a work of fictional mythical intent.

                   Geographical account by Strabo,
Approximately seven centuries after Homer,
the Alexandrian geographer Strabo criticized
Polybius on the geography of the Odyssey.
Strabo proposed that Scheria and Ogygia
were located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
At another instance he Polybius suppresses
statements. For Homer says also, 'Now after
the ship had left the river-stream of Oceanus',
and, 'In the island of Ogygia, where is the navel
of the sea', where the daughter of Atlas lives;
and again, regarding the Phaiakians, 'Far apart
we live in the wash of the waves, the farthermost
of men, and no other mortals are conversant
with us.'All these clearly suggest that he composed
them to take place in the Atlantic Ocean."

Geographical accounts by Plutarch also give
an account of the location of Ogygia: First I
will tell you the author of the piece, if there
is no objection, who begins after Homer’s
fashion with an isle Ogygian lying far out at sea,
distant five days’ sail from Britain, going
westwards, and three others equally distant
from it, and from each other, are more
opposite to the summer visits of the sun;
in one of which is the barbarians' fable that
Cronus is imprisoned by Zeus, whilst his
son lies by his side, as though keeping
guard over those islands and the sea,
which they call ‘the Sea of Cronus.’

The great continent by which the great
sea is surrounded on all sides, they say,
lies less distant from the others, but
about five thousand stadia from Ogygia,
for one sailing in a rowing-galley;
for the sea is difficult of passage
and muddy through the great number
of currents, and these currents issue
out of the great land, and shoals are
formed by them, and the sea becomes
clogged and full of earth, by which it
has the appearance of being solid.
The passage of Plutarch has created
some controversy. W. Hamilton indicated
the similarities of Plutarch's account
on "the great continent" and Plato's
location of Atlantis in Timaeus 24E – 25A.

Kepler in his Kepleri Astronomi Opera
Omnia estimated that “the great continent”
was America and attempted to locate Ogygia
and the surrounding islands. Ruaidhrí Ó
Flaithbheartaigh used Ogygia as a synonym
for Ireland in the title of his Irish history,
Ogygia: Seu Rerum Hibernicarum Chronologia
"Ogygia: Or a Chronological Account of Irish Events"
Ogygia is associated with the Ogygian deluge and with the mythological figure Ogyges, in the sense that the word Ogygian means "primeval", "primal", and "at earliest dawn", which would suggest that Homer's Ogygia was a primeval island. However, Ogyges as a primeval, aboriginal ruler was usually sited in Boeotia, where he founded Thebes there, naming it Ogygia at the time. In another account of Ogyges, he brought his people to the area first known as Acte. That land was subsequently called Ogygia in his honor but ultimately known as Attica.

— The End —