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ryn  Aug 2014
ryn Aug 2014
What is this wall
That keeps us in
Over each other, we trip; we fall
We are like fish with no fins

Head on we crash
With fists we beat
We hack and we slash
Screaming, kicking with invisible feet

Blocked we remain
Let us flow
Us you can't contain
Let us go

Strengthened with aggregate
But held back by concrete
Cerebral wall with no gate
We're packed with angry grit

You know we're here
You feel us roiling
You hear us clear
Boiling and brewing

We understand the reason
You deem it necessary
Thinking it would lessen
Subdue the rage and fury

Your illusion of control
Of us, you'd pick the best
Surely you're taking the toll
Of being nothing but suppressed

All of us, we are you
We make you what you are
From the subtlest cue
To the high achieving star

We are many but we are one
Your thoughts and emotions
We are your loaded gun
We're the answer to false pretensions

You can't have us dammed
We've initiated a coup
No...we'll not be ******
Too late...we've broken through
Dania Elmayer Jul 2018
A dismal dystopia.

A  dissociative place .

Abducted; from normality
suppressed my thoughts , cunning
immorality .

My mind craves for instanity .

An eerie  valley
streams beyond the tide .

In a place were birds do not fly .
I crumble in my desolation
pleading mercy.

I resuscitate , revive.

If this was pre -determined
why does my -fatality- never arise .
leila Feb 3
I suppressed my feelings
read them through my eyes.
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