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lost lauren Apr 2018
After days of sleep and always staying indoors

I stepped outside then the rain began to pour

The irony, I thought.. I looked up at the sky and yelled

“Anything more?!”

The raindrops began to hit the pavement

What a strange scent, the cold rain on hot cement

I already committed to going out I couldn’t go back now

But back inside my shelter I went

I didn’t have an umbrella or raincoat

I wanted to go back on steemit, read articles and upvote

Scroll through that one tab on the front page, called promote

But I’ve already committed on going out today,

I even jotted it down on my “to do” note

So I got my car keys, jean jacket and phone

I started to drive to some place new, unknown

My first instinct was to start driving to visit her

Bring flowers and say hi to her gravestone

I fought my urge and went towards the coast

Radio on low, I thought about what I missed most

I parked on a hill overlooking the ocean

“Torrey Pines” it said on the signpost

I followed a walkway that was paved with stones

It was nice to be outdoors on my own

I kept wanting to stay indoors and postpone

accepting life without her

soft skin, gold hoops, french cologne

fragile bones

Worst part about it is I lost my best friend

It's devastating, I'm not going to pretend

my world is shattered but they keep telling me,

“time will mend”

— The End —