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Do as ye do because thou loveth it,
and compete foremost with thyself.

Should ye happen to best many others:
Great. Good for thee. Consider teaching.

If ye happen to be worse than others:
Keep yer chin up. Seek to learn from it.

Become neither hubristic nor discouraged!
Hark! I shall be waiting at the finish line!
PieLovinUnicorn Feb 2015
I serve
To my team

I catch
with my face

I pass
To the floor

I score
Into the net

And yet
I frown
By smiling

And win
By losing

A defeat
Can be a good victory
Its all about sportsmanship
This is some true stuff that happen to me
Anna Dunn  May 2011
Anna Dunn May 2011
I will succeed
I will try as hard as i can
I will give it my all
I will know my sportsmanship
I have determination.
Your in a competition
I will win some
I will loose some
I realize the ones i loose i am not trying
i am not giving it my all
I slip through the cracks
If i give it all i got
just possibly
I will win
I have determination
Хейли Apr 2014
You always looked good in dark suits with golden buttons on your cuff. Those were always a nice touch, to stand side your perfect figurine.
You were everything I once wanted. But now, you really aren't.

I see the rushing of the real truths of you, swell into your own hands, dropping a ball, losing your own special touch of sportsmanship with not much of a fuss. You're letting yourself lose the game.
Just letting ***** of truth squirt out through your veins.

You're losing your grip right out from your own polished finger tips and dripping red of blood.

You constantly try to pull white handkerchiefs of innocence from the wrists of your cuffs. But, those handkerchiefs are all just red...
Don't try and gamble a bad hand if you can't keep up. You never could keep a good bluff.
Nicole Bataclan Jul 2012
Day in, day out on the mind
All comes down to competition
Result of years of preparation.

In those seconds of restlessness
When the body can take no more
Dream of a medal reassure.

Will to succeed is eminent
Breathes through each atom and cell
To have what only a champion can smell.

In the spirit of sportsmanship
Fair play is to be endeavored
The performance to be savored.

Now is everything you pursued
Aspiring in the end
To proudly sing the national anthem.

A steep climb to that podium
Be the best that you can be
And have what only a winner can see.
jeffrey conyers Aug 2012
You're the counselor.
When certain players can't accept defeat.
You're a minister.
Teaching them about humility.
You're the coach.
A title that takes on many roles.

You're a defense attorney.
When parents gets enraged.
Thinking their child's better.
Then they really is.
You're the coach.

It takes a dedicated soul to give of themselves.
When many parents loves to criticize.
And refuse to assist.
It takes a calm manner person to accept this job.
Because many parents are releasing to you their child.
To motivate them to be better.
Not just at the game.
But, as a person with kindness.
Long after the game.
When many will forever think winning is everything.
Until , they lose to see the sportsmanship.
Is how you handle things.

You're the coach.
In the mist of many fools wearing that title.
Because some treats their players like they entitled.

You're not afraid to bench the star of the team.
Even, if many think you're being mean.
You're the coach.
Who's respect for your dignity?

If anything states about you.
That you would like.
You wants them to state you were fair.
Even amongst the dislikes.
Robin Russell Aug 2010
I dreamed it, I willed it, that's how it should be
That the law of attraction would bring you to me
But now that you're here I've got to confess
I'm not sure I'm up for this kind of success.

You're the only law I'm willing to follow
Everything to this moment suddenly rings hollow
The voice of your soul commands me to move
With reckless abandon I'm ready to prove

I feel the need to break all the rules
What I'm learning from you isn't taught in school
One smile from you and I color outside of the lines,
Forget about bedtime and drink too much wine

Your laugh drives me to run all the red lights
Skip barefoot in snow and stay up all night
Kiss you in public, confess most of my sins
To hell with sportsmanship... I'm out to win

The reason you've come is the law of attraction
And there's nothing that brings me more satisfaction
That I'd feel this way for you is so unexpected
I understand now how my soul was neglected

Your interest draws out in me every cliché
You started this game... are you ready to play?
Ignoring all the signs that it can't be done
Rules are made to be broken; that's half the fun

Your hand in mine gives me all that I need
To take more chances...risk making a scene
Your eyes convey more than your lips can say
Reflecting the promise of more on the way

Supernatural forces are infinitely stronger
And I could not have waited a moment longer
We were meant to create this breathless reaction
The only rule I need is your law of attraction.
jimmy tee Mar 2013
‘…. and now, here’s Rick with the latest Market news…’

‘Val, trading was very brisk today, with a number of influences
that set the market off to some defined trends and statements.
Of course, the Human Virtue Exchange always seems to rely
on the volatility that resides ‘between the ears’ as noted
by the veteran brokers on the floor, but the sharp ranges
of prices offered versus profit taking has set the bar
very high in the relative value of Basic Human Virtue.

Now to the numbers: Courage [WHOME], Patience [PP],
and former market darling Perseverance [GULP],
all varied widely today on news from Washington that
their value was doomed to fall in the light of the expected growth
of Persistence [IAM] which history has shown to be a marked drag
on just about everything. Outside of the self –efficacy bazaar,
old standbys  Ambition [HVY], Curiosity [WDF], Industry [HAHA] and Temperance [BFD],
continued their free fall into uncharted areas of cost and return.
Some analysts feel these virtues could be a real bargain in the future
despite their history of poor performance. Could a comeback not seen
since collapse of the Protestant Hypocrisy Era  be in the works? We’ll see as the lack of movement in the Kindness-Generosity-Forgiveness-Compassion Index [FARAWAY]  
leads many to believe that the end of Politeness [UPYRS],
Un-pretentiousness [ME-ME], Self Control [NWAY] and Sportsmanship [LONGONE], may lead to a complete miss-understanding between casual market players and devotees to the cause. The ratios cannot lie.
But without a doubt, today’s big winner was  Self Respect [YUP]
which jumped and amazing 40 points before active trading ceased at the bell. So people feel real good about themselves for reasons
that cannot be explained by the Ego File Indicator alone; this causes this reporter to predict that Naval Gazing [MOM] remains a ‘Hot to Trot’ stock fund
and the Vanity market is always a good bet.
Now, here’s Carl with
today’s Human Emotion Exchange report……’
Dave Hardin Sep 2016
Lightning Strikes 323 Norwegian Reindeer

Hunters made the discovery, stealth and *****
dabbed anoraks all for nothing not to mention
a critical downwind approach and camo blend

that rendered Frode and Jørgen or Ove and Anders
invisible against rock and lichen and cloudberry
but offered little protection against thoughts sublime.

Ove, perhaps, cursing God for poor sportsmanship,
the divine equivalent of dynamiting fish, while Anders
gave silent thanks to fortune, a freezer full of steaks.
The Atlanta Falcons ,  defender of the city in a sport of the passionate ! A longtime cold weather tradition of the Peanut State with youth , high school and university alike ......Memories that conjure Van Brocklin , Nobis , Humphrey , Van Note , Bartkowski and Ryan . Fall is for dark green numbered fields , pageantry , struggle as tactician , athlete and opponent mired in battle , bestowing honor , emotion , and pride in the warriors of yesteryear , locked in the spirit of competition , sportsmanship and Georgia folklore* !...
Copyright September 12 , 2015 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
preservationman Jan 2015
A race between the Flash and the Man of Steel
This would be a competition for real
Who do you think would move fast?
Who would you think would come in last?
It’s a possibility in what could be
Imagine two Super Marvel’s in a race too see who is truly great
It would also show their sportsmanship in how they both relate
It would be a run to the finish
The winner being triumphed and distinguished
This wouldn’t be a race against crime
That story is another time
Flash moving at the speed of light
The Man of Steel feeling a bit uptight
The Man of Steel would be disqualified if he were to fly in order to win
But the Man of Steel coming from another planet, would that automatically disqualify from then
A canny detail
But the policy remains in order to preserver
It was Flash in the lead
The Man of Steel was maneuvering in proceed
Just around the bend
It was Flash being the champion at the very end
Well the Marvel Hero’s shook hands and are off to fight crime
This will be until the end of time.
Anya  Sep 2018
Anya Sep 2018
They say...

it isn't about winning or losing
it's the sport
and the people who play it
But is it really?

— The End —