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Kevin J Taylor Sep 2015
Create with me!

(Create Create Create!)
You see—We are already friends

Remind me then of my abilities
Increase our creation of futures (full)

(We pretend we do not know
That "when" is just a little lie we play with)

Remind me to rise at will
And to intend decision

I brim with joy at your separateness
Your joy with mine. With others too, full joy

Remind me of the play and of the game
(The little lies of lose and had)

The glory and the vision
Of "What if"

Reacquaint me with cognition
Remind me to re-cognite

The instant already-ness of being
(For BE we are decision)

What will we decide that we have already
What will we decide

Create with me!
Another in my Scientology related series. An expression of my experiences as a Scientologist and of my spirituality.

— The End —