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Look up,
slowly they fall,
the ashes turned snowflakes
of stars who abandoned the sky
come home.
Ron Conway Feb 22
They say that each new snowflake
Is unique in some respect
You have to use a microscope
To see that little fleck
To say this as a metaphor
May cause some introspect
I'd like to know if this is true
But who has time to check
snowflakes, metaphors, humor
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
O morning sky of endless blue
Tinged with purply-pinky hue
You tell me of His mercies new
Whose heart pursues my own

O geese in wingèd winter's flight
Your honking cries arouse delight
And lift my gaze to seek thy sight
As wooing from His hand

O softest breeze which skims my face
And stirs with such mysterious grace
My soul to reach for Love’s embrace
You brush me with His kiss

O snowflakes falling to the ground
You pierce my heart without a sound
To crave a purity only found
Beneath a bloodied cross

O setting sun in half-light glowing
Waning day’s last glorious blush showing
You paint with fire my spirit’s own knowing—
This life is fading fast

O stars of midnight’s blackest sky
Paraded forth, you pull my eye
Toward One Who speaks this ceaseless cry:
“I’m coming back for you.”

O creeping fog to dawn’s light clinging
You whisper, Love’s veiled message bringing,
With haunting echoes faintly singing,
“Lose all of you in Him.”
DivineDao  May 2016
DivineDao May 2016
The cloud that    arises
A luminous

By You
Presence   of     Awareness



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