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Kevin J Taylor Sep 2015
I looked up and saw a star. And then another.
I traced the light of some small piece of rock or ice.
It might have been space junk but could have been a satellite.
No way to know for sure. The moon was over there.
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry from common things.)
Shades On Oct 2013
Stepping on a rusty nail
Showing the baby sitter the back yard
Went straight through my Ninja Turtle Flip-Flops
I looked up at the sky last night
I think I saw a woman
Walking out back to the tree with the vines
Dogs barkin' and mesquitos bite
Don't tell mom if I fall
I looked up at the sky last night
I Think I saw a woman
Walking down the street to the church
Meeting up with Zach for a smoke
Got it stashed in a lock box behind
I looked up at the sky last night
I think I saw a women
Life is funny ,well peculiar I guess
You think I got it all figured out
Then why am I such a ******* wreck
I looked up at the sky last night
I think I saw a woman
An abandoned mine shaft
On the top of  a blown up mountain
Throwing myself into traps
I looked up at the sky last night
I think I saw a woman
L B Aug 2017
I First Saw Scranton
...and did not unpack
my life
Iron--    ic  
as if always
meant to be a rusted ruin
I first saw Scranton
Not much of a view
beyond the smoldering mountains of the culm
dumps, decrepit
mills, of once...
prosperous coal
city in denial  
decay of Great mansions--abandoned
on the Hill    
from clapboard and spit hovels
of miners
in the barren
mud beside the river
and I remember thinking:

"How can I ever live here?" 

I own one of those hovels now
48 years-- under foot and harnessed
in the stays 
Just another in a string of small
so used
to be
covered up
once again by heaviness--
Its sin  
in the mercy of snow...
Scranton, Pennsylvania-- 150 miles north of Philly.  
Told myself I would never write this-- and out it poured today.
Death Horizon Jun 2018
I just saw god,
not your god
not mine either
it was our god
the good god that makes us gooder

outside the licor store,
he was catching some air
after he was done killing with is stair

he told me i was lost,
I said the only lost soul here
was his

cause god is fake
and he lead me and us to our ending
he traded love and peace
from war and vengeance amongst us
he was the reason we hate
he was the reason we take
and he was the reason i wrote this poem

cause god should be written with a minor g
as him should not be more important then we
stefan badham Jan 2018
I saw a lark
Ascending on high
I saw a lark
It dropped **** in my eye
I think no less of the lark
It wasn't personal
I saw a lark
Ascending on high
" The year was 1968. My journey in life took me
to a place so unfamiliar to me. Fort Ord Army Base.
There is where i began my Manhood. (Boot Camp)
Week after week of drills that brought sweat out
of me that i never knew existed.
This was in Northern California. Land of American beauty.
Yet i was in Hell. All we thought at that time was, can we make it through?
Then beyond any notice to us, we were all called out for a roll
call.. The Commanding Officer awarded us with a weekend pass.
The cheer was so loud i thought i was in a Football stadium.
We were dismissed, and packed to see what "I Once Saw."
First stop. A town called Carmel. Cobblestone streets, trees with
leaves of color as if they were born out of a Kaleidoscope.
It was though i was living in a Charles Dickens novel.
I walked through stores that held no dust. Nothing out of place, they
had a Heavenly touch.
When i stopped for a bite to eat.
Even that was an unforgettable experience.
The food tasted much better. I didn't want to leave my seat.
What captured me the most as i strolled through these impressive
streets of Carmel, was a view in where i stood overlooking the Pacific
"BIG SUR". I almost fainted. A sight so beautiful to my eyes i wondered
Why? Why do so many people leave this great land of ours to go on
vacations elsewhere?
To be standing on a cliff looking at the raging ocean waves pounding
the walls of these mighty rocks.
"As I Once Saw" I yearn for more.
A sight that comes to me in so many of my nights.
Branded in my mind for the rest of my life."
To all my Poet Friends. Next vacation, try Northern Cally.
You must visit Carmel, and Big Sur, if you hadn't already.
God Bless,
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