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eva-mae Aug 2019
I am tired of trying
The old you can’t be cloned
I am sick of crying
And watching you get ******
I am through with lying
Oh, I heard you when you groaned
I am not replying.

I am done with darling
The sweetness has been framed
and it’s quite alarming
To see what has decayed.
city of flips Oct 2018
he introduces himself
saying quiet, but slipping in, firm:

“something he knows for sure,
no is no”

I, (19, f)

replying, smiling
saying louder, firmer:

“something she knows for sure,
yes is yes”

and he says

“yes, ma’am,”

returning her smile, so shyly,
while blushing, so loudly,
thinking he said something dumb,
looking down at his shuffling feet,
covered in worn out cowboy boots

I like this guy
I like this man.
Paul Hansford Sep 2016
I have been aware of your presence close by me in a crowd
I have seen your smile
I have felt the soft touch of your hair on my cheek
        I have known what it is to be enchanted

I have felt the pressure of your hand replying to mine
I have felt your body melt when I surrounded you with my arms
I have felt your lips brush against mine like leaves in the wind
        I have known wishes come true

I have heard your voice tell what your words could not say
I have tasted the longing in your heart
I have seen the tears behind your eyes
        I have known tenderness I have not had to earn.
J Rodriguez Aug 2017
When you met a soul you've never seen , it can never compare to how good it feels , caught my self smiling for no reason , replying to kissy heart texts not knowing what can happen next . All I ever asked for was a better men than my ex which I will never have to wait for a text ...
Steve Page Nov 2018
Dear Steve

I hope you are having a fantastic Advent.
Thank you for your letter.  I must say I have really taken a lot of pleasure reading your letters over the years and seeing the things you asked for. I got a real laugh from the one you sent last year about Kylie Minogue. Mrs Christmas said that you are obviously very mature for your years and that it wasn't appropriate for a 12 year old.

I've noticed that your lists have got shorter recently. That's okay as Mrs Christmas says its a sign of maturity. I'm not sure what that says about me, as my list is always long.

Anyhow, as one of my more loyal writers I'm writing a reply this year.  (Don't worry, you'll still get gifts from me as always. This is extra.)

Steve, I'm writing to say that I'm not able to give you what you've asked for. I know that this will be disappointing for you, but you'll agree that is not unprecedented - I refer you back to your earlier Kylie request and the petition you made for no more brussel sprouts. (I know you won't believe me, but trust me on this, they really aren't that bad and it's only once a year.)

But I'm referring here to this year's request about your granddad.

First can I say that your granddad and I have known each other for a very long time. His lists tend to be very short indeed and I've had the pleasure of replying on more than one occasion. I count him as a friend.  So it's no easy thing for me to write these words.

It is not within my gifts to hold back the wear of his many years and to prevent him from coming to the end of this life.

He has filled his life with significance and carefully considered kindness. I'm sure you'll agree that his has been a full life. You've only heard a fraction of his tales and those you have heard would be enough for any man to die happy. The painful truth is that he's now coming to the close of his earthly life with his family and friends.

One of the reasons I'm writing is to ask you to do something for him, something that will mean the world to him and will be of great value to you too.

Ask your dad to buy a simple voice recorder. One of those digital ones with a long memory. Tell him what it's for and he won't refuse you. Take it to your granddad and use it to record his stories; pepper him with questions, let him recount his tales.
You might even leave the recorder with him so he can continue after you've gone to bed - he doesn't sleep very much these days anyway.
You will create for yourself a treasure trove of his memories and give him the pleasure of saving the highlights (and perhaps the low points) of his long life.

Thank you. Stories are important, especially true stories.

Now before I sign off, Mrs Christmas asked me to tell you that with regard to this year's request concerning Beyonce, it's not going to happen. You'll just have to content yourself with your downloads.

Happy Christmas,
God Bless you,

Father Christmas.
Record conversations with your mum, your dad, your grandparents. You won't regret it.
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