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Where Shelter May 26
she was skilled.
a super heroine.

WWW long before there was the internet competitor,
defender of the Weaker ***,
from when that was still an
acceptable insult,
that she crushed, when found the pronouncers,
and the foundering it was of causal, her rescued army,
oblivious to the injury she risked and
completely aware,
injury she was hoping to cause.

woman. wonder, women.
and my mother,
my shelter unquestionably,
between her legs, me standing,
little boy bravery infusing,
she was his blood, his tea, his exemplar,
his teacher

drank so deep that when he was at last man-dated,
her honoring was in the reciprocal,
when he was anointed
Wonder Man.
A Willful and Wanton Conduct is a willful or wanton injury that must have been intentional or the act must have been committed under circumstances exhibiting a reckless disregard for the safety of others, such as a failure, after knowledge of impending danger, to exercise ordinary care to prevent it or a failure to discover the danger through recklessness or carelessness when it could have been discovered by the exercise of ordinary care. [Henslee v. Provena Hosps., 369 F. Supp. 2d 970, 977-978 (N.D. Ill. 2005)]

Willful and wanton conduct means “acting consciously in disregard of or acting with a reckless indifference to the consequences, when the Defendant is aware of her conduct and is also aware, from her knowledge of existing circumstances and conditions, that her conduct would probably result in injury.” [Duncan v. Duncan (In re Duncan), 448 F.3d 725, 729 (4th Cir. Va. 2006)]
Classy J  Feb 6
Classy J Feb 6
Trying to figure why a ***** tried to stunt on me.
While my homie fronts on me.
Triggered lie’s blasting out like bullets into your chest, golly!
Vigor dying whilst family crying that left me locked up now in a little celly.
Why did I pour out my heart to that ***** named shelly?
**** got me melancholy, casting out poxy curses.
My proxy is dropping down which got me feeling worthless.
Growing up in projects where one survives by snatching purses and killing snitches.
While society bides their time by tying nooses.
Rigged games yet we are told to give no excuses.
So, a minority got no choice but to role with the punches.
But with darker skin colour most don’t or won’t notice the bruises.
Vile nobility just loves hunting gooses.
Stark contrast idly confides and resides Inside institutionalized nuances.
Some people can be such nuisances.
Got me feeling like tony roaming through the different cosmoses.
Lonely sinking feeling, with my hope which was once flickering but is now slowly fleeting.
Reciprocal tensions pokes through my barriers like an unwelcomed greeting.
Typical tropes of under-achieving maybe it’s time I let God start intervening?
However, I’m doubtful on whether spirituality is real or nothing more than Kris Kringle.
Jingling jester choirs who always be harping on my people.
Which makes me ponder whether or not God’s supposed love is fickle.
Or if supposed believer’s have actually ever read the bible?
Religious pharisee’s not seeing the irony of praying to their falsified idols.
Andrew  Jan 2018
Andrew Jan 2018
I drive all night
The only way I know how to fight
I drive all night
To search for light

I noticed a possum
I thought it was playing dead
Until blood blossomed
Like a flower out of its head
My vision flooded by red
My heart filled with dread
My mortal anxiety only grew
When I realized I have blood too

I hear the deer
They're busy snickering and bickering
While my emergency lights are flickering
They scatter in different directions
After possible danger detections
They are timid and meek
They hide in remote foothills
People see them as weak
Because their kind doesn't ****

I followed a mad rabbit
That made a bad habit
Out of always running
And digging holes
It thought it was cunning
And made of gold
Until a predatory eagle
Made it feel less regal

I witnessed a raccoon eating and called it a thief
The next day I saw it lying dead in the street
Did my erroneous blame
Lead to its execution?
That's part of the game
In this institution

Every step
Could mean death
Just by making noises
You're making choices
There are jaguars and elephants in some places
There are humans in others
Predators have different faces
They could be your brother

On this darkened road
I reach a sedentary mode
When I approach a herd of stray cattle
In my mind there is a reciprocal battle
I could ******* a saddle
I know where to prophetically lead them
But the path of least resistance is freedom
Is it really right to use disciplinary order
To keep them within a fenced border?

This road is a loop
That passes by farms of no fruit
Or vegetables for that matter
Yet we somehow get fatter
Society bloats while it starves
Because we refused to see the signs that were carved
So mothers start crying
And vultures start flying
Because everyone is dying
We're always making new recruits
To drive along this predatory loop
Andrew  Feb 2018
Andrew Feb 2018
I made a beeline for the skyline
On the way I stepped on a land mine
So I was sent to the infirmary
Where I first met you
Everything you said confirming me
You told me I spoke truth

But it was a facade
To cover your flaws
They should make laws
To remove your claws
That you dig in with lies
Until your **** draws flies

You make pain linger
With a dislocated finger
Pressed against my lips
Muting me
While you aim from the hip
Shooting me

Once I was healed
Your tires peeled
Leaving me stranded
Staring at the horizon
You had expanded
To see it had a price on

I wait for you at a bus station
Called frustration
Outside people picket
My right to a ticket
Yet inside there are no busses at all
Only reasons to fall

I've given up on getting luck
I'm giving up on getting up
I start punching down on lonely crowds
And kicking them while they're down
I call them stupid ******* clowns
To give them a reciprocal frown

I saw you a year later
Driving a steel freighter
Happiness your cargo
On your way to Key Largo
While I sat marooned on an island
Comprised of hourglass sand

I felt frustration
You felt nothing
You're an invitation
To my suffering
You frustrate me
You must date me
Diya  May 30
Diya May 30
Change is inevitable
The sky isn't always painted

Today the stars too
Have abandoned me,
Black Canvas
Was above My crown.

The reciprocal of the curve of smile is hanging
Between my nose and the chin,
Like a crescent moon
Pointing its ends towards
The Earth.

The war within my mind
Never ceases to end.
Like the incessant rain!!

From bud to flower
I bloom each day in happiness...
In one unknown corner
Within myself
a quantum of melancholy oscillates,
That's enough to paint my rainbows Black!

A day in my life's Odyssey
Will come, atleast I'm hopeful..
I'll will be the singularity
To create my universe of happiness
That would expand to infinity
You know what?
I'll be the Creator!
I'm enjoying my days;cause I know life is an one time offer...yet some little things matters to me so much that are enough to make my emotions unending..
Yet I'll get over it one day and finger crossed that it comes soon..
Btw, I love writing sad gives me happiness... I'm quirky ;)
Ken Pepiton Apr 11
April 10, 2019

Come a day, reason peeks around the corner,
Wisdom spots the whole idea,
nothing hidden around
the edge,
she winks back.

The story is there
was this kid,

he has these uni-
que memories
or easers of toils,
reward for sweated blood

proverbial guiding
resting easy in the shadows

he sends songs soaring
some when
Dams break, knowns burst
thru bubbles in jeopardy
new f-izzy izy knots
loose the lowest layer of liege
let go
free. all for allegiance,
reciprocal give and take with no control
given to any lacking self

idle words redeemed by chance
take up the dance,
least friction
ease of flow, over under, around
, through, if it comes to that,

any which way ye find,
wind way,
Pollen Way,
River way, rolling
rocky mountain way

it was noised abroad, in the hill country.
We all knew.

Reason come with me,
we have heard we must war

some more,
we are feeling
fused with metal minded

souls set to unleash some
monster idea thing-ysdril-
whoops cyd-drethal
twist ing side
ways to es
scape the scoffer
from the
Welsh brig… abrupt

scene shift
like a real life movie

encrypted Welsh wonder words

the professors called thunderwords and
allowed only those umlauted
u prounouncers to speak

with proper compre
you get that? Ubermenschken?

Controllership. that idea.
think what controllership would be,
if it were yours being weighed.

The Welsh had a word for that.

How was such a word lost?

How can we teach our kids
controllership when our nation
has no national tongue able

to roll wisdom into reasonless reality,

it's magic, if magi means much to you.

Ordovician rules. If I had a hammer.

Ord'vicians, hammer warriors,

hammering out justice all over this land,
as the bombs were falling,

for God's sake. Sake itself is assumed to have
meant "cause",
cause being reason, aition or aitia.
Reasonable reasonibility to
just ify now, as real.

So, since we agree,
we know right, when we taste it, or

do we take a chance on better, a bit more
than half the times?

Judge the controlership system.
What determines a good controller?

when can I assume you consider me no evil? Wordwise, id est.
assume (v.)
early 15c., "to arrogate, take upon oneself," from Latin assumere, adsumere "to take up, take to oneself, take besides, obtain in addition," from ad "to, toward, up to" (see ad-) + sumere "to take," from sub "under" (see sub-) + emere "to take," from PIE root em- "to take, distribute."
Meaning "to suppose, to take for granted without proof as the basis of argument" is first recorded 1590s; that of "to take or put on fictitiously" (an appearance, etc.) is from c. 1600. Related: Assumed; assuming. Early past participle was assumpt. In rhetorical usage, assume expresses what the assumer postulates, often as a confessed hypothesis; presume expresses what the presumer really believes. Middle English also had assumpten "to receive up into heaven" (especially of the ****** Mary), from the Latin past participle.

From <>

(that which causes, which is not prophaseis)
If this is not enjoyable, you are wearing the wrong shoes. I found a Welsh English Dictionary from 1848, which I had forgotten. It was a gift, it came with wonder-filled unspeakable magic words, and a memoruy of the giver.
Eleni  Jun 15
Monologue 01
Eleni Jun 15
I would do nothing
Nothing, without you.

Yes! You, in my reflection
Know that you have infinite worth.
You are worthy.
If you cannot feel it today
Do not be scared.
It will come another day.
When the sun rises
And your aspirations are out of reach
Know that the glow of
The Entity will show
In the deepest tunnels.

And if you have no aspirations?
Child, do not abuse the vessel
That seeks to thrive. Danger
Will come if you wrestle with thyself.
Take some time, eat some hours.
Time is not against you. She is
The current to your growth.
The reciprocal parasite under oath.

So, I will do nothing without you.
Without you, there is nothing.

It is these hands that touch.
It is these eyes that see.
It is this body which carries
The incandescent hope.
UA  Mar 28
UA Mar 28
Never asked to be popular
But he does want to be heard
Cause he won't like being attended to
Only when he's no longer able to even produce a word

Full of false fortunes
In a world of many lives
Crafted by selfish innuendos
Pretending that in this we thrive

Busted broken fallen towers
Crashing collapses decorating his broken shell
Shame the story of the advocate
Always ends with his casket and not a single tear that fell

But the thriving will say that they did their best
Even though they only felt him detestable
Claim it how you will, they've shunned him
And now this silence has become reciprocal.
Poetoftheway May 21
the instant, the instance, is that your body?

the clear cleansing storefront windows
ask for clarification.

is that your body, presently?
is that your body presentably?

just in that secular instant, again, over,
the body’s inquisition clarifies, asking,
requesting in a babel of foreign languages,

repeat after me!

each window pane that follows repeats the query,
the themes in each, tiny variations,
the variables of rhythm, timbre, harmony,
engine timing minute minutiae alterations,
in that passing milli-instant,
each a separate instance for each separate pane.

in every instance.   in every language.

the accusations tonality oscillates in wavelength pitch.
quest nonetheless similar,
     is that your body?

all the replies are mirrored reciprocal.
that was my past.
this my present.
the next, a future vision.

the here, the now, all of it, each a flashcard.

the insistence!

when your body falls finally upon
the sidewalks concrete filthy city Persian tapestry,
the shameful answer tastes always the same.

always the same.

— The End —