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Osiria Melody Mar 13
Scrolls through your feed,
Urge to LIKE and COMMENT on
each of your posts
[Refrains from doing so]
Am I a creep for stalking your
profile back to day 1?

We don't connect in real life,
unlike instantly on social media
FOLLOWING each other's posts
throughout the year
Falling in love behind a
screen of an idealized world

I've never heard your voice
I've never held your hand
I've never spent time IRL
with you
I hope that you look the same
like your profile picture, though

Should we meet IRL? I dunno, LOL.
Piyush Gahlot Jul 2018
That pure innocent smile,
Your childish face and that side profile,
Your silky hair and that perfect hairstyle,
Would never forget you.
**** I miss you!

The touch of your smooth skin,
That beautiful little chin,
Your blushy cheeks and that grin,
Still I adore you.
**** I miss you!

Those big dope eyes,
That Stupid nose ,
Those size 7 feet and pinky toes.
Your medications and Ayurvedic dose.
Wish again to feel you.
**** I miss you!

Baby I still remember,
that freezy December,
The day we fell off the scooter,
Your stupid buggy computer.
Our first date and the perfect kiss,
That raining night we spent in balcony
When you burnt the toast and macrony,
That birthday card you made me,
Helping in projects and assignments,
You taking care when I got sick,
I recall all those perfect memories of you,
still there's a place for you,
**** I miss you!

I wish you would have waited,
I would have come back,
But I can't blame you,
It was me who needed the space,
The fault is my OWN!
So I am the one left ALONE! :'(
I miss every cell of your body,
every second spent with you,
every moment in your arms,
Every bite I had with you.
I ******* miss the whole of YOU.
Khoi-San  Oct 2018
Low profile
Khoi-San Oct 2018
Bye mom bye son
Please go slow
And stay low
Remember crawling
Is the ONLY! way to go

Halfway down fifth
Left into third
Spinning wheels hubcap splatter  
Screeching halt kneel and scatter

Swoosh zzzip swoosh

On knees for feet
Gnashing teeth a hit hit hit
Some stay sprawling
Most ran crawling

Early Monday morning
Stats please
Doctor's calling
We've had a good weekend doc
Only two stood falling

Who got shot
Two twelve year old's
And a baby
With a bottle in a cot

****** nurse how appalling
I wish they could all
Just remain crawling
This may sound far fetched
But in some gangster infested
Townships this is a
Daily occurrence our kids
Must literally crawl to school
Eric Martin Aug 24
When you look at me
Just another person is what you see
But there are thing you don't know
That people are more then they seem to be
And when you think I am alone with no place to go
That's when I am truly free
Run walk.
Tough talk.
I’ve been ******* buzzed and just lost.

It was the cost of the game.
I’ve played it for days.
I crashed and I burned,
and then made it okay.

I’ve died alive, a life not lived.
I fought to fight, and not forgive,
my own **** self, to find whats missed.
To know myself, despite the ****.
I sit and shift, and think to give.
Learned knowledge with some context.

A mixed message with some content.
It’s cursed blessings in the nonsense.
Misconception of the process,
that's been leading me to progress.

I’m in need of a signal thats not so misleadingly dishonest.

I've been broken and could use a break.
I'm growing at a humans rate.
I’ve been focused on whats noticed,
not an overly useful human trait.

But it happens, and I’m glad, because
the passion of fads live, in the tracks that I have,
and the past creeps up faster than this passage is rapped-ish...

Before you know it, the circles complete.
Listen, have you ever heard of defeat?
Ever have to get back up to advert the repeat?
Learn is the word, and the hurt is the heat.
Sweat is the struggle, thats earning the key.
Turn it and see, a sea of could be,
waving me in and it surely can mean,
my curse isn’t sink, so I’m learning to breathe.
Ironic it was for such Hero's Song
To be played on a Mattress we call the Sea
Just when your Daughter cried for your Belong
We need to Sing again; Then Pray haply
For the many Noble Deeds you left behind
Despite this Age of the Pork Barrel's Tune
Such Rumours unfound; And Profile a Lie
Which most in our Office hoarded our Boon
Live well Beyond, Great Sir! I take to Vow
Your Aubourn Treatment to our Country's Hope
Guide your Duty's Heirs; And Family enow
And bring this Rosary blessed by your Pope.
The Song is Sung, even on Deaf Concerns
I guess it's quite Young for People to Learn.
mlk  Nov 2017
meta peeve
mlk Nov 2017
Social media companies
Swear it's you they want to please
They badly want for you to see
That they value privacy
And that there are several strictures
On who can see your posts and pictures.

You think your profile is secure
You're satisfied until you hear
That they sell your information
To advertising corporations.

Every post that you've spent time on
pictures, videos you had your eye on
They save it all for using later
And say "It's ONLY metadata!"

They as good as have a list
Of content that you can't resist
And knowing full well what you like
With custom ads they duly strike!
They desperately want you to keep scrolling
So they can see the money roll in.
And their ethics will be forfeited
So advertisers can be profited.
King Panda  Apr 2017
King Panda Apr 2017
Only the strongest dark lines
cut the vision of your
profile. Your visage—a blazing ball
of gas—atoms emitting light in
every version day.
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