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Ainnoot  Mar 4
Ainnoot Mar 4
The world could be submerged,
probably no longer on this earth.
The ground has split In two.
I don’t know a thing
‘cause all I can
think about is
OpenWorldView May 10
Barn swallows zigzag swiftly through the air
hunting for flies beneath a clear blue sky.
Cord grass shelters a little brown marsh hare
frozen by the buzzards long hissing cry.

She sleeps on a quilt sprawled out on the ground
while a light breeze caresses her white skin
and bright sun plays in tune to natures sound
fending off nightmares about horrid sin.

I watch all this from the shadow of hell
as my flesh rots in the dark earth below
and fat maggots feed on my oozing smell
churning meat until next winters cold snow.

Heaven, earth and hell are all intertwined,
but mortals are oblivious and blind.
aj kamari  Jul 2018
silent killer
aj kamari Jul 2018
he has no clue
that he's killing her
he has no clue
how much he means to her
he has no clue
that she would die for him,
live for him,
or **** for him
he has no clue
that she loves him
and it's killing her
in every single way
Osiria Melody  Aug 17
Osiria Melody Aug 17
Mull over the worst in my grave mind

Instill fear of an unforgiving life

Silent woes turn into dormant smiles

Each breath comes out in broken shards

Resist taking action to heal

Yearn for the day that I will be fine

I was drinking some dark coffee when I came up with this piece. (• ε •)
Glory Oct 23
It feels like I've spent years just walking. Crunching through pine-needle stacks and padding on lino tiles. I've spent time memorising the scuffed scars on my shoes and the cracks in the sidewalk. I've trekked hours and minutes with eyes down and planned routes.
It feels like when I finally looked up, I realised that somewhere across mismatched yellow bricks and a cushion of moss underfoot, the world had stopped spinning.
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