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King Tutankhamun Jun 2018
They gave me a pensions since I caught a case of lynchin'
In the afterlife now pain is my new wife
Made to shed tears on this earthly atmosphere my home ain't here I seen blast of nine through a boys ear
Ain't no guilt to be felt my presence leave welts on the back of ya mind gotta grind since the nine nine
Til infinite my enemies turn me into a killer B
Astro style wild as Gomer Pile feel the deaths smile young and crazy like Drivin' Ms Daisy in the eighties in the back.of the Mercedes
You'll see me shinin' an *** another enemy to see the cemetery no worry I'll bury
Ya safe and sound in the ground holding the crown and ya no where to be found
Get around the world like Mase cuz ****** was the case
That they gave theeeeee

Now that I'm living my life in hell's time
Broke the prison sentence no repentance gotdamn Lord's of the boards
Wanna slash my vocal chords but I hopped aboard
The nighttrain with bullets to ya brain causin'" migraines made for pain can you stand the reign?
Once I shine it'll be brighter than Sunday in the noon til I touch the tomb I'll let my wombs
Dry with the wraths of wisdom some play dumb only to succumb to my madness catchin' gladness and wickedness fools get flipped
Like flapjacks makin' paperstacks got racks for days
You can't see me like Shaq to Shayes fall down my legacy is potent for certain
Slow ya pace before I **** ya face cuz ****** was the case

Tangeray got me feelin' loose on my P's and Q's tryna miss the early news cuz I can't choose
Which sides I'm addicted to feelin' the pains of a struggling ***** tryna make a billion figures but it seems hate
Love to follow and evil loves to swallow til ya mind hallow
Walkin' on egg shells bounded to hell raisin Cain inside of my brain can't see things clearly **** O'Reilly I see you hiding quietly mad cuz ****** is the baddest my status
Rap iller beat killer fill ya with nothing but cosmo bars I could even light up the stars
Naw it's just a dimenisons sittin' pyramids in place so I can transition see me now see me not this for my ancestors that rot
Stuck in a certain swirls of the Underworld and unborn babygirl
I'm comin' sooner than you think so don't blink cuz I'll be in another place without a chase Judge and prosecutor can't even look me in my face a waste
******* mad so they try to pen with another ****** case
the library brings just a bit of peace
could it be that death brings real release?

all our love, all our love in vain
in the distance I hear, I hear, I hear a …
Qualyxian Quest Jul 2019
The Tube from London to Oxford
           Wetheral nighttrain
               Cambrian mist
                  River Eden
                    Calyx (C)
                      Q rain
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
nighttrain roars ahead
       behind indeed unsaid
               the democracy of the Dead
Qualyxian Quest  Jul 2019
Qualyxian Quest Jul 2019
nighttrain to Nice
        did Egypt greet Greece?
               In New Orleans, the deceased ...
I have tales to tell
Some hard (for me) to believe

Strangers, ?aliens?, dreams
Numbers, children conceived

But confusion, coincidence
Illness, repeated fears unrelieved

Keep me mostly quiet and searching
What to trust? What deceives?

Nighttrain near London?
Dublin All Hallow’s Eve?
no surprise that once again
I sense the skull beneath the skin

I am vegetarian
Miso soup I slurp within

Basketball has been
At times my salvation

If I had a twin
Nighttrain to Berlin?

Every Yang
Must find her Yin
again the gentle rain
Melville thinks the Whale is
         Nighttrain Lane.
Qualyxian Quest Jun 2019
they say the play
of passion and chance

I say the Way
of splashin’ and dance

for her a bouquet
and horses that prance

In Spain an ole
Then the nighttrain to France
Cohen to Lorca
Nighttrain to Spain
         L.A. rain

— The End —