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TerryD'ArcyRyan Oct 2018
trapped in a snare
captivated by the glare
a primitive trap its clear
the startle from a borrowed gesture
provoked the out gunned deer
trespassing all fear
a perch the measure of a wire
hovering the dawn of a fighter

conviction is the large leaps
belief the hesitant small steps
slumber holds every wonder
keeps your eyes on the prize
hope is still the promise
beating rain from the sky
bliss performs a final trick
now yellow bricks are only bricks

cannot choose a side
constitutes a place to abide
self preservation yields
an action ambivalent to strife
the cowardly deceit
a willing disguise
once upon a time
begins again, and despite

feeds the hand of despair
narrows the mind
bleeds what remains
slowly carves a heart in vain
free to balance a chain
the high price of pain
renders a perpetual device
incapable of compromise

push back or die
swallow the vile
be the end to denial
nothing is final
the fire inside struggle
rises beyond rubble
shines for a reluctant fighter
captivated by the glare
trapped in a snare

                                            Terry Darcy-Ryan
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