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Last May a braw wooer cam down the lang glen,
      And sair wi’ his love he did deave me;
I said there was naething I hated like men:
      The deuce *** wi ‘m to believe me, believe me,
      The deuce *** wi ‘m to believe me.

He spak o’ the darts in my bonie black een,
      And vow’d for my love he was diein;
I said he might die when he liked for Jean:
      The Lord forgie me for liein, for liein,
      The Lord forgie me for liein!

A weel-stocked mailen, himsel for the laird,
      And marriage aff-hand, were his proffers:
I never loot on that I ken’d it, or car’d,
      But thought I might hae waur offers, waur offers,
      But thought I might hae waur offers.

But what *** ye think? in a fortnight or less,
      (The deil tak his taste to *** near her!)
He up the lang loan to my black cousin Bess,
      Guess ye how, the jad! I could bear her, could bear her
      Guess ye how, the jad! I could bear her.

But a’ the niest week I fretted wi’ care,
      I gaed to the tryste o’ Dalgarnock,
And wha but my fine fickle lover was there,
      I glowr’d as I’d seen a warlock, a warlock.
      I glowr’d as I’d seen a warlock.

But owre my left shoulder I *** him a blink,
      Lest neibors might say I was saucy;
My wooer he caper’d as he’d been in drink,
      And vow’d I was his dear lassie, dear lassie,
      And vow’d I was his dear lassie.

I spier’d for my cousin fu’ couthy and sweet,
      Gin she had recover’d her hearin,
And how her new shoon fit her auld shachl’t feet—
      But, heavens! how he fell a swearin, a swearin,
      But, heavens! how he fell a swearin.

He begg’d, for gudesake, I *** be his wife,
      Or else I *** **** him wi’ sorrow:
So e’en to preserve the poor body in life,
      I think I maun wed him to-morrow, to-morrow,
      I think I maun wed him to-morrow.
G Rog Rogers Sep 2017
-Lyrix (Rock 'n Jazz)

I remember you
from way back then
when we danced
in the dark of the night
I remember you
from way back then
when your love was
brighter than light

Do you remember me
from way back then
when my words were
more than they seem
Do you remember me
from way back then
when the music was
a faraway dream

Baby hold on tight
and don't let go
We're dancing on
the water now
Baby look me eye to eye
and don't look around
We're dancing on
the water now

I remember you
from way back then
when you never did
what you were told
I told you to
leave me alone
but I knew that
you would not go

Do you remember me
from way back then
back when I
was just a child
I remember the kiss
that you gave me
was the kiss that
made me go wild

Baby won't you
please kiss me again
We're dancing on
the water now
Baby take my hand
and be my friend

We're dancing on
the water now
Dancing on the water now
Dancing on the water now

Dancing from the
Big Bang back
Dancing from the
Big Bang back
Dancing from the
Big Bang back

Hey now B-Bopz back
Back Back better get back

Don't you go believing
all the freakin' lies
and screaming
'Cause you know me
better than that
Baby you know me
from way way back
Better get back back
Baby Better get back

I remember you
from way back then
when we shared
the bread and the wine
When the Holy Water
touched your face
I knew that you
would be mine

Do you remember me
from way back then
when our love was
shone all around
Do you remember then
I kissed your cheek
and said Baby you
gotta' run me down

Baby I been tryin'
and tryin' and tryin'
to get through all this
liein' and cryin' and whinin'

Dancing on the water now
We're dancing on
the water now

Baby look me eye to eye
and tell me the truth
'Cause everybody knows
Doves don't lie.

Dancing on the water now
We're dancing on
the water now

Dancing from the
Big Bang back
Dancing from the
Big Bang back
Dancing from the
Big Bang back

Right on
B-Bopz Back!


A way cool tune.

Ashley Rodden Nov 2013
Doin' a little drinkin' tonight
Doin' a little thinkin' tonight
Smokin' a cig as I sit here and dig inside my head for thoughts of positivity.
Doin' a little soul searchin' tonight
Doin' a little liein' to myself tonight
Tippin' a bottle up and feelin' it burn all the way down to my core.
Doin' a little hurtin' tonight
Doin' a little cryin' tonight
Enhaling smoke and ingesting nicotine with each drag I take.
Fightin' a little battle tonight
Screamin' inside my head tonight
My body is weary my soul distressed and tore.
Doin' a little forgettin' tonight
Doin' a little rememberin' tonight
With each sip I take it feels like such a contradiction of my feelings.
Feelin' a little lost tonight
Feelin' a little tipsy tonight
With each enhale and exhale the more confused I get.
Feelin' a little uncertain tonight
Feelin' a little bitter tonight
How much more of this can I take?
Holdin' on tonight for dear life
Lettin' go tonight for heaven's sake
Every beat of my heart proves I still must endure this life and these feelings.
Wantin' to talk to you tonight
Wantin' to hold you tight tonight
When I feel the cool night breeze on my cheek I snap out of thoughts and back to reality.
Wantin' to run away tonight
Wantin' to stand still tonight
Every star I count is just a wish that won't come true.
Bein' alone tonight
Bein' sad tonight
So I'm gonna try and drink all these thoughts, feelings, and frustrations away tonight.

Author Notes
this is a typical night for me lately....
© Ashley Rodden. All rights reserved
just like the midnight lark I rise each midnightto listen in delight to the sound   that I have grown to love.
for her words have grown on me intertwined inside my memories.
every night I need her voice to set the moment right.
just like the lark I am a servant of the sky bound toroam across my dreams.Her song intones me.
I am stronger than the leaves.
in a stiff summer breeze.
sweet harmony be my guide and lead me to the other passage has been paid by the dreams before I’ve laid.but do not be affright, I dreamt of you tonight.
so sing me lullabies from you perch up in the skyand I’ll dream a dream so true, and I’ll only dream of you.that I’ll wake amidst the nightwondering why you’re not by my side.then I’ll heave a heavy sigh as my ears have been trained to find,your fervent song that forever keeps me hanging onto the last few precious moments, of a night that creeps,  sing me a song o’ black ruby of the night.draw your inspiration amongst the starlit night.for dreams do come true as dreamers often pray,but on an on another day.  good bird I do praythat God will bless your wings, for without your holy sound my life would come unwound.  o’ poet of the treesyour verse sedates my mind to a gentle mediation ‘tis true that all I hear is you.o’ poet of the skies and singer of lullabies,
I dream dreams so true of me and of you- .  allow me to be frankof hiker of the leaves,  and drifter of the trees,may you play for mea song so seldom sung to the silver sliver stuck above.I’ve fashioned a dream today of which I wish to playbut I have no melody to accompany my songbird of the night, sing me a song so rightand let your symphony surprise the stillness of the night. in these words I trust you’ll forever know my loveas strong as the rushing tide pulled from the silver disc ruby of the night like a thief you stole my heart,ransom off my being but keep my soul intact, this is all I ask.first sound I fell in love with your evanescence glowthat radiates to me as roses attract bees.your bittersweet melody invigorates my being.wind comes to tear the leaves from ceiling treesbut the roots hold fast and the leaves survive and my soul has crossed the dream a dream so true as dreamers often liein bunks made of trees to slumber through the tide. in your song I am free to think,I am firm in my beliefs,I am stronger than the leaves.2005-
Lice H-P Jul 2017
So i soseldombreak
i maybe snatched - bye - by the sight
of the tartanskunk i'll contribba beaut - oh it dealt
a scotch eggy. And a newt
estimate too, an overstate-
ment in hoverin' state uponviaduct viapond
- behold the hydro-
patetic hindmo of a jumping jesus-
chris' liz.,
shirking submersivesilversurface
in roundstrides o' looneytunezoom-
ingpins, holyclappers!
i've also rarefied a sweat  

- plays as it edges - of
monkeybutters. My monkeybutlers
were prepared, appeared, aped pores,
outing dirt as if dirt were on an outing
zombieporters attendead zombiefresh.
Forceejay, my specifelicity, i'll 'splay

specificity: a
sapajou hatstandsteward
- capuchin in his body's hoody; a chiropodist baboon chiropodicey;
an oddjobgorilla oddlygorilline. Flick with
their fleaflickerfingers thru 'whichchimp' for lice subhumhumman,
creatures seeper whose luggagelunk's an upward
gravedigger - o wiv bare hands? 'S'eywere yesstripped    
as dinner by middl'o' thenigh-
lightlark's squigs of mudorloamnighted softbreakfast.

These be humanconditions, infinaturally: new lessenings
of leprous repetition, retroventure, anticlock rides,
petering out of poopedpetuity, pootling int'ultimuck revultimacy,
till we're nothing's nearests, evenuntoers'  ow!riginal
**** and caboodle. Peop'll beep and bleep and bleed peeled
unrealer and unrealer till every person's removal
when sent too asleep by bedicine of dr.havelds kipman
- hospitalised liein last sting allthelivelongday dig in,
th'endup down mouthfeel for a moving noodle,
4 CJ
G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
Genre; Western Ethereal Cosmic Cowboy Hard Country Rock
Sub-Genre; Cowboy Rant

Listen up now
'cause I heard the rumour
Best take heed
there won't be any warning
Son of a Gun
goodness knows He's comin'
Cowboy Dread,
Justice He's a walkin'

Riding three horses,
Death, Plague and War
He'll send you to Hell
and burn you to the core
Give you the nightmares
of your worst fears
I told you so
and I know you hear

He'll salt your fields
and disease your castle
Poison your wells
and slay your cattle
Sell your stuff
in a two dollar raffle
Lightening strikes
when the Cowboy's
sabre rattles

The ****** will see
the smoke and ***** shadows
Stumbling down
through the thistles
and the cowards
Crying out to God
who never was a listenin'
They'll hear His answer
when Justice shadows passin'

The good folk say,
You know they had it comin'
He's given' good to the good
and the rest
are gettin' nothin'
All the downtrodden
and the caste
they been lost in
clapping their Hands
seein' hope on the horizon

The children see
the rainbows
with the showers
The children see
the meadows
and the flowers

The children smile
'cause their tired of cryin'
They been saying
their prayers
and the truth
it ain't a liein'

Innocence cries
Goodness is flying
Goodness sighs
Justice is riding
Justice arrives
Truth is in the saddle

The good folks say
this is all about to happen

'Cause they heard
it's all been written
a good mans riding
They can plant their seed
and live to see the harvest

He'll set things right
'cause He's on a mission
Gonna' send them to Hell
so we can live in Heaven

He's ridin' three horses
Faith, Hope and Love
Ridin' night and day
on the breezes from above
Ain't hearin' nothing
but the whispers
of His doves
Ain't got nothin'
but for the ones He calls Beloved

Listen up now
'cause I heard the rumor
Best take heed
there won't be
any warning
Son of a Gun
goodness knows
He's comin'
Cowboy Dread.
Justice, He ain't just a talkin'.


Why does life have to be like this all i wanted was for us to be perfect. And Im not girl for greed but ****, why do i feel so worthless? I know not to question life instead i give you my advise. And life, i have to live it. I can answer all these questions but in life i aint apart of it. I cant live like this. Im even tryin. Inside that part that got lit is now dieing. Laid infront of me is dreams, and i feel like they liein. Theres never been a time I've felt so alone, in my own **** body, that my skin layers left me in bones And now im crying I want for tomorrow i dont wake up I'll through my life away like old make up. I dont know. I don't need it anymore. My hearts broken, torn, lost, and sore. An for a long time I have lived with some *******, living bored. Having fun but hurting, that's for sure.
AK chipmunk soul Mar 2019
Yo, you fukin with the baddest,
no i ain't the other kid
claimin hype, im gettin right and Ni
gas hate the status.

I think its cause, they just dont know,
how long i've been at this
i've never ever heard a beat I can't Randy Savage.

the way you lookin at me, lookin like I'm just average,
baby im just tryna make you see through..: Glasses
I hate when you're passive, the tension gets so massive
started from the basement... So why we in the attic?

maybe we some addicts, your love's asthmatic..
I love it when you in the bed, working that maGIC!
I know we got problems, so lets move past it..
no turn around.. back it up.. like that ss did!

You know I'm just playin, you already know these actions..
type of moves, keeps the mood.. total satisfaction
Baby aint no laxin.. specially when I'm rappin
t, I spit real, so much, they need Captions

Ain't nothing in this world, through the sadness.. the ashes
so baby can we live it up, until we in our caskets?
Don't go and be phony, like the ones who be actin..
look in each other's eyes... tell me, can you feel the passion??

I used to try to sneak these looks.. starin at her as* and..
she caught me lookin once, she tried to make it so dramatic
Baby, you a dime.. tryna find the way AT IT..
put you in my wallet, ya you can live lavish,

If I-ever-sign (Iverson). they might think it was the PRACTICE..
but baby its you.. its true.. how low that *ss gets.
you liein with a bull (
Liabilities).. who be likin all your assets..
Equity to get with me. Aint even seen the half yet.

And I aint even done.. I aint even at the half yet..
I'm just here to merc.errrr. bustin up your bracket
I'm in outer space. ya my mind reach the vastest..
choppin up your crew.. mutinies up at Krastor's!

I'm freeing all your chains so that you can **** the masters!
don't let them seize your fate.. you just gotta be faster!
Don't let them bring you down, ya they nothing but some bastar*s
tryna hold you back.. while you tryna move past them..

Dont let it bust your head.. life is what you can imagine,
Don't need a fking genie, to be the next Aladdin!
No need to show your pain.. don't just sit in bed saddened..
Find what you love.. WORK! then laugh at them...      here is the song if you'd like to listen :)

— The End —