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Darby Hurr Aug 2018
you formed in the dark, from the ashes and mist of a young world
and that’s where you’ve lamented ever since
always on the verge, but never quite able to make it to daybreak
and now, I feel you on the horizon
I see you in the deep violet of pines against the sky
And hear you in the breathy wind, something violent and distant
I know it’s not right to look for you in dark, but I know it’s not right to pretend you haven’t always been here
Why is that you always lurk in the most eery places?
why am I writing about you when I shouldn’t even think you you again
Cole  Jan 2018
Animal Weeping
Cole Jan 2018
We didn’t have
any microphone.
We sang,
with the might
of twenty lions,
a savage melody
as soft as flowing water,
a deafening pitch
thar ripped the wind.
It was out of tune,
our joyful voices
lamented spells of hope,
echoing furiously
against the trees
and all over the town.
They heard us
but we didn’t mind.
Maybe everyone heard us.
They wouldn’t understand.
At that jade corner
of the world,
which was ours
and where only us could be heard
we sang with the might of twenty lions
until our voices faded away.
I don't know what friendship is anymore.
The hanky he was sobbing into was crusty,
*****, unwashed, unclean; yet strangely comforting to a little boy,
as he cried he made his way to a culvert behind the school,
some place the other kids couldn’t see him crying,
it was more comfortable being near rocks
-next to that watershed for some reason?

He looked down at his antagonist,
the scaly-green feet,
they made him cry harder,
he lamented…

“Why have I been tormented so?”

“Who gave me these feet? Who made me this way, lizardly, scaly, an animal no?”

“What class am I, what species? Are those toenails, claws or a disease?”

“The way I’m treated makes me sad. Where is my mommy, where is my dad?

“Did I come from an egg? Didn’t we all? Why do they pick on me, make me feel so small?”

“My feet are reptilian even I can see that!”

“Am I part lizard? Are there horns on my back?”

“I can’t hide in sneakers ‘cause the claws tear them apart.”

“Not great at math, language or art.”

“They always pickin’ on me, today it’s in the schoolyard.”

“That is why I sit here on the rocks crying with my ugly feet and sullen heart,”

“Cannot run fast so no baseball, basketball or soccer…”

“The other kids tried to stuff me in my own locker…”

“One mean little girl even threw a dead mouse at me!”

“But I’m only part lizard as far as I can see?”

“My English teacher says that my words are like a bird song”

“If I talk like a birdie along with monster’s feet, no wonder I don’t belong!”

“Even still, to be so mean to me, I know that it is wrong…”



“I am no freak of nature, no forest Pan or Satyr…”

“It is not the way I look, my clothes or feet that matter…”

“It is what is in my heart and mind, the things I do that truly count…”

“For those things that make us different, for they are tantamount…”

“Seven heads, seven stages, seven fables, seven sages”

“Seven stars and seven wonders and seven heavens that we’re under…”

“And all those things they say are great and marvelous about us…”

“Will one day be written in the book by Great Old Uncle Taautus!”
Children's rhyme. Scylla represents the rocks near shores who rend ships to pieces that venture to close to them.
Grey Eyes  Jan 11
The End.
Grey Eyes Jan 11
Somber black was the night when the wind lamented in horrendous cries
Atop the cemetery’s disappointing bodies, a hollow echo that meets its demise
Anguishing heavily on a turbulent horizon, the last moping cloud
Knowing any hopes of survival without doom was wrapped in a shroud
Allow once more, without meaning, it’s downpour to fall
Away It’s beautiful end to betray crawl
Endured the Earth’s final hour
Before extinction commenced to tower
And on the gloomy countenance of the skies
When dawn shun down a valley on its rise—
~ January 11, 2020 ~
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