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Akemi Jul 2018
sometimes a pit
gazing inchoate
smiling past it all

inès passes the mirror
a smouldering black shape

today i looked at no one

tomorrow i’ll arrive.
che vuoi?

but people keep returning i look away frigid frightened caught in an inescapable duration
people i knew or know or want to know
shrinking in the corner like bellows lungs the sounds of buildings collapsing in reverse
one day it'll be better worse you smell like cigarettes you smell like process irrevocable.
bleh  Apr 17
to those
bleh Apr 17
obsequious bitterness
cawed of your hallowed mask
take 5 steps and

cakes in the oven, save
for the life after next, save,

footsteps, tinnitus ring,
records and mulch

everyone cowers
  at the wasp on the bus
that's passed unnoticed on the open street


orbits of flight
  inchoate rage
bashing its head against the windows
radicalization of blind corners
spectacle of death
coil and frisk

how miserable how unfortunate how tragic how mindless how unthinkable how predictable how impossible how  urgent how hopeless how uncomfortable how

tongue severed tie

the centre expands, ossifies,
swallows and dissolves

best leave the dead to speak for themselves, they've
history on their side
  after all

inflected bias
in silent tears

if only  i could drown the whole world in melancholy

siren wail
   nervous tinder and pike
buzz and clutter

  waves their arms in discomfort, but
otherwise sits still

the irrefutable materiality of inertia

the bus drives on
if only

— The End —