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patty m Jun 2017
Humpbacked night
full-moon above the sacred mound
gives light to her soft navel.  
Womanly secrets guarded in darkness
spread across the earth;  
Twigs snap, leaves rustle
a haze of pungent smoke greets dawn.  
Autumn walks on silent feet.
Her long raven hair cascades in beauty.
Behind her comes a bristling wind,
while overhead a flock of raven spirits portend
a shadowy doom

Winter catches Autumn unaware,
dragging her to his tepee.
There beneath deerskin intricately beaded,
intimacy plays out between them.
The animal in him crouches
warm within her womb,
but the cold within his heart
freezes Autumn's soul.

Across the village
a sentry cries out a warning.  
Spaced teeth in a ceremonial mask
smile vacantly at our impending plight
and soon a blizzard holds us fast.  

Brother wolf I hear you howling
above the flapping of wings,
fang and talon's hunger calling
blood scents heat in night long flight.
Robert C Howard Sep 2018
Prophesies of impending fall
     creep stealthily over the Great Divide.
Gold-green Aspens shiver in the breeze
     like leagues of fibrous wind chimes
serenading the mountain slopes
     with aires of shimmering gold.

A few distant bugle calls echo
     across the Big Thompson valley
as bull elks warm up for the autumn rut.
     Sudden early gusts of frigid wind
bring waves of sleet and snow -
     in tune with the turning polar axis.

The greater chill is soon to come.
     The animals know it as do we.
Bears bulk up on grasses, roots and berries.
     Elk and deer drift down from the heights
To show their young the ways
      of the plains and river valleys.

We pull our sweaters on
     and toss another log on the flames
and greet the harbingers of approaching fall
    creeping stealthily over the Great Divide.

September, 2018
Osiria Melody Mar 16
I. The Neighbor
Eyes, two immaculate, circular egg-whites
Donning uncanny egg yolks,
Captures a commotion like a camera from afar

II. The Parents
Indecipherable words blurred with alcohol’s embrace
Battered, ****** knuckles striking “I hate you”
against her–helpless
She strikes him back like a match set ablaze
Bird-like screeches pierce the air from the depths of his cruelty

III. The Parents’ Child
Tomato-red ball bounces like a rabbit, gliding across the grainy pavement
Young child, innocent and carefree, bolts toward the ball with thunderous feet
Suddenly, a shock of lightning, blinding like the sun,
Obscures the child's vision (a car)
Ear-splitting burst of impact interrupts the neighborhood
Time took off from the ground, sending the child forward like an airplane, limbs airborne
Not an emergency landing, but an imminent one
Her severed head rolls down the road like a bowling ball
Body splatters across the neighbor's yard, sprinkler watery guts

IV. The Father
His mash potato knuckles, battered, raises into the air as if in protest
A visage ridden with contrition, contorts
Tears stream down his face like missiles (his daughter just died)
An explosion of resentment overcomes him (shock, pure shock)

V. The Mother
She, bloodied by his knuckles
Yelps in determination (she blames her daughter’s death on him)
She slams him with all of her will, ensuring his impending death (he’s a goner for sure)

IV. The Father
Now in supine position, mutters an inaudible “sorry” to his wife with an imploring gaze, asking forgiveness
As she watches him expire, grotesquely smiles (he deserved this)

V. The Mother
Sprinting from the scene, red and blue sirens, whirl and whistle endlessly, audible torture
She loses touch with balance, falling head-first to the selfish ground, forcefully embracing her
Crown splits open like a watermelon, its juicy contents ingratiate
itself onto the neighbor's yard (the grass looks green and red like a watermelon now)

I. The Neighbor
Processing this ghastly ghastly scene, succumbs to Death’s embrace from shock

VI. The Family
A fatal and unforeseen tragedy
Broke the silence in this town of tranquility

I drew my inspiration from witnessing a happy family taking a stroll in a park.
L B  Jan 2018
Beyond Below Behind
L B Jan 2018
To love
you must find
where light convenes at daybreak

You must search
beyond impending greenery
assertive lace and pirate flower

Below the clouds of spring
that can’t—
be seriously taken

Behind time’s betrayal
where vined lattice
cages fragments of a smile

Why sophisticate such sense?

Far more to the extent
of will and heart extended
taste is answered
of when the sweet was gone

For presence is!
when savored sources—linger their endings
known—and not resigned

Melted...quiescent...priestly moment

It’s not Zenith!
but Twilight

who drops her eyes!

To love
you must—
must love

Traveler Aug 2016
Dawn sparks with a silent scream
Drawn through the matrix into this dream
Without delay we gasp for air
The soul is invisible, the flesh is bare

What is life but an impending death
A drowning pool where we struggle for breath
We take it in but we can’t hold on
We fade like footprints out on the lawn

A fleeting moment this one night stand
From nowhere to somewhere and back again
Why can’t we remember, why can’t we forget
Why should we perceive the end as a threat

The essence of spirit merges with the physical
We search for meaning, we embrace the mystical
But in the end we fall asleep alone
Yet this one-night stand we gladly condone...
Traveler Tim

re to 2019
J  Apr 2017
J Apr 2017
Squall borne aloft, wildly brewing;
Erudite words or malarkey
Bustling and rustling and howling;
This poor mooncalf's soliloquy

Snow came to lay on rolling hills
Extinguished surviving embers
Absent warmth to counter the chills
This lone, tortured soul remembers

Spring arrived, flowers grow in bloom
Butterflies morphed to razor blades
Star! Save me from impending doom!
As this replete ice thaws and fades

Summer warms trees and birds above
Kiss from the breeze of gentle sea
My lady's heart billowed with love;
Much love to give, but naught for me

Hope, a sweet promise and a sham
Such a cruel drug, a poison
Sure to put a man in bedlam
I stand, steady as a bison
ryn  Aug 2014
ryn Aug 2014
Pedestrian haplessly waiting
For a sign, symbol, anything...
Signs that usher him forth.
Only lead him from north.

Modern hieroglyphs that say,
Halt here... Go that way.
Passing views that beckon
Can't stop but keep direction

Caution...peril impending.
Beware...danger looming .
Watch a storm is brewing.
Stem from aeons' brooding.

Pedestrian...not yet now...
Crawling time you must allow.
Pedestrian...maintain pace.
Don't falter...maintain grace.

Give not to desires' taunts.
Crumble not to guilt that haunts.
Keep moving, stay the course.
Keep at bay, tearful remorse.

Herd along...await instructions.
Restrain all quiet tensions.
Cage within, your sorrowful gait.
Tempted not by beauty's bait.

Pedestrian helplessly waiting.
Between signs, you are searching.
Free will here won't be met.
Your final destination has been set.

Has been set...
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