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Sanaysha Aug 2018
She walks the day like a dark soul covered in dark clothes and jet black hair
She walks the night and her eyes collect the blue light of the silver moon ahead of her.
She's a modern day school girl with average grades and mid length black hair; she's interesting to me and I don't know why.
She sits at a lunch table full of people like a sociopath sometimes it makes me so sick, making me wait for someone to come up missing or found dead in the Manhattan plaza or so spooked they'll miss school.
I wonder if she eats or maybe she ***** the souls of her "prey" or maybe she doesn't eat and only wears a black hoodie because she's anorexic underneath. To me she's a little curvy to be nothing but bones.
Her presence is cold like ghost. She's wears her hoodie all four season 365 days, and all 12 months.
The night of a full moon, the night of a super moon, bright red moon I saw her walk straightforward into bright blue light skipping off the streets like dust I tried to catch up but it was too much. I got to the end of the street and she appeared behind me. Her hands ignited with blue flames and she took hoodie and her dark browns eyes wear now dark blue portals and her mid length black braids wear now was now straight blue flames. I am the girl in black hoodie.
Bus Poet Stop Apr 2015
eye sometimes go to bed wearing an old hoody. It has a metal zipper  to close the front and the zipper is always cold, unpleasantly so, on my bare skin.  After awhile though, my body temperature warms the metal just enough, that it is no longer a cause of discomfort though the metal still remains inherently cool to the touch

While science can easily explain this I guess, I felt this to be a major miracle.  That flesh pliable and heart-heated to 98 degrees could conquer the molecules of metal that were made in China struck me as extra ordinary (always two words, please!) and nothing short of a personal intervention by a personal deity

When I put the hoodie on at first I would think
******* (that's cold)
When I awoke, cosy and warm, I would think
******* (that's so cool)

having studied philosophy in Cleveland,
I knew that the logic of the situation,
what I had experienced was not an
interregnum, but the invisible intervening handiwork of god, who, also knocked my glasses from the nightable to the floor,
just cause she/ he was in a bad mood, on account of having to come such a long way, just,
to reheat me
one more time.
In terre gnum - freedom from the terror of chewing gum discard actions and a phobia of gnus
Silvanna Najri S Nov 2018
Dear lover,

I finally found the foundation I thought I’ve lost at your grandmother’s house during the summer,
It was where you told me it was,
Inside my luggage indeed.

Along with many other things that I haven’t seen in a while such as
My guitar pick,
My jewelry,
My camera,
Your hoodie,
My hoodie really.
My hair brush,
My seashells from Revere beach,
And a bunch of pictures from us that I never wanted to throw away and I never will.

I put them all in a drawer next to my bed,
The drawer closest to my head,
The drawer that I never open because there is a valentines day card turned upside down,
I refuse to see the massage.

- Dear friend,

I haven’t called you in a while and I’m sorry I disappeared,
I don’t want to bring you down with my depression,
I just don’t think I should add anything else to your plate,
And I’m sorry if I did.

I think I made a mistake,
And I need your help,
But I don’t want your help,
Because I don’t deserve it.

I hid the keys from my drawer and I forgot where I put them.

Now I don’t have access to my most valuable items,

They’re not lost,
I never lost them,
I never threw them away,
And never will,

I just can’t reach them.
I can’t reach to you either,
That’s funny.

- Dear guy that follows me on Instagram,

Your pictures really attract me,
I know that beautiful things can start with just one like,
So I liked all your pictures,
And you liked all mines back,

Is this going somewhere?
Should I slide to through the DMs
A simple "hello?"
A concerning “How are you?”
A heartbreaking “Hey”
A disappointing “I’m sorry”

And that’s why I never wrote back,
And never answered the calls,
And made sure that you knew that I wasn’t going to,
And I didn’t
But now I am.

- Dear stranger,

I love how we vibed for the shortest
And I think that’s a sign for us to vibe longer.

Wanna hang some time?

And if you don’t want to that’s fine,
I get it…

I don’t.
I don’t get it.

I want to hang out with you,
I want to be with you,
I want to be able to like your pictures and not feel that I’m annoying you,

And I want to be able to feel something beautiful when you upload a new picture.

Instead of feeling a sinking hole form right in the middle of my rib cage
Swallowing my heart and my bones,
Feeling that they're poking my lungs,
And ripping them apart.

I can’t breath because you’re gone,
You’re not the guy that follows me on instagram anymore,
So I can’t call you that,
And you don’t want me to reach out to you,
And I want your help,
And just your help,
Because you’re the cause of my mistake.

I can’t call you a friend,
Because friends don’t let other friends cry on their own,
And they’re not cold when they go to the hospital for attempted suicide,
They’re not cold when they beg them to not hang up the phone,
They’re just not cold.
And you are,

And it’s my fault.

- Dear stranger,

I found the keys to my drawer.
I’ll send you back your hoodie.
Wai Phyo Win  Dec 2018
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018

I heard viberation out of the blue
just two minutes talk really like
"game over"
on screen in amusement park fool
a bit more than a missed
call stranger

Have to swim cross night
long and lonely
no energy to sleep back tight, in this
coldest night
literally surviving one and the only!
listening "Learn to be lonely" till
morning light

Wishing not to trigger another
stretched night
hoping for a good paper of
fortune cookie
anyway, a heart full of
thoughtful delight
You're always over my head like a
warm hooie
Based on true story
Lumi  Jul 2018
I bleed words
Lumi Jul 2018
No one knows this, but you bleed words.
No one reads these words, for it's absurd.
To think your silly words might want to be heard.
Be cradled and be cherished,
A disappointment worth a demerit.
Have I got more time? I must spare it.
For you bleed words.
No one reads these words, for that's just absurd.
You're simply another cow led to pasture in the herd.
Follow the crowd or else you'll be picked out.
Lead a staggering speech, you must speak out loud.
So don't be an idiot and stand there bleeding words that no one has ever heard.
They want the perfect side of you so that's what you'll give them.
The shadow who's silent and bleeds blood like normal people do.
Oh god why can't you be normal?
Why must you twist these adjectives into slant rhymes?
Why must you make everything seem like a dream when all that's left for humans is to die.
Complete your task.
Be normal.
Normal people bleed blood.
You bleed poems you etched onto your wrist in colorful sharpie then hide under foolish hoodie sleeves.
Not even your mother knows this, these pained words she'll never see.
Look at me, why won't you just look at me?
Look at me bleeding.
Look at me bleeding blood.
Look at me being normal.
Why can't you be like me?
Why can I read you like a book, why can I see your thoughts with every nervous look.
Why can't you name a single poet other than yourself?
Why haven't you studied, oh lord you're so behind.
Too busy trying to find a creative way to describe colorfully dying.
You'll never be perfect.
You'll never be normal.
You bleed your words, and I bleed mine.
thank you so much for the support!! this is one of the first poems i ever truly wrote and i'm so happy to see something that means so much to me has affected other people too. love you!
laura  May 2018
like, wtf?
laura May 2018
expecting the ride of a lifetime
hype guy with the pimped out kith jeans
and the shoes that cost god knows what
but he pulls me off of him so he can
carefully unlace them, while i get drier
than a desert waiting for him

like, ***?
show up in sweats and a hoodie so i can
steal it next time, man
when suddenly you’re not so into fashion anymore
Jarene  Oct 2018
old habits
Jarene Oct 2018
all i want
is to be
wrapped up in your hoodie
with your arms around me
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