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John-Chris Ward Apr 2014
Staring at this photograph.
A face and a set of eyes that I don't recognize,
But somehow it's familar.
Is this a piece of my past?
A friend I've left behind?
Or is this a glimspe of the future,
Taking place in my face, in the present.
I keep coming back to this photograph.
This image comes back in my head when I least expect it.
It's haunting; I'm haunted,
By this image, this photograph.
Staring at this photograph.
A face and a set of eyes that I don't recognize,
But somehow it's familar.
I'm thinking of events,
Timelines and passions,
That all never happened.
Staring at this photograph.
Tulip Chowdhury Feb 2016
fraction of a second
or less
my eyes behold
an eagle in pause
from its flight
in the swirling air
a loud screech
fills the air,
wonder what
it's announcing:
a mouse dead
or spring come alive?
John-Chris Ward Jun 2014
I'm not dead.
I'm still alive,
I'm still around and kicking,
Just because I didn't answer your calls doesn't mean that I wasn't listening.
I heard your fears, the slient tears that fell in the midst of the midnight hour.
It's funny how now you want me here,
But when I was around you were nowhere to be found.
Now I'm somewhere in the distant and you're begging for just a glimspe of my existence.
I'm not here for you're entertainment,
I refuse to be your circus clown.
I don't need for you to justify my love,
I'm justified in the sound of your cries.
Isn't it just hilarious when someone pretends that you're the hiccup in their life's plans but when you vanish they act as if your in the wrong for doing them a favor when you disappear.
Tia  Nov 2011
blink back
Tia Nov 2011
look down into me,
see my light,
it glows in color,
it glows in white,
it knows no bounderies,
and asks for no limits,
I hear a whisper,
and see a glimspe of,
a thought in the air,
an idea in the head,
like ive said,
neither or all are dead
Solaces Jan 2014
I ride around my small little town..
I see myself riding my bike down those streets and sidewalks..
Memories run back to me on this little drive of mine..
Seems so very long ago..
Playing football at the park..
Racing down those hills..

I drive around my small little town..
Things have changed..
Even the days themselves..
Sometimes the nights look like they did when I was young..
I get a glimspe of magic from a star..
Summer loves fade..

I ride around my small little town..
My memories sing to me ..
To remember is a gift..
A gift you can always give yourself..
And you will never be disappointed..
So go take a ride..
I see myself ride on by..
Stu Harley May 2014
the voice of time
carved her words
upon colossial stones
to give us
a glimspe of
the past
to move
all of
the doubts
JoshuaHaines  Nov 2017
JoshuaHaines Nov 2017
Unwind and let loose.
To the constant noose.
Around my throat.
Around my life.

For what will come loose.
When the knot is pulled free.
A gasp of air.
A sight of freedom.
Or is it a glimspe of life.
I'm ****** crazy.. ..   .. ..?
galaxyofentities Dec 2018
my eyes welled up
the seas that you had a tame
to learn how to love me
me, a thunderstorm without the beauty
But when i closed my eyes
i saw the unvierse in our fingers
i saw without my eyes, but only a glimspe.
The rising sun of a new day fell on you,
i saw my happiness in the architecture of your soul.

— The End —