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Steve Page Dec 2017
Michael said to Gabriel
"You know the Old Man's tetchy,
have you got your **** together?
Have you got your choir ready?"

Gabriel said, "Just **** out,
have you got that star in place?
I don't see it in the sky yet, 
have you booked the allotted space?

"By the time the magi notice 
and start their journey west
the party will be over,
so I think it would be best
if you tell Him they'll come later,
that the vibe will work far better
if we go ahead with the shepherds 
and then have the kings come later."

Mickey was a little miffed,
but he knew that Gabe was right.
He'd been distracted with the detail
to ensure the star was bright.

So Mickey went and told the Boss,
"It really makes more sense,
cos once Jesus is a toddler
he'll enjoy the frankincense."
Angels have a lot on their plates. Readers of the New Testament estimate that the 3 wise men came to Bethlehem a couple of years after the shepherds.  This is based on King Herod ordering that all children under 2 be slaughtered which he based on when the star first appeared.
Knit Personality Aug 2018
Goblin King:          Who, on such a night as this,
                               Christmas Eve, goes out amiss?
Goblin Chorus:      Gabriel Grub!  Gabriel Grub!  
                               **! **! **!  'T is Gabriel Grub!

King:                      Who, on Christmas Eve, goes out
                               Digging graves?  Ye goblins, shout:
Chorus:                  Gabriel Grub!  Gabriel Grub!  
                               **! **! **!  'T is Gabriel Grub!

King:                      Who, like Scrooge, the season mocks?
                               Who should fill a "Christmas box"?
Chorus:                  Gabriel Grub!  Gabriel Grub!  
                               **! **! **!  'T is Gabriel Grub!

King & Chorus:     Gabriel Grub!  Gabriel Grub!
                               **! **! **!  'T is Gabriel Grub!

Mark Upright Nov 2015
~you know who and what is your true nature~


Special Prayer for Protection at Night

*In the name of Adonai the God of Israel:
May the angel Michael be at my right,
and the angel Gabriel be at my left;
and in front of me the angel Uriel,
and behind me the angel Raphael...
and above my head the Sh'khinah (Divine Presence)
Rue  Dec 2018
I cant see you
Rue Dec 2018
I hear
no angels sing
angel Gabriel
please send God my message
I don't like it here anymore
OC Dec 2018
And in the eighth day, god has glanced
upon his fair creation.
He blessed the common of good sense
and reached imagination.

BY ME!, he said to Gabriel,
I think I've done it pretty well,
by inventing logic first
and afterwards the universe.
Well even though it's been quite tough
our world is... reasonable enough.

Now, I am worried since right there
is a little point that's out of order.
It is that little point of view.
It gave us trouble, quite a few.
Please, Gabriel, do fix the matter
and make our world work better.

God head assistant cried "Disgrace!"
"You little point! Get back in place!"
But when he got up near,
he found out something... weird...
From that point, when he looked at it
god seemed to him... a wrong a bit...

Two angels all equipped and set
were sent to straight things up.
"Are you not back in line yet?!"
"You make our boss seem all upset."
"Beware, or we shall call a cop!"

When the angels closer drew
each held a different point of view
then roared a great loud argument
upon what point god really meant!

Oh dear, what shall we do with you?
Such little, stubborn, point of view.
A right solution was not found,
they had to let it stay around.
No one knows what for.
But since that day, we all can say
Life's all,
except a bore...
A little gem by my old man that I've learned to recite by heart. Was written in English originally, unlike other pieces I had to translate.
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