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ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
my mouth has been
filled with borrowed words
my lips stained with emotions
no Soul has ever heard
inspired by a life lived
beyond all of my touch
so i leave my heart in
the hands of the
Cosmic Clutch
i trust
where tears
from laughter
fight fear of crying
lingering with love
that never was dying
i am finding myself
between loss + lying

but still i’m here trying

b e c a u s e
this is what makes us human
in contrast to all that’s above
for this is everything that is
and all that ever was
The Flame Feb 2018
the tears flow freely now but no noise as not to make an audience of my fake smile unraveling before them for them to see the wall coming down letting  the darkness seep from the debris for they will see the true me and cower in the darkness hidden inside me
not exploding but still self destructing
not imploding but still consuming
Finding sadness in happiness by Cesar Mauricio Inclan jr. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2016
Dead in the center of her heart I found a minotaur.
Of all things a frigging minotaur.
I stood puzzled as we locked eyes.
When I stumbled upon him he was sleep with today's newspaper drenched across his lap.
He bounced up in full guard.
Me being me I asked him for simple directions.
Telling him that I thought I was lost.
I planned on seeing heart shapes maybe a butterfly or two.
A big bunny shape thing or two but you, just wow.
He grinned slightly and said yeah that's the first time I've heard that one.
One step further, I added.
I take it from the amount of drool on the side of your lip you've been sleep for quite a while.
Now I don't mean to intrude on your guarding the labyrinth thing but,
How about you let me *** a smoke and we'll talk about it at the nearest dinner.
After all who can be mad over breakfast
Rizna M Rameez May 2018
There are some who have that inner peace
Though everything around them is just
Tearing up, falling apart, crumbling down

But sometimes, their hearts are tossed about
Like it was caught in a raging storm
With no evident reason
Nothing but blind
Teared up emotion

Have you ever tried running away,
From Yourself?
Like your being, wants to run
Away from this body that restrains it
Like a time out,
Like I want a little space
A little time away
From all physical constraints

Well, you can’t
But you can run
Run until you’re ready

To face yourself
Stop splitting your mind
Take up your burdens
Calm your heart

But yet

You paint your screams across pages
With paint, words, motions
They’re all the same
But of what?
Agony? Frustration? Anguish?

You’re laughing through tears
Confused? Battered? Restless?
Your mind’s a mess
And you grip onto your sanity
Laughing hysterically

But at the end of it all
You take a step back
Yet you don’t quite realize

Some things are an illusion
Especially feelings, emotions
They tend to take over you quite a bit
They overwhelm you

And you,
You’re holding yourself together
Like you’re gonna burst any moment
Into confetti
Just a bunch of paper flying around

But that’s alright
It’s just your mind messing up with you

And one day you get over it
You’re just done with it
But yet, it’s part of you
That you’re laughing at

Just a stepping stone
Just to find yourself
Home. And stronger.
I wrote this back when I was really confused and fed up with thinking about things and I had these horrible headaches.
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