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Klaryssa Feb 2017
At the edge of seventeen I can’t believe I made it this far.
Never saw this moment coming
Not out of fatality just momentum-based blindness
Rocketing into the realm of time at 460 meters per second
Can seem kind of damning
So the self-proffered lies in order to sleep? necessary.
“I’ll do it tomorrow”
Do you own tomorrow?
Have you seen it in existence?
“I’ve still got time.”
As if time is something one can purchase
Except it wasn’t ever ours
So we have to give it back
And like all borrowed things it has a time limit
At the edge of seventeen I don’t know what mine is

At the edge of Seventeen I am doing the splits
Stuck between two time periods of my life and one is still putting up a fight
Don’t let go
Stop changing
Caught between a rock and an avalanche, one is coming at me much harder, faster
At the edge of seventeen I’m working all the angles and learning the equations trying to equate my life to a formula
Except formulas are predictable
At the edge of seventeen I realized that life isn't as mean as I’d always act as if it was

and at the edge of seventeen I realize moments go by really quickly.
At the edge of seventeen I realize the edge is really high
At the edge of seventeen I have never been high
At the edge of seventeen the end of the earth starts blending with the sky
At the edge of seventeen the limits seem to disappear and reappear in new forms
Like a regenerate limb of a starfish my boundaries are reappearing
I feel sometimes like the universe spit me out like a rejected blood transplant I just never fused

At the edge of 17
I am arrogant
Never mortal
Watch me defy death every morning
I will rise
I talk about the rest of my life as if it has become a tangible thing for me
I consider my existence? prophecy
there are 7 billion 45 million people on this planet and I have the audacity to believe that my three existential crises all before breakfast are the most significant occurrence since the creation of time

At the edge of seventeen I am standing on the ledge with you
Laughing at the sky
At the edge of seventeen I am swimming with you in the lake
At the edge of seventeen chlorine has made me a green haired monster
At the edge of seventeen we have caught baby turtles and put them into the back seat
At the edge of seventeen I am flying down the highway with all the windows down
At the edge of seventeen you never let me go
At the edge of seventeen you never made me say goodbye
At the edge- you pushed me off

And I flew.
Carbon based life forms will approximately breathe 151372800 times in 18 years.
Chuck Kean  Feb 2020
The Edge
Chuck Kean Feb 2020
The Edge

      You may have a heart in pain
Standing on the edge
Your crying tears of a never ending rain
Standing on the edge

You feel there’s no words left to be spoken
Standing on the edge
Your Heart is completely broken
Standing on the edge

You feel empty of the love you’ve been giving
Standing on the edge
You may feel life isn’t worth living
Standing on the edge

You may want to take your last breath
Standing on the edge
You may think the answer is death
Standing on the edge

But there’s something I know first hand
Standing on the edge
Your a heart beat away from something grand
And your standing on the edge

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 02/03/2020
All rights reserved
I was on the edge of Suicide but if I would’ve taken that leap, I would have
Never known the wonderful life I
Am living today!!! Give your pain to
Jesus and don’t give up!!! You never know
You can be a heart beat away from that
Life worth living. God Bless!!!
Big Virge Aug 2020
It’s True Like Ra’ Said...
You NEED To... " KNOW THE LEDGE "... !!!

Because A Lot of Heads....
Push To The EDGE...
To Be... The BEST... !!!

It Has Caused Some STRESS...
That Has Led To Their Death... !!!
Because They Took THAT Step...
That... Brought Their END... !!!

Because They Stepped...
OVER... The Edge... !!!

From Famous Names...
Whose Claim To Fame...
Left Them So DRAINED...

That It Became A PAIN...
For Them To STAY SANE... !!!

So... Took *******...
Until It Stopped Their Brain...
From Thinking STRAIGHT...
So Suicide Reigned Like...

... WILD Hurricanes... !!!

You See Artistic Heads...

But Some FORGET That There Is An EDGE...
That They SHOULDN'T Overstep... !!!

The Edge of... INSANITY... !!!
Just To PLEASE... Humanity...

A Pursuit That SADLY...
Leads To...... TRAGEDY... !!!

When They Don’t Recognise...
That You......

... ALL of The Time... !!!!

It’s Your State of Mind...
THAT An Edge Can BIND... !!!

As I Said Before...
To... SUICIDE... !!!!!

The Famous Life...
Is... EDGY And TRIFE'... !!!

Just Like... Mobb Said...

The Five Star Life Has An EDGY Side...
That Most CAN'T Survive...

Unless They LIE...
And CONTRIVE Smiles...

Even When DEEP INSIDE...
They Don’t Feel Alright... !!!

There’s An Edge That Provides...
Some Women And Guys...
With A Wish To... "Hide"...
Who They REALLY ARE...
So... Mark Their Own Cards...

Like Palpatine Did Darth... !!!

Edges... So DARK...
That They Break WEAK Hearts...
When They Are Asked...
To Take... DARK Paths... !!!!

THEY... Come And Go...

Some Who Tell JOKES...
And Host Live Shows..
Those Whose Nose...
Snorts Lines of Coc’...

Like That Scarface Bloke... !!!

And Most Now Know...
How His Story Then Goes... !!!

Sportsman TOO...
More Than The ODD FEW... !!!

Get An Edge That DEFENDS...
A Whole Heap of NONSENSE...
That Make Some... BUTTHEADS... !!!

NO BEAVIS... Just Attempts...
To Play To The Edge of Being The Best... !!!!
But This In The End Can Cause PROBLEMS... !!!

When It Comes To The Friends...
Who Then See You Depressed...
When You're... On YOUR OWN...
WITHOUT Fame In Tow... !!!!!

Iron Mike KNOWS...
of The Highs And Lows...
of Letting... THAT EDGE...
Lead You To... LOW BLOWS... !!!

You See Some Make The MISTAKE...
of Thinking That Winning...

Has Such... HIGH STAKES... !!!

That They’ll...

Do... WHATEVER It Takes... !!!!!!
To Be The Name Who Takes Centre Stage...

Well To Me...
That’s... NOT The Way...
It’s A Game of... Give And Take...

YES An EDGE Can RAISE Your Game...
But Can Also... DAMAGE Your Brain... !!!

From Those Who Entertain...
To Sportsman Who Get Paid...
A MILLION Dollar Wage... !!!

The Game Remains...
... THE SAME... !!!

To Be The VERY BEST... !!!

It Can Be...
The TOUGHEST Test...

That Can Bring...
MUCH MORE Than Stress... !!!

If You... DON'T Know...
When To SLOW Your Roll... !!!

And NOT Go OVER...

........ “ The EDGE “....... !!!!!
Inspired in no small part, from watching the documentaries on Robin Williams, and the Wu Tang Clan's, " Of Mics And Men ", as well as the life stories of countless famous people, whose edge, in the end, led to their deaths, literally, and otherwise
There is an edge.
To me.
Where the lines meet the air, where I am a juxtaposition between the earth and the sky.
Where I am black or white,
Never grey.
There is an edge,
Folded in half, into quarters, into eighths,
Into infinity edges are folded
To fit, to puzzle, to contain
A box, a boat, a decision.
There is an edge,
There is the stopping point,
There is a long way down,
A line I cannot cross
A place I have dared to venture,
And died a thousand times.
There is an edge,
And here I sit on the precipice,
Here I contemplate the fall,
Contemplate the sky holding the air,
Sharp to the tongue, and whipped into the ears
Here is the edge
Where the mind and the heart,
Do not cross,
Multiple edges, of juxtaposition,
Of falling, of dying, of breaking,
Between the earth and the sky,
The black and the white,
The heart and the break.....
There is an edge,
Where I sit and contemplate,
The line between life and death,
The edge between safety and chaos,
Between fear and bliss.
There is an edge,
to me,
Where my edges met yours,
Where lines were crossed,
Where bliss met fear,
Where the edges of my heart,
Where my edges met yours,
Between the earth and the sky.
And I'm here on this edge,
And in tears I wonder why.
Kee  Nov 2018
my edge
Kee Nov 2018
My edge
My straight edge
Cuts deep
And doesn’t want to let go
My straight edge
Loves to make you remember everything
But she wants you to forget too
My straight edge
Loves a game
And she’ll play it with you
My straight edge
Is a force to be reckoned
My straight edge
Is my worst nightmare
And paradise from hell
My straight edge
Is many things
But never has she left me
anne p murray Apr 2013
She was a tiny, angel of woman,
mindlessly moving in a chemical haze
Her heart barricaded tormented
from her long, lonely days...
From dancing on the edge of a pin  

Twirling oblivious on a bar room pole
trying to live her shoddy role
Stripped of dignity, ripped of grace
that’s imposed upon her lifeless soul…
As she dances on the edge of a pin

Her teardrops falling, slowly slipping, silently dripping
leaving behind a clear, salty trace
as they slide down her cheeks
like icy blue, watery veins on her weary, tear stained face...
While dancing on the edge on a pin

She dances mindlessly without care
from one seedy bar to another
in faded, jaded memories blurred by her past
Through misty, watery depths she bleeds
trying to quench a thirst so deep
in her hemorrhaged, sedated heart so worn, so torn
by her dreams that did not last…
As she dances on the edge of a pin

She slides down the pole performing her dance
floating in an igneous swirl of aqueous, diluted anesthesia
Demons eating and devouring her soul
through her darkened descent of amnesia…
Dancing on the edge of a pin

In painful depths that twist and turn
in her nebulous, muddled reality of unspeakable memories
that cannot exist in her mind
lest they drive her deeper in a shattered demise…
She dances on the edge of a pin

Childhood dreams
that were stripped cruelly of their parts
her mind wanders in a foggy, semi-conscious state of grace
from hungry teeth marks
left on her innocent, delicate face
Cheap, neon lights bathe ******, shoddy floors
in seedy, darkened bars that smell
of stale cigarettes and *****

Dangerous, dingy, low-rent neighborhoods
leased by lurking, lewd, slovenly men
who try to ***** her every move
She sits on an old, bar stool, sipping amber colored whiskey
from a *****, shot glass
waiting for drunk, salacious men to approach
handing her their grimy, rumpled cash…
As she dances on the edge of a pin

Ten dollars a dance to the tune of one weary, old song
or twenty dollars an hour to some drunk, bleary eyed man
for sixty minutes she’ll dutifully belong
Shadowy features biting at her heels
Unnamed creatures gripping, clawing at her heart
like broken shreds of steel
Her soul so bruised from so many wounds that cannot heal
A fragile, beautiful soul, so battered, so used
One sad morning the headlines of the daily news
printed one more, sad obituary
of a beautiful soul so badly abused
Her parents were sent a note
from the bar where she’d last worked
that said…

“Your daughter used to work here, but now that she’s dead
will you please stop by and pick up her clothes and shoes"?    

       Death of an angel
Skylar Keith  Oct 2017
Skylar Keith Oct 2017
Come to the Edge
Don't be scared
That's what they said

Edge of what?
The Edge changed

Don't go!
It's dangerous
It's different now

Come closer
Step away
Which one is it?

Turn away!
What edge are you on?

Some Edges are made to jump from
Some Edges you look over
Some Edges you leave

The same way you came
Jump if you can fly
Can you fly?

Find your wings
To the Edge I say
The Edge you stand on is the one you chose or found

Jump if you can fly
Walk if you can't

Find the Edge that belongs to you and lifts you high above
You'll find your place
Sjr1000 Feb 2014
Standing at the edge of mortality
is my work really done?
Looking over at the black abyss
what is one to think?
Time to find god
root for heaven
root for reincarnation
call for your mother
bring a flashlight
the black sack and that's a fact.

Standing at the edge of mortality
my hand over my brow
block the sun?
Too dark for that
Try to see better?
Too late for that.
The precipice stands waiting
and all those who once lived
forever gone
took that plunge.

Standing at the edge of mortality
waiting for the momentary mirror
reflecting backwards in time
highlight reels
lowlife deals
ecstatic moments
unwound in regrets
done and gone.

Standing at the edge
my children come to me
wondering what breath will be the last
too late for all regrets
all those
if only I hads
there is a tear for that
that's for sure.
If it could all be undone
to do again
what would one do?
These are the thoughts and feelings too
one finds
when standing at the edge of mortality.

But still here
another chance for us my dear
more work to do
on this side of
the edge of mortality.

— The End —