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Katia Arkasa Aug 2018
I fall in love with married men
With the guy
Who's got a "thing" against marriage
With the guy
Who's killed a guy
   I fall in love
      With men I shouldn't

Because they all told me to
Movies and novels and operas
In ear-piercing Sopranos
Love stories are tragic!
Some unjust external force must tear us apart
It's our families, timing, war duties, my
Dietary restriction of only drinking

No one talks about a lover giving up
Because "I don't love you anymore"
Cuts deeper
The wound of fate no longer leaves you bleeding out
And longing
Those words slit new veins open from the inside
Fills your lungs, bursts your egos
Choke on the rejection, die drowning in the loneliness
Wonder how you'll live without him
Wonder what you did
Wonder what you could have done
The blame is on you

This is the difference between melancholic aching
And soul-shattering, identity questioning

So don't tell me "I saw it coming"
When the next guy I bring to a wedding
Sells ice online or has three kids
I already know
I choose to fall in love with men
Who will destroy themselves
But never leave
Lyn-Purcell  Jul 2018
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Bathing in the sun
Body has a tearful glow
The duties of a Queen
A poetic way of day, 'I'm so fricking hot and sweaty, but I got obligations.'
Today is the last day of editing for my media course. Fingers crossed!
Wish me luck! ^-^
Lyn ***
DivineDao May 2016
Your paws are comforting.
Furry forhead leans on my arm,
and strokes me in a cute cat caress.

You highlight my after noon, highten
my senses, you open your closed eyes, rising your friendly head, giving me one long stearn glance, which I capture directly and take it within my main focus, melting a bit, forgetting the world and its ***** duties.

Absorbing your shimmering love, your momentary devotion and reciprocal adoration: I thank you, beauty-eyed-cat! Thank you, cosmos, for this magic-meow-pal! For all of them!

Then you swirl and spin around me,
and wager upon the books on my right bedside.
Not appealing much, from the cuddly, resting point of view: hard and edgy are their corners.

When your purrs finaly find the nearness by my left hip, your puffy tale starts swaying up and down in a content slow motion.

I gently grab your lynx-like ear and shake your elegant head; most lovingly, whispering silly little things, only you and I would understand.
Books on the right:
- "Song of the Deer"
- "The Mastery of Love"
- "Eat, love, pray"
- "Indian fairytales and legends"
Life goes on with the good and worst...
We're here for the sake of thirst.

The sunshine of morning can't b e changed,
Just as the destiny of ours' can't be replaced.

A new born child has a different spark,
Cause he doesn't know the awaited one.

Happiness touches like it pours after dry,
Acting every time is our foremost try.

Virtual world is a clear illusion,
Where we now distinguish among relations.

Duties keep on running in mind,
Still everyone can't be of true mankind.

Imaginations seek the greatest pleasure,
But reality is the only whining figure.
Andrew Rueter  Jun 2017
Andrew Rueter Jun 2017
I fell in love with you
More accurately
I fell in love with the feelings you transferred into me
But those mutinous emotions betrayed me
The moment you did
The withdrawal from your love was too intense
I desperately needed something to replace those feelings

I always said I could run from anything
as long as it didn't involve running
But after walking with you for so long
It's hard to change my pace
The path too tough to face
Your memories fueled the chase
Until I found my escape

The kneading needles turned me fetal
Shocked my veins like eels
Fetuses aren't the most ambulatory
The race became a marathon story
Your effervescent ghost pursued me
Breaking the sound barrier to reach me
I floated vacantly in the stew of your noise
The needles touched me
The way you wouldn't
The needles bled me
The way you would

Then the race ended as abruptly as it started
Only to begin another race
...But things were different this time

Slugs waved as they passed a sprinter
Tormented by a lane filled with needles
The hostile crowd watched with pity
As a once great athlete
Was forced to acknowledge his janitorial duties
The fickle mob cheered with triumph
Upon his valiant return
He was quicker than ever before
And the masses exalted him
He ran faster than everybody
And waited for nobody
Anxious they might reveal his secret
That his speed was derived from his feather weight
After the needles hollowed out his insides
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