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Your curls are Gulf Coast weather,
rarely cloudless and sunny, each
frustrating loop a messy
ice-cream scoop cascade.
They look like a love affair,
as ***-centered as your star sign,
too-friendly, sunday-sensuous,
meandering into ***** knots.
Every sweet-floral-fruity
custard you toss them in
is as well deserved as the
satin on your lashes and the
salve that slicks your
orbicular body.
April 2019
annh May 6
Together we melted,
Slower than ice cream but faster than chocolate,
Into a confection of infinite sweetness.

Tell me, how did it all turn to custard?

‘It was the best first kiss in the history of first kisses. It was as sweet as sugar. And it was warm, as warm as pie.’
- Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen
Donna Aug 15
Flying through the air
with his Orange and Yellow
Super Hero Cloak

Mr Custard Cream
Man was out protecting food
from going bad! His

first stop was at a
pub where tins of Peas got served
up every day! But

one particular
Pea had decided to go
outside and see the

Trees and Flowers and
a Summer Sky! ! Wearing Green
Wellington Boots and

a Green Fisherman
Hat , the little Pea splashed in
puddles and kicked leaves

up in the air , twas
the rustling sound of the
fallen leaves that made

the little Pea smile!
But Mr Custard Cream Man
flew to the ground

scooping up the Pea
in his big Custard Cream hands!
Oops said the Pea you’ve

dropped some crumbs on the
ground , wow it looks like snow as
settle upon the

grass! Woosh woosh echoed
through the air travelling to
Mr Custard Cream

ears! Raindrops trickled
gently upon the pavements
where walking shoes clicked

clocked all day long!
The chilly snowy crumbs washed
away yesterday

anixeties! The
Pea squeaked loudly , Mr
Custard Cream Man

put the Pea upon
his biscuit back , they both flew
back to the pub! O

the Pea told many
stories to the all the other
Peas and even mash

Potato’s  and Carrots
Everyday the Tap would run
cold water , bubbles

partied all day long!
Mr Custard Cream Man smiled
everyday! Today

he was out to save
a Tomato who wanted
to slide down Mountains

then race right back at
the top again! The moral
of this story is

just let your all words
unravel upon a page
There be no reason!

And just like Mr
Custard Cream Man , life is what
you make it to be
Mary Gay Kearns Aug 2018
The broken biscuits lay in a tin
An ordinary oblong tin
With turquoise pattern
And pink embossed flowers
Gold edged to finish the job.

How many times I visited
That tin on the middle shelf
In the top half of a cupboard,
Sawn door, to allow for fridge,
And quietly took out the tin.

Broken biscuits were my delight
All shapes and sizes tasty bites
Wafers,  bourbon, custard creams
Rich tea, digestive all suited me
Sometimes fig sandwich, pleased.

Love Mary
Thank you Mum and dad .Love your daughter .
will19008  Jun 29
will19008 Jun 29
forgotten longing
deep custard days gone by
my morning trip: the pool, always
then, to stay swimming in the ocean
favorite lifeguards who never stared me back
boardwalk seagulls, seafood season
shops with time like windy cobwebs
the hotel, our melancholy Ferris smell
that last painful sunburn pizza and
sadder September funnel cakes


where I now walk alone
crying for dreams past
not just things
For Jennifer "down the shore"...
cheryl love Jul 2017
The street lamp flickers
Thick fog hangs like custard
A woman in regulation knickers
is cutting the mustard.
She hangs round the fading light
Vinegar drapes around the bar
she is eating chips at midnight
while her teeth soak in a jar
her curlers retired years back
when the colour made a sad farewell
she stands under the Union Jack
where the church rings its bell.
They were together once, a time
when she was not such a fright
he saw red but did not commit a crime
even then she ate chips at midnight.
Donna  Sep 2018
Mary the Fairy
Donna Sep 2018
There once was a Fairy
Who lived in a magical world
Her sweet name was Mary
And she loved to be held

She loved to watch the stars
Twinkle brightly at night
Even though afar
They were a great sight

She watched the dusky sun
Rise early every morning
Whilst the birds would have fun
And humans were yawning

She skipped over lakes
Making the lake waters laugh
And fishes would wake
And give Mary a jacuzzi bath

She flew with Butterflies
And Dragonflies too
They ate custard pies
And egg foo foo

She made her own dress
From red autumn leaves
She was nicknamed The Best'
By all the lovely trees

She wore spaghetti hoops
In her long golden hair
And jumped through potholes loops
To explore natures flair

She'd slide down mountains
Rainbows as well
She brewed coffee in fountains
And rang a lunch time forest bell **
Fun fairy story x
Crow Mar 15
professor Burke and professor Lee
two mathematicians who could not agree

loudly voiced their differences at half past noon
having daily lunch at the Greasy Spoon

the subject on the fateful day was Pi
and they could not see eye to eye

a disagreement on the thousandth digit
had Burke turn red and caused Lee to fidget

said Burke “No you are off by one!”
spat Lee “Your math is poorly done!”

Burke shouted, “Lee, you have gone too far!”
reached toward the counter for a candy jar

but his hand instead encountered pie
a hideous gleam sprang to his eye

he flung the pie with all his might
hit Lee full face, eyes wide with fright

but Lee recovered and found more pies
Boston Creme took Burke between the eyes

apple, custard, lemon, berry
pecan, pumpkin, key lime, cherry

pies of every kind were thrown
plates' radius squared remained unknown

the police arrived to break up the fray
took the two meringued men away

many hours later in the quiet cell
with pie for ink and tempers quelled

the two stood looking at the wall
upon which lay their equation scrawled

said Burke, with both their faces long
“Well, what do you know. We both were wrong.”
In honor of Pi Day. With gratitude to Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
╰⊰✿´ℒ♡ⓥℯ '✿⊱╮
Puds are long, vanilla rich
Custard honey-sweet
Poured down from the liquid sun
Caramelised crust
turns nut-brown
and bubbling
Tenth Epulaeryu! ^-^
I'm not gonna lie,  I liked it! The custard was like honey, very smooth but
I found that it's a bit TOO egg-y for me.
Then again, it could just be the cafe I went to at the time.
I'm open to trying it again, though I admit, I'm not in a rush.
One day! ^-^
Lyn ***
Donna  Oct 2018
Summer is born
Donna Oct 2018
Lemon spongy cake
Served with spoonfuls of custard
And summer is born
Me dean and kids had lemon cake and custard was lovely x
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