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Spirit of Basho_
breathing in and out
of gases
to haiku writers
“While the rules for writing haiku in Japanese are clear,
there is no Clear consensus for any other language.
This means that I am write and everyone else is wrong.”
                                                      ­            *~writer unknown~

Definition of: haiku* (according to Words Of Warner)

A secret and ancient Japanese style of poetry. Invented and
protected by the elite group of ninjas known only as The Basho.
Some say, The Basho dwell in a sacred temple made of gold and
rice paper, hidden deep in the bottom of Mt. Fiji. Others claim
they are in elaborate tents made from the finest silks at the
highest peak of Fiji. But no one knows for sure. Except maybe
James Mc. But he’s not talking.

How to write a haiku -

First, pick a subject. You must choose from the chosen list;
rain, wind, the sun, bugs, Mt. Fiji, Bruce Lee or frogs on a pond.
The only exception is snow, and only used during the winter.

Second, pick a form.  You can write in 1, 2 or 3 lines, sometimes
4. It all depends on those silly syllables, or as the Japanese call
it, morae. Remember, less is more, more or less always but never.
Here’s a tip, the best haiku are written backwards.

Now you are ready to write your own fun little foreign poems
called haiku.*

Note: if you are counting “morae” or words, don’t forget to divide
the number of “morae” by the number of lines, or is it divide
the number of lines by the “morae” and please use the                          on-line    Japanese counter/converter.
Following are several translations
of the 'Old Pond' poem, which may be
the most famous of all haiku:

Furuike ya
kawazu tobikomu
mizu no oto

        -- Basho

Literal Translation

Fu-ru (old) i-ke (pond) ya,
ka-wa-zu (frog) to-bi-ko-mu (jumping into)
mi-zu (water) no o-to (sound)

    The old pond--
a frog jumps in,
    sound of water.

Translated by Robert Hass

Old pond...
a frog jumps in
water's sound.

Translated by William J. Higginson

An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond,
splash! Silence again.

Translated by Harry Behn

There is the old pond!
Lo, into it jumps a frog:
hark, water's music!

Translated by John Bryan

The silent old pond
a mirror of ancient calm,
a frog-leaps-in splash.

Translated by Dion O'Donnol

old pond
frog leaping

Translated by Cid Corman

Antic pond--
frantic frog jumps in--
gigantic sound.

Translated by Bernard Lionel Einbond


'Dere wasa dis frogg
Gone jumpa offa da logg
Now he inna bogg.'

        -- Anonymous

Translated by George M. Young, Jr.

Old pond
leap -- splash
a frog.

Translated by Lucien Stryck

The old pond,
A frog jumps in:.

Translated by Allan Watts

The old pond, yes, and
A frog is jumping into
The water, and splash.

Translated by G.S. Fraser
Aztec Warrior  Nov 2015
Aztec Warrior Nov 2015
Basho On The Night Stand**

I found Basho sitting on my night stand;
he was measuring the distance
plum blossoms flew
when blown by Autumn wind.
It was an exercise
a mental confrontation
of spirit and nature
that is oft mystified
into confusion.

Why is it
that the resonance
from the meeting of frog and pond,
leads most to a mythical,
non-existent god
or karma
or zen?
When it is pleasing enough
and real, to listen
and appreciate
the dynamics of tingling synapses
and neurons leaping
in a conscious mind.
To be in awe of the beauty of the leap.
To sing the notes that ripple
out in waves.

Found Basho’s ancient pond
saw his huge frog leaping with
resonance and splash.

And I was awed by the Ker-plunk!

redzone /Aztec Warrior 8.17.12
Wandering in notebooks again.. written when I was using pen name 'redzone'
Donna Aug 2017
Matsuo Basho
You truly are a legend
In my heart always
Dedicated to my hero I just love his haiku so much x
αιώνια λίμνη
στου βατράχου την βουτιά
σκιάζεται! Άκου
Greek translation from "Frog Haikou-Old Pond" - Matsuo Bashō   (1644 - 1694, Japanese)
Read Shakespeare and Milton and all of the rest
Keats, Coleridge and Wordsworth are some of the best
Read Ted Hughes and Sylvia, Motion, Duffy
They say what I want to say better than me

Read Homer and Ovid, Basho and Su ****
Chaucer and Boccaccio they've stood the test
Read Donne, Spenser, Marlowe, Jonson and Raleigh
Read Shakespeare and Milton and all of the rest

Read Swift, Pope, Blake, Tennyson, and Rossetti
The two Barrett Brownings are of interest
For feelings romantic as true as can be
Keats, Coleridge and Wordsworth are some of the best

Read Larkin and Betjeman if you're depressed
Read Wendy Cope to enjoy all of life's zest
Yes please don't think I despise modernity
Read Ted Hughes and Sylvia, Motion, Duffy

And how about all those I haven't addressed
Yeats, Auden, Joyce, Longfellow, Poe and Shelley
And all of the others I'm bound to have missed
They say what I want to say better than me

But what of the poet, with poets obessed?
In prose I am prolix, in speech stuttery:
So where will you find my emotions expressed?
On MySpace, on Twitter, read my poetry
It says what I want to say
Aztec Warrior  Nov 2015
Aztec Warrior Nov 2015
Walking With Basho**

Note: These haiku (hokku) were written after
reading a book of Basho’s ‘travel logs’. It contained
many of his best and well known poems and prose.

under the old oak
I watch squirrels
chasing their tails.
the oak ignores them.

A breeze ruffles green leaves
as Wrens sing a symphony-
perfect harmony.

I travel in the
company of red guard youth-
we want the whole world.(1)

rushing rivers and
deep gorges block our advance-
great challenges ahead.

Spring blossoms beckon
we smell their sweet aroma-
birds chirp approval.

traveling this road
strewn with shadow and hard ship,
we dare scale great heights.
rain and wind harass
the rabbits fur and spirit-
he sits stoically.

scared of its shadow,
a frog leaps from its lily-
silence is broken.

a burning man looks
at the desert’s dry land scape-
he paints large cacti. (2)

redzone/Aztec Warrior 8.20.12

(1) Red Guard were youth during the Cultural Revolution in China
under the leadership of Mao Tsetung and the genuine revolutionaries
in the Chinese Communist Party. They made revolution within the revolution
inspiring millions world-wide and preventing capitalist-roaders from
seizing power for 10 years. When Mao died, these reactionaries seized power and today we can see the ugly horrific exploitation and oppression the masses of Chinese face again today.

(2) Burning Man is an art festival in the desert of Nevada that began as an expression of creativity and defiance of the prevailing American culture.
But like everything in this society, it has been corrupted into a festival
where buying and selling once again contaminates. There are though still some aspects of the open art and creativity that remains.
Love this notebook....
ConnectHook Aug 2018
If you like Haiku verse form:
bad haiku dot com

I laughed so hard at some of them,
but Starkitten is a bit too much
so scroll past his/her/its stuff
Kenny Brown  Mar 2012
Kenny Brown Mar 2012
Leave now and never come back,
Make your way down to the grimy grotto.
See that looking glass in the corner, go ahead,
Pick it up and stare, Is it the six-winged seraphim
That you’re facing or ****** victor under the pile.
Climb the ladder, but pocket the overstepped rungs.

Trace the line backwards and unearth missing links,
Hmm the consistency is barbed disorderly.
Run, run by my side faithful friend as Prometheus
Steps on the vehicle for tomorrow. They will say,
Oh lord what happened, a ******* Samaritan.
The more recent blackness is overtaken by the
Distant marooning of this celestial being,
After swimming desperately to the island.
Once we reach land I’ll grab the pistol out of
My pocked and pull the trigger, point blank to the
Back of her head.
That shot took a year and
A half to exit the barrel.

Can you hear me down there, it’s been about three
Maternal cycles since I climbed up on this web and
The reflection of the sunlight burns my eyes.
My stomach’s got eight legs and fangs what’s yours like?
Excuse me where do you keep the ether?
I’m familiar with it’s presence being on the threads.
I walk like Easter Island shoreline in a cage.
I walk like living liquid frozen stiff on stage.
Shhh, quite down, listen close and make eye contact,
You’ll hear the speech impediment
Of a boy with a slit tongue, covered in too much skin.
Treading over clean floors after trekking through mud
Is dangerous, you might have to clean up after yourself.
And we all know how that one hates to work.

Why did you eat that when your mother told you not to?

Then callused skin grew soft and the sun began to rise,
I’ll slap you right now, look in the eyes of the wise.
Walk into the council meeting and personify it’s order,
Your ****** is so good it’ll take divine intervention
To open the canal. It’ll even shine in my throat,
Pass the billy goat and locate the proper vocal chord.
Tippin the pH scale with that step, doctor please.
Throw out half the goods and follow Basho.

Joints stretch during slumber.
I peered into my atoms, threw out the
Electrons and picked up a cow tongue at the
Local farmers market.
Jack P Oct 2017
Oh, my Medusa
That piercing, seductive stare
Gets me so rock hard.

"braullw nevae falls"
That's 'braille never fails',
Spelled by a blind man.

Matsuo Basho
Turns in his grave: first, five times
then seven, then five.

The dankest of ****
Floats slowly into my lungs
Oh wait...Asbestos.

hahaha ye boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
yeyeyeyeye ye boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
hehe wyd
for dbiz

— The End —