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I was praying for you
not to have a change of heart
but maybe my prayers
were not loud enough to be granted
Nonetheless, I liked it better
when you would always pull my hand
to tuck it on on your coat
and let your warmth
cover the coldness of mine
rather than the attempts of shunning the prospect
of our hands to simply touch
I liked it better
when you would always greet me
with flowers after our petty quarrels
rather than welcoming me
with your unshaven face,
disheveled coat and the reeking of alcohol in you
I liked it better
when you would plan out
our happy ending in a sheet of old tattered paper
with your untidy handwriting
rather than signing the new printed paper
which crumbled the possibility of the life
I've been trying to build with you
幽玄  Jun 2018
Unfettered I Am
幽玄 Jun 2018
My whole life has been nothing but emptiness
an extraordinary emphasis on the loneliness I endure
This story begins from where it ended
without shimmers of light to take hold of me
but the flecks of night begin to enfold upon my eyes
And into the light I was found from the dark where I was bound
I am released from this relentless weight I once called ‘living’
The black glass gleams a little bit brighter and such was a moon now only to be declining —my eyes find curvature for the last time
A day (unfolds for decay)
this one in particular from which I found so much meaning
only for it to be expended rapidly and into memory it became
for then the final call was made
‘mother, it was an otherworldly day, I think I could say I am reveling in contentment,
for now anyways’
I now end these last words toward the
Quiet doors
sighs no longer cross these lips
They know no outro
No despair to release them a fray
No annulment to coat it senseless
I hold onto it for a little while longer
Only but the simplest of words
A rigid directness
That are without the glacé
For yourself to regulate quickly
Then blow it all away.

chérie (oh what a simple mistake)

“For I am dying, but not dying”
For the latter half.


— The End —