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ryn  Oct 2014
ryn Oct 2014
Strange malaise,
One I can't place.
Struggling of late.
Discomforting state.

Persistent lethargy.
Sloth-like and heavy.
Burning internals.
Frequent intervals.

No temperature.
No warning lever.
Don't know what's wrong.
Been rather long.

Medicine trough
Can't rid me this cough.
Expulsion so violent,
Incessantly recurrent.

Over a fortnight
This ailment I fight.
Still hasn't eased.
Can't be appeased.

Development is seen.
Now spitting green.
Not just all
That joined this brawl.

It's just the coughing.
No injury I'm suffering,
I haven't bled...

But I see red...
Hadiy Syakir  Sep 2018
Hadiy Syakir Sep 2018
no one is subscribing
to the universal affection
draining subconscious ailment
that needs no treatment
quaking with fear
shaking with revulsion
looking to prolong
an hour, a minute
stretching one seconds
into ten seconds
where are we going,
past the streetlights
the crossroads
the commotion
inside the canal boat
that surrounds and accompanies
this road -
will it ends one day,
sometimes, somewhere
and brings an end
to the entire's generation
guilt and disease?
B Sonia K  Dec 2018
The L Beggars
B Sonia K Dec 2018
They line the streets
And on every  corner
One "ailment" or the other
A family,  sometimes brother and sister.

Crying in a song
Singing with one voice
All covered up in fake injuries
Lamenting about past glories

They line the streets
Crowding every corner
Always a bother
Clinging to our knees
In their torn dresses

Keep them away from us
Stop them from touching us
With their deceptive illusions
Appealing to our emotions
With empathetic persuasions
And now our money is gone.
Blissful Nobody Jul 2014
You loved me so,
to numb my pain,
You served them more.
To end my miseries,
My happiness you abhorred.

You loved me so,
To cure my ailment,
You poisoned my soul.
To vent out my heart,
You closed all doors.

You loved me so,
To quench my thirst,
You offered me sulfur.
A desire to experience heaven,
Hell was raised above.

You loved me so,
Answers when granted,
Were forms of silence.
Breath when needed ,
Vacuum you granted.

You loved me so,
Of wine I dreamt,
Found blood and gore.
Expected images of life,
Death images you swore.
Biniam Z Demoz Jan 2019
The worest pain of all pains
The unreasonable hatred of persons
The blined conclusion of a grudge
That eats you in and outside
The ailment that weakness the strong
And weights a person by the color of the skin
The insolent behavioral catagory of human
The foreboding labeling that robes person's greatness
Which I call this
#saynotoracism #poetry
I know from first hand
This year Jesus healed me
from a heart condition
I had been dealing with
for years
Two different doctors had told me
I was going to die within a few years
If something didn't change
I just kept praying
The Lord answered prayer
For the first time in years
No heart ailment, its gone
You can work out and exercise
and still die fairly young
I am happy he has given me
more time
I kept lifting weights with my heart problem. I had to take breaks when needed.. I wasn't going to stop,  it is as important as breath to me.
Mystic Ink Plus  Dec 2019
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
One feels
Because of

For what dies

Their world
Turns upside down
Nobody notices
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Dysequilibrium
Author's Note: Been to ENT specialist, Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist,Neurologist, Orthopedic surgeon, Pychiatrics, and so many somebody else. Yet the referral continues.....
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