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Wesley Dotson Oct 2015
The one that you barely notice
It when you wake up in the morning
Probably snoring,
Finding you alarm clock has been,
Two inches to the left.
The difference that doesn't fit right.
But if you turn on the light
My energy is still there.
The kind of midnight text
It wakes you up
When you are fast asleep
because, at midnight,
all the hurt weep.
You may be eyes open wide
Like an energy bomb of emotions
Exploded into your aura
Causing you to hate yourself
But my dictionary begins with adoration
And stops at the word you.
As if I didn't know enough
I have read through it cover to cover
Through and through
Enough to find
that you can still talk to me.
A  Apr 2015
A Apr 2015
You make me feel the way a cool glass of water tastes splashing down your throat on a feverish summer day. You make me feel the way the sun clings to the sky up until it's last enticing moment before kissing it goodbye. You make me feel like a long lost dog that has just returned home. You make me feel like a sleep deprived insomniac that has been granted a good nights rest. You make me feel like I am a minuscule bug drawn to your fascinating light. Above all you make me feel the deepest, purest, most astonishing love.
Carter Ginter  Sep 2017
I Love
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
Your sapphire eyes that glow with a ring of fiery hazel
The way your smile lights up the entirety of your face
How your soft lips feel pressed firmly against mine
The peace in your limbs as your drift into sleep
How genuinely good of a person you are
Every line in your hands that I try to memorize with mine
Your beautiful heart and its skipped beats
The passion behind your decisions in life
Your relentlessness even in the face of fear
The undeniable strength you wield that blows my mind daily
Your perseverance despite the hard life you’ve faced
How much of a capacity you possess to love others, good and bad
The sounds of your voice whispering that you love me for the first time
Your vulnerability in sharing your most intimate secrets with me
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