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AS Nilsen  Dec 2017
AS Nilsen Dec 2017
on the rainiest day

with his helm in my hand

the motor dropped in the bay

we raced to mainland

the pine needle raindrops

daggers to my eyes

I had to get home

but first pizza pies
Graff1980 Jan 25
The room is
thick with
black shadows
and less

Then the
fog falters
a little light
and I can see
two reclining chairs
shoulder to shoulder
with my sitting form.

I see the fuzzy floor
and barely perceptible
dresser doors
with a small tv
sitting strangely,
edging me onto

I know this place.
In dread I turn to see
the shadowy ghost face
of someone I love
reaching out to touch me.

Her grip is fierce,
and I fall back
in fear and
an aching sorrow.

I wake to the morrow,
as morning tears
slip in drips
down to my
dry lips.
Facing the grief
and the shame
of seeing someone
I left alone in pain
who died
years ago.
To all the people reading this,
To all the ones who cared.
Thank you for being who you are up here,
Your words will be shared.
A "poem" every day.

I want to meet you people so badly, You are so fricking sweet. You're all precious lil beans and I love you. Take care y'all

— The End —