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just my words
A Mess of Words
Buried Words
17/F/Ireland    My poems aren't the best, but I write them when I'm suffocated by my deepest emotions. Whatever is written is truly felt in the moment ...
Outside Words
26/M/Michigan    I write the kinds of stories I want to read.
Henri Words
Sydney, Australia    poetry landing like this
-The Wasted Wordsmith-
23/M/Chicago    I'm just living and writing..
Renard Wordsworth
16/M/Singapore    "An offering of tea leaves, music scores and a fair maiden is all I humbly request from thee." I'm an amateur wordsmith who's only level ...
Unspoken words
15/F/everywhere where home is    So little can say so much.
21/F/Iowa    Just someone who loves to read, to knit, and to read some more. A coffee and a notebook are also great company.
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