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Emma Price
Life is beautiful if we let it be~ Tough situations are only the crucible that burns us down to our true character; they do not ...
Kida Price
On the planet    "Conformity is only societies way of saying, "Misery loves company."- A personal quote I've created that would justify never leaving my comfort zone. Impressed yet?
Sanders Maurice Foulke III
27/M/Long Island, New York    ~I am an aficionado of the poetic medium. I find the tapestry-esque process of writing to be a nexus to catharsis, a conduit facilitating the ...
kayy katrice
memphis tn    Memphis living,16yrs,employed,instagram @kayy_katrice I post my work weekly
Danny Price
price_poetics on Instagram I approach my poetry with acceptance and compassion and ask for readers to do the same.
I write poems usually when I am in emotional pain to make something that I can be happy about or proud of later.
32/M/Winchester Va    Been writing for a while. Not sure if I'm any good.
Boygene Borice
22/M/Kenya    Words are life and life is words. I use words to invoke positive change. That's the greatest purpose, my life is entreated to. Art without ...
Gaborone, Botswana   
TW Rice
28/M    Imperfect and flawed
Cloud 9    On the long drive home
N LaTrice
USA    I am a Mother... and then I write and paint and draw, go to college, etc. Even @ 40-something, I am STILL learning about Me ...
Brice Katherine
21/F/Colorado    I am just a simple girl from Colorado who enjoys poetry.
Demetrice Williams
I'm not alone because I live in a world that is my own
young and bored with a mind bigger than my brain
Dustin Price
I love meeting and talking to new people, i love history, writing, drawing, gaming, drifting, rally racing, and music. So anyone who is the same, ...
Patrice Jones
USA    just a kid, still learning to write
Alicia La'Trice
Las Vegas    Get a peak inside my brain on ig: @lacieblove
Maurice Leger
Shediac, N B Canada    I am a Philosopher, a Quotes writer, a Poet, a part time tease and flirt But always a faithful Lover. I sell things for a ...

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