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Margot Dylan
In my heart.    My name is Margot Dylan, and I'm slowly dying.
"Many people need desperately to receive this message: 'I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, ...
Dylan Lavercombe
Australia    Instagram- dylanlavercombe
Dylan McFadden
28/M/Seattle    Just a guy trying to see things as they are, think rightly about them, and realize them in my own life
Dylan Jones
17/M/Hoover, Alabama    Just a boy who wants to share his life through poetry...
Dylan Whisman
20/M/Southern California    Dylan Whisman is my name. Whether these poems are my own doing, or that they find me through holes in me, here they are for ...
18/FTM/Madison, WI    poems/precocious/sad/FTM
Dylan Anthony
England    Put this on —-██—— your profile ██████—if you’re not -—██—— embarrassed —-██—— to tell others —-██—— that you —-██—— believe in God, to poetry
Dylan crafton
Tulsa    I'm a person with an implosive writing mindset ive got a strange life nothing really irritates me the word love runs my life
Dylan Lane
Seattle    i'm dylan and i write about my struggles. i'm recovering.
dylan gene napolitan
Frenchtown, NJ
Dylan Wallace
Springfield, MO.   
Dylan Lewis
Denton    I write a bunch of unfiltered, raw emotion, spoken word pieces. Enjoy.
Dylan Barnes
Los Feliz    I've been writing poetry and lyrics for almost ten years now on and off, I have always loved poetry. Currently I am going to school ...
Dylan B
Dylan Oscar Rowe
Rochester    I don't believe I fit in to any averages of normality nor averages of mainstream, thus my acceptance in society is heavily judged upon my ...
dylan magaldi
18/Gender Fluid/Michigan   
Dylan Rodrigue
Hello world, hello vortex. Let's meet somewhere in the middle.
Dylan Halvorsen
South Africa    I'm not sure where I'm going but I'm getting pretty close.
Washington, D.C.    I am an undergrad transfer student at the University of the District of Columbia currently living in SW, D.C. and College Park, Maryland. I am ...
Every day same dream.
Dylan Nicklason
Tasmania    I remember t-shirt weather

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