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Emma Price
Life is beautiful if we let it be~ Tough situations are only the crucible that burns us down to our true character; they do not ...
Kida Price
On the planet    "Conformity is only societies way of saying, "Misery loves company."- A personal quote I've created that would justify never leaving my comfort zone. Impressed yet?
Sanders Maurice Foulke III
27/M/Long Island, New York    ~I am an aficionado of the poetic medium. I find the tapestry-esque process of writing to be a nexus to catharsis, a conduit facilitating the ...


Raj Arumugam Nov 2011
Rice cakes!
Rice cakes for dinner, rice cakes for lunch!
Rice cakes for breakfast!
Don’t they have anything else in this house?
house after house we’ve lived in Nihon*
and all we get to steal from our honorable
but ignorant human hosts
is rice cake and more rice cake...
I hate living in Nihon!
You know, I hear the Dutch and the British
and the Americans give cheese to their mice
even on their ships -
but rats! - what do we mice get
in our honorable land of the rising sun?
Rice cakes!
Rice cakes for dinner, rice cakes for lunch!
Rice cakes for breakfast!
Look - I don’t know about you - but I’ve had it!
I’m leaving Nihon forever
and I’ll jump onto one of these ships
that now more commonly visit Nihon’s shores
and end up in Britain or Holland eating cheese
and live on a Mouse Cheese Pension maybe for the rest of my life,
O cheese! cheese! - rather that, you know
than rice cakes for dinner, rice cakes for lunch!
Rice cakes for breakfast!
And what are you so composed about?
Lying there on the floor, looking so pleased with yourself -
are you coming or no? stay here and join some Zen temple
and eat vegetarian rice cakes all your complacent and placid life -
but I’m going this very night
to the West
to feast and dine on cheese,
like an English gentleman perhaps, all my life...
1. “Nihon” is the casual name for Japan. Poem based on drawing “Mice in Council” by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1840); drawing now in Library of Congress, USA.
2. Looks like both the mice got out of Nihon - the painting is now in the US, where I understand, the 2 mice have been eating cheese since they moved and processed cheese since Kraft Foods in 1916...
gabby dial Apr 2015
oh god rice
ive had it every night
porkchops and rice
nodles and rice
step mom make brocoli
brocoli and rice
oh god guys so much rice im my sad life
long grain or sticky
yellow or brown
got a rice *** cooking it now
rice and steak
rice and eggs
rice and life
im tired of rice.
i talked about rice for thirty minutes drunk at a party to a group of people.
Geno Cattouse Jun 2013
Every day fare eaten with every meal
Stew beans and rice or rice mix with beans.
Pour lee gravy and a few chunk of beef
Rice and beans gial is every-man meal.

Rice and beans gial
Easy and fresh, just cianh seh no. She jus roll wid di flow.
My rice and beans gial suit every dish.

Stew beans and rice.Rice and beans mix-up.
Smell just like coconut eyle. (oil

Easy squeeze make no riot my granny used to say.
Bwai how you like it?. Any way da way. Just

Pass di onion sauce.  

Rice and beans girl ( gial )

Rice and beans gial steady and true
Mix up fi me,beans and rice fi you.
One size suits all
Rice and beans is Belizian staple food. Eaten 7 days a week. Always welcome. Never grows old.