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no truth login
when I login, my truths insist, all the rest is vanity; so you see the writing comes hard, but the knees promise with every step ...


Raj Arumugam Oct 2010
Sorry - login failed....
OK...easy - of course it's me;
I’m authentic, not me pretending to be me
or someone else pretending to be me
or me pretending to be Swine Poet;
no, it’s not
Swim Goggles masquerading as Noodles Mee;
or Pretty Pig pretending to be Ugly Duckling;
so let’s try again – it’s easy…sure, I know my password….
Sorry – login failed….
it’s easy....I’ll give you my username
and here’s password…Enter…here we go…
Sorry – login failed….
Hey! You’re joking with me, right?
you know it’s me, and you’re just kidding, right?
If at first you don’t succeed – try, try again…
OK, OK…let’s go again….
Sorry – login failed….
Hey, man – or woman, this is serious…
Oh I see – my thick fingers
might have landed on 9 instead of 8
and on g instead of f –
you see? It’s me….I’ll try and use my most slender fingers
and avoid my thick fingers…
Knock and the door shall be opened…
OK…here we go…username…hmmmmm….easy now….
slender fingers, remember….OK….password….careful now….
use slender fingers only….Enter! Yipppppeeeeee!
Sorry - login failed....
Hey- it appears I’m thick-headed as well!
Come on – give me a chance!
It’s almost like being denied at Heaven’s doors!
I’m having an identity crisis here, baby!
You want to see me have a breakdown and
send me to a madhouse, or what?
All right, all right…cool down…easy….easy…calm…
Take a deep breath….
Username…OK….slender fingers, now…eyes on keyboard…
…Password….slender fingers, remember….eyes on keyboard….
Now, all good….I think….Want to say a prayer?
Come on – it’s not that serious….Alright….ENTER!
Yes – I’m in! Hey guys – here I am!
on the pleasures of logging in at internet sites
BTW  Apr 14
BTW Apr 14
14 April 2021

I would love to climb Mt. Everest
Conquer storied  seas.
Login never gives peace or rest.
Seems I am never me!
Who in the world do they see?
Login never set me free.
anastasiad Nov 2016
Normally during the two-factor validation approach the one-time pass word is needed to make sure that anyone id. The following safeguards authentication by way of looking for numerous considerations to be attained which include something understand and something you might have. Something you understand remaining a person's common account information then one you may have currently being your OTP or maybe one-time pass word. However for the duration of ****** of the one-time private data any nuller could possibly however intercept the data to gain entry in case the OTP is not provided for a great out-of-band community.

One-time passwords can be found in many forms from simple things like a bed sheet connected with limitations to the more advanced propriety key making tokens. Often with regard to info that is not a particularly substantial protection chance the particular OTP is going to be mailed via e-mail to your end user for recognition. This may not be a good out-of-band remedy because e mail could be received on the same system as being the sign on section.

The condition having transmitting the other think about a verification method to a solution which is not out-of-band is usually that easy to use along with available program makes it simple to be able to indentify facts including the individual one-time username and password. Having an out-of-band alternative the user will have to be given its OTP on a split multilevel as compared with the account section. A proven way is thru private bridal party of which crank out energetic one-time security passwords. However bridal party become expensive and will generate disorder while dropped and also lost.

Another inexpensive plus more trusted system could be the user mobile phone. Because we are a world who has to be linked with the cellphones frequently a customer won't ignore their particular device and the probability of the unit getting cracked are much reduced. And also the gadget system is totally out-of-band in the login section.

Safe-guarding authentication by simply delivering a one-time username and password by using an out-of-band multi-level safeguards the consumer coming from malware and also misplacement of their device. Won't quite hard for any newcomer hacker to find discreet information or even cpa networks along with makes certain the person will get its OTP whenever they need it.

The only method to become a little more protected when you previously implement a great out-of-band OTP with regard to two-factor authorization is if it's a zero influence alternative. No presence authentications enable the one-time security password to get sent without leaving every locate with the authentication or even username and password at the rear of on the gadget. Finally obtaining this certification approach from net or maybe circle based strikes.*******-54.html ZI­P Password *******