There is a glass box in the ocean
Invisible to the nautical eye

How it hides beneath the subtle waves
As the breakers and boats berate the tempest skies

For amidst the ocean of unending salt
Amidst the darkness of the currents below

There is only this
An ounce of freshwater in a box of glass

Unfound, both in and of itself
How it will ever preserve and still outlast

I'm tired.... (:

Ours is like a strand of yarn
Stretched tightly across a narrow gap
Though the wind berates
And the rain pours out in the summer storm
It will not break
But in due time perhaps will sag and fray
As if we let it so to go
Or even if I chose to cut it down
Because you have your own telephone lines now
Like lines of steel and unbroken arms
As I was just a childhood yarn

Perhaps one day...most likely. I'll be a memory In your mind.

Who knows where the heart of a man resides?
In the mountains?
In the sea?
In an empty chest like cavity?
Be it hers or mine?
Because who knows where the heart of a man resides?

Run from yourself long enough,
And you'll circle the globe and find your old self.
Probably just standing still,
Waiting for you.
Because a wise man once said,
"It's alright to do what you want to do,
Until it's time to start doing what you're meant to do."

Quote is from the Rookie #morris

I refuse to not try
Let alone die
For the life I could potentially lead
Therefore you see
That I must try
And thay there is no in between

There is nothing in between. You either love or hate.

When surrounded by darkness of every kind
As the fog of sadness hangs it head
To wallow low, in the valley below

Only you can smile, be it there beside
Only you can be gracious and ever kind
Within that moment

May you be so, for those who you know will not be so
For the retaliation is not to react
But only to only act out of what is kind

That way your own head won’t hang low
As you pass through this
The valley of perpetual time

A Reason For Kindness

Is the place
You will find
Within the blue
Within my eyes

Within the blue
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