Everywhere I go
She’s in the corner of my eyes
Like a fly
But I don’t mind
I don’t mind

Who would mind? LOL

Not like the heart

Red with eternity
Ever slowing
Dying slowly
Like the sun
Is the knowingness
Of the dead leaves

Be near to me
Be evergreen
Thinking of these

How The Sunlight Curls

Every human has a world locked inside of them
And the eyes see the snow globe
When it shakes, and when it falls
And when the internal wind swirls and blows

The idea that someone out there, can see you

My eyes open wider
My shoulders drop to my chest
When I simply survey the beautiful September sunset
I am alive
And colored like this
The inner sky
Painted that same old orange and salmon
Which no palette can describe

Pretty sight

So confident when signing up for it.
So comfortable once in.
So awkward when outside the door.
Am I the me who wants to be in?

On the fly

When did I let this vocation of mine?
Which I've worked so hard for
Become the main reason and meaning of me?

When exactly did it happen
That my passion slipped and fell to the ground
Like the seasons passing on an endless tree?

I said I wouldn't forget once I had
I said many things of myself back then
Be it most confident or most arrogantly

A vow is a vow to those who uphold
But what are the words to the man within?
Who forgets himself in his own externalties

Truth and honest. Doesn't mean there's action.

The daughter of the moon and I
Fell from the stars
And crashed into a lonely lake
Where she would spend all of her days
Forsaking all others
Except for this
The wielder of the sword to be
To rule the world
By his own outstretched hand

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