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Sean Hiroshige Dec 2020
sunburnt shoulders have gone cold as we’ve gotten older,
it turned out to be what I thought instead of what I told her,
Summer made lemonade once, us.
Summer set what we couldn’t save, just became a volley
of heat and stars and swears we made in the dark
and forgot in the sun.
summer gave us a timelessness to be us
that’s now up.
Sean Hiroshige Apr 2020
moments made decisions
most forevers would never finish
giving intention the gravity to fall into happening,
engraving definition into seconds with no position on what should take place on
the face of a body constantly passing

we split moments open to see When it was holding;
we discovered years silently composing the brief harmony of here
and fresh bodies of before decomposing into the soil of soon
to bloom into now’s
and then into then’s we try to keep from remember when?

we split moments open to see how it was molded;  
we found that the nectar spewing in youth
underwent high temperatures of emotion,
leaving beads of this thick honey hardened by
sentiment sweet enough to taint the taste of history.

we split moments open to try to keep what was only loaned to us;
each autopsy, a reminiscent attempt
to save what time grows and age molds into retrospect;
as we find ourselves rubbing out juice spilled onto the carpet,
we think of hours we wanted to be ours that went sour like this stain noticed too late;
with an ache to go back and back pain,
we wondered if we could convalesce in the sweet consequence
of a time with no intent to heal the feelings we bled;
we were convinced these moments would not be short-lived,
but it was
a feeling that let itself be held in a moment
knowing forever would never hold it.
Sean Hiroshige Mar 2020
-imported palms lean like red smoothie straws
-beaches loosely stitch sea and street together, creating coastlines for
      those trying to flee anxieties deeper than inner cities
-traffic has its own hour to host freeways smogged and gold,
      giving coffee-doused radios reports
            that’ll direct people away from their schedules
Sean Hiroshige Mar 2020
we only had enough night left
to happen this one moment;
halfway through: we held the sun down hoping
to find loose screws around
thinking 'maybe we can bolt it'
To those nights that inspired me to ridiculous ends to keep it from ending
Sean Hiroshige Feb 2020
her cheeks almost flooded her temples
as the ends of her lips were stretched
to a crescent by something I said -
an unmeditated exhibit of bliss
roused by quips equipped with comparisons sense couldn’t fix.
her voice gushed formless noise
that filled a void like
full moons over countrysides
or books dropped onto a library’s toes.
and that’s when I knew she’d say yes -
or that she’s ‘busy this weekend but how ‘bout the next?’
and when friends ask how’d I know, I say
it’s because
she laughed.

my hair caught fire,
scalp tingling like a hive disturbed,
neck turning to stone unable to change angle -
listening to the hatedisgustjudgmentdisapproval
I thought I heard in the whispered snickers
speared from the back of the room
piercing into a defenseless morale
usually quick to be defensive and assume
I’ve gained more members of an audience
weighing everything I do.
and that’s when I believed I was ugly or too quiet or weird or unfriendable
and when parents tried to understand why I tried to sever fat that wasn’t there
or censor a humor home to my nature, I say
it’s because
they laughed.
Laughter is an indicator for both wonderful and terrible things.
Sean Hiroshige Feb 2020
You are
a once in a lifetime
kind of person.
Sean Hiroshige Feb 2020
He was the victim
of the highest offense:
being accused you were Six
when actually
you are Seven.
Overheard a kid tell his dad, "He said I was six!"
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