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1.4k · Jun 2016
Seanathon Jun 2016
Such moments are not gone forever, they will return.
They are on hiatus.
Taking a break from the stranded places in the tapestry of life.

I am weaving, working my way onward.
Walking the path towards a certain someone.
Who someday I might just be able to call my own, my wife.
1.4k · Jul 2016
Miss Serendipity
Seanathon Jul 2016
Buttons couldn't describe you,
Nor a picture or portrait to compare.
Your smile indescribable,
Neath iron straightened golden hair.

A shadow in your eyes I see,
Your arm inscribed serendipity.
An unforgotten commodity,
An awe inspired oddity,
But what aspires you to me,
Is the winding way your eyes did see.

Before the corner first was turned,
Before the present came to be.
What was the sight which turned your way?
What overshadowed your luminosity?

I wish my friend that you would smile,
For everyone not just for me.
In light of this stay positive,
And smile miss serendipity.
For A Friend Who Needs To Smile More
1.4k · May 2017
Her Outline
Seanathon May 2017
She’s always walking away
And at a pace that’s too fast for me
And even though I walk alone
And rather quickly
She is always walking steadily
Away from me
1.4k · Apr 2016
Cup Of Tea
Seanathon Apr 2016
The waitress asks what will it be
And I respond with quite ease
No dish or side this time for me
But a cup of tea if you would please

Though graciously she does agree
That half past two is time for tea
She soon returns with what I need
A cup of tea if you would please

A purple *** she sets by me
With spoon to stir the boiling tea
I calmly raise my cup to thee
To a cup of tea if you would please

As wisps of steam drift up with ease
The rolling in my tum decrees
This chai delight empowers me
A cup of tea if you would please

No sugar will I ever need
To taste the apple and the seed
The spice of life which sets me free
Just a cup of tea if you would please

Now comes my check it's time to leave
And the bottom of my cup I see
One final sip to go with me
A cup of tea if you would please

1.3k · May 2017
Not All Is Blue
Seanathon May 2017
It’s between the veins of blue and gray
Where the secrets hide
You’ll have to look awfully close to see
The pieces therein  
Within my eyes
Nobody stands that close... Because they aren't allowed. (:
1.3k · Aug 2018
Your Song In Autumn
Seanathon Aug 2018
Like a cool breeze which weaves itself through the willow oaks,
So does this subtle sound cut deep through me.

Wavering on a different kind of bow,
Reverberating the ink below into a different kind of note.

So much so that when I hear the sound of the rustling leaves,  
I dare not sleep, without a smile inquisitorial.

Not that sleep was an option amongst the trees,
But I digress
And with conclusions leave.

To forget the song of you for awhile, until you return once more,
Rustling as you please.
Really quick while I have a firm grasp on its tail. Poetry to me, is so very much about me, and yet nothing about myself at all. It's like a window I see that keeps opening and closing, entering and exiting the opportunity to speak, be it to noone at all (outside of yourself). And the sharing and collection of these reflection is the safest form of anonymity I've yet to find. Like a codex with only a key once defined, and named to the person or place that originally inspired. But most importantly, poetry is the option to slow down and smell the flowers. Only in my case, a flower is a memory, a possibility, or a hope that could not yet come to be. It's everything and nothing at all. A heavy substance without recognized weight until otherwise told. And the best thing is...if I don't want to. If I don't feel called or if I don't take the time. It won't, exist, at all. At least in the form which it would've found in that moment. That's what poetry is to me.

And this was about a certain Snicket song. Wordless it says, so much to me...or nothing at all. LOL LIFE.
1.3k · Jan 2018
Little Screens
Seanathon Jan 2018
When did our altered
   culture decide
     that WE
       would be happy
         with our little screens
           and such little stillness
             within our lives
Sad really
1.3k · Apr 2017
Falling Rain
Seanathon Apr 2017
My voice is in the falling rain
A crashing rolling weeping realm
My song of storms proudly proclaims
These clouded skies are falling down

Back to the earth from whence they came
A moist collection careening down
To crash into the waterways
And sing my song clear and aloud

Into your ears I whisper rain
And share my secrets so profound
As droplets cleanse the concrete stains
They sweep away the sorrow sounds

So here I sits by window panes
To smell the sky and taste the clouds
Though thunder rolls and storms berates
My song remains like falling sounds
Sometimes when the words are just right. They just all align and walk through the door together in unison. Or at least so it was with this creation. Be sure and listen to me read it on my SoundCloud account. Link below. And thank you for reading, sharing, commenting, and following along as you feel called. (:
1.3k · Feb 2017
Small Minded
Seanathon Feb 2017
If you mind
Their small mindedness
Their mindlessness
Will become the beast which kills the creative genius
1.2k · Jan 2017
Watching The Waves
Seanathon Jan 2017
If each wave on the sea
Was but a single life
We would all come crashing down
Around the knees of our children's lives
1.2k · Mar 2017
And So I Wait
Seanathon Mar 2017
The strongest men are not made of steel
They’re not born of iron or lined with ore
No the strongest men will wait and endure  
For whatever they want
Until the world turns no more
And So I Wait
1.2k · Dec 2017
The Only Constancy Is Change
Seanathon Dec 2017
For every tree unborn
For every stone unturned
For every page in every book
In every bindery which will burn
Quietly in the fires of industry  

There is death
And there is time
There is life
And there is change

And there's also the light between the leaves which fades
Until it is out of sight
And consumed by this
The lack of brightness within night

For just as acorn stems to tree
So also you will see your growth
As tall as ever it was meant to be

So you need not worry about such things
Because the ink is dry
The life is lived
And the only constancy is change
He is change if you think about it.
1.2k · Aug 2017
Seanathon Aug 2017
I haven't felt at home since then
Since I've woken up
No dream can last
All nights must pass
And rise again

But my realization hasn't changed
The way things are or could've been

Look back and see the same old day
Not as it was, but as it is

No amount of time can change the fact
Or the truth therein

That we are searching, ever searched
Alive within for but a short time
1.2k · Jun 2017
The Introvert
Seanathon Jun 2017
Izaak is an introvert
Izaak likes his room and board exactly as it is, so that he isn’t bored
Quiet in his apartment, just as he was in his dorm
But soon his people started telling him, more and more
That he needs to get out more
That he needed to go out an explore
Just in case he ever should look back and wonder
What exactly it was, like if he wanted more?
And so he tried and so he went, out into the world
He spoke and socialized
He brought, and bought and spent until he himself felt very spent and worn
Because Izaak is an introvert, and for the outside he wasn’t meant to be
Let alone to be reborn, and so
After all the stretching, the social pains, the growing norms, which were not wrong
Just different, he was both different, and the same
And in his room, he was welcomed him back
Once again, to the walls of printed ink and paint which he himself did create
Because Izaak, did indeed need to see the differences within his own eyes
But only in time to better understand and represent
The quiet life which he was meant to lead, inside
Because Izaak is an introvert
And no introverted thing is ever truly a waste of time
There is both the stretcher and the stretched. But in the quest, there is nothing wrong, just different. There is just preference. There are just different kinds of songs. All to be sung at the appropriate time. Beneath the sun, and the moon, and the monsoons heavy throng.
1.2k · Apr 2017
Child Of The Rain
Seanathon Apr 2017
Blessings upon you child of the rain
Who walks so freely beneath the clouds

How your life is filled with a freedom of heart
And a clarity of mind, which is unrivaled by
Even the most ill motivated and questioning eyes

Blessed are you

Because you understand the collective side
And the joy which can be found inside
When all around you is pouring down
And falling out

When so many others are hurrying up and scurrying about
Just to curse the sound
Of the falling rain

It is you alone who are not afraid
Of stepping out, and soaking yourself
Be it skin and bone, one and the same

How you welcome the storm without concern
And dance and sing without reserve
Amidst the downpour of the rain

Like a child who was never taught
Or even told to try and abstain
From such innocent things

For you are alive and always well
Within this, the present moment
Most endlessly and without restraint

How you throw your arms around the sky
Most lovingly each time it cries
To comfort it

To hug the storm without remorse
And to appreciate the summer’s day
For what it is, devoid of heat

Oh childlike, child of the rain

It’s because of you and your carefree ways
That I wish the storm could ever stay

And perhaps one day
That we two could play
Right here alongside, within the rain
Listen in -

Goodness gracious... This verse consumed my life for a few hours. But I really like it. Thanks for commentin and throwing a thumbs up my way whenever possible. You are awesome!!! (:
1.1k · Mar 2017
Running In The Rain
Seanathon Mar 2017
As the rain falls down
So my feet sound out
And pad the coated asphalt ground
And the truth is there for me to find
That running warm and in that storm
Those were the best few miles of my life
Truth. (:
1.1k · Nov 2018
Seanathon Nov 2018
Show me a world
In which I’ve slowed myself down
To the point where I can see my own point of mind
My own line and where it ends
And when
Laughing at myself. Receding. Smallness of mind.
1.1k · Mar 2019
Her Life In Charcoal
Seanathon Mar 2019
A splash of color beside the eyes
With ravens lock or barley bright

A starlight freckle on either side below woolly rise
Where pale skin moonlight meets heavy misted

As I scratched away and bent my back
To curve her own ever so slightly twisted

How I drew my girlfriend on a page
Until she then in dimension existed
Amazing how the spine of a poem can shape the work entirely.
1.1k · Jun 2016
The Naked Egg
Seanathon Jun 2016
Comfy seats, yellow walls, hot coffee and Chai tea.
Tall tumblers filled with ice, and faces warm, quiet and friendly.
A rugged sign hangs just outside, to welcome those who are hungry.
If golden treasure lies inside, this Naked Egg is such a treat.
Now's not the time to question taste, you could pick at random for goodness sake.
There isn't an item on the menu the wouldn't make most clean their plate.
Sidewinder fries await inside, a torte, a Florentine, a bean.
The whole farm perhaps for your appetite, or a western omelet smoked with cheese.
New deli items await your taste, just choose your meat after a certain time.
And if your cup is ever in need, they'll refill your teapot every time.
Don't be a hot mess, just order one, and you'll be happy that you've come.
To be at the Naked Egg you see, is to see how flavorful life can be.
True, true! :D
1.1k · Sep 2019
Breathing, Swimming, Being
Seanathon Sep 2019
There is more to living
Than just a breath
Or a heartbeat being

Just as there is more to swimming
Than the ocean
Freshwater streams
And the pools filled with meaning

Simply put

There is always more
To be
Than being
I love it when my mind turns off. When my thoughts are no longer thinking and I can finally find myself, simply being, in the words. You know? That peaceful rest where your eyes are full and your mind is quiet with thought?

It's like the settling of the sea after a cup of wavy caffeine. Awake, alert, alive, but free. One with the simple truth of being. I am, though I will not be forever. And THAT is OK with me.

At peace and loving it.

1.1k · Oct 2018
Miss Mist
Seanathon Oct 2018
Beautiful, sweeping, seeping mist
  Don't weep for me your gentle tears
  But kiss the trees as only you can
Before their youthful leaves turn Gold
  To be plucked or pulled down by the wind
Bewitch the spell till summer comes
  And turn the Falls' head with drizzlin'
As you clasp bare limbs in paleing hands
  Would you kiss the trees as only you can?
Ms. Mist. Would you kiss the trees as only you can?
1.1k · Apr 2017
Would You?
Seanathon Apr 2017
My shoulders a mountaintop
My mind a sky
Would you climb?
Will you fly?
Just a clever little thing to keep in mind.  Hue hue.  (:
Seanathon Jan 8
The other day
A match struck my roughness
And anxiousness took me to be freed by fire
As I burned away all of your rusted memories
Which'd been stored for yet another day
Which turned out to be today
In ashes your words
Cast, burn and floating away
Just a song about old letters

Finally burned all of my own the other day
1.1k · Apr 2017
We Are Ocean Minded People
Seanathon Apr 2017
You’ll have to let me know,
How long that fragile peace will last.

How long you’ll be content with not knowing why something bothers you,
And why such thoughts will not settle and pass.

Would you let me know then, and how that was?
So that I can say, I've been there as well.

For the truth is that, most people are meant, but not for us.
Such people are nice, but not enough.

That is, in time.
They are dulcet and sweet, but cannot satisfy the vastness, or thirst of an ocean mind.
Not today, or tomorrow, or next week. But in due time. Perhaps also in mind. You'll see what I see from this other side.

*slow and honest nod*
1.1k · Jun 2019
Wolf And Sheep
Seanathon Jun 2019
Sometimes I'm the sheep
Lost in a meadow with everything to graze
And sometimes I'm the wolf
Face deep in the fiery blood and steam
And Both I've Been To Be...

A small representation of how I approach my writing. I find that I am either disinterested, lost and in need of a Shepard. Or the opposite. Consuming and feirce.
1.1k · Dec 2016
Christmas Reminiscence
Seanathon Dec 2016
He puts on his headphones and walks through the house.
Weaving between the family members, and the memories, darting in and out.
With only the Beatles, and an empty cup, to console himself.
He is happy to be set apart on Christmas Day, standing right beside the remnants of his former self.
Merry Christmas to all!!
1.1k · Sep 2017
The Feeling of Want
Seanathon Sep 2017
How quickly she forgot
How poorly I expressed
And either way
We are run away
With the feeling of want which may not keep
And will not if you ask the likes of me
It's true...and this is why time matters to me.
1.1k · Mar 2017
A Soft Rain
Seanathon Mar 2017
Let the morning rain fall
And pat your head
As softly as if I were there
1.0k · Jul 2017
Seanathon Jul 2017
Life is one wave
After the other
And the swells and lulls
In between
Sometimes they hit you, and sometimes there's calm
1.0k · Oct 2018
Dusk Today
Seanathon Oct 2018
You think I fear you?
Glorious dusk
And the turning of night from the clear of day?

My dawn arises with a hush
And with a quiet whisper there I find
Amidst the new light narrow way

Afraid of you, I’m not today
Not today
O’ Glorious dusk

For the winds of change
Pick steadily up
And blow you like the chaff away  

Afraid of you, I’m not today
Not today
O’ Glorious dusk

My fears the light has whisked away
Far away from every fright
I fear no glorious dusk today
Dusk Today, Dusk Today
1.0k · Mar 2017
Like A Spiderweb
Seanathon Mar 2017
You shake me like a spiderweb
Reverberate the edges of my mind
Until the very essence of you spreads
And you are attached
To every corner of every structure
Which I've slowly built up inside of my head
Shaking isn't always a bad thing. (:
1.0k · Apr 2018
Our Tanka
Seanathon Apr 2018
She is starlight cold
The kind which radiates me
And I am mere glass
Formed by timeless sandy days
And iridescent are we
It's takes more than one jewel to make a crown. And when I'm here. I'm yours in mind.
1.0k · Oct 2018
Priceless Quiet
Seanathon Oct 2018
The gentle quiet of a hollow room appeals to me
Turn off the lights and let me think
Turn off the cost
It's not at all
To be an introvert is cheap
Wonderfully multidimensional.
1.0k · Dec 2016
Seanathon Dec 2016
The emperor, the conqueror
Commanding every confidence
Cold, calm and under control
A version in the past tense

A shadow lock atop a cliff
Staring into the abyss
Humanity is underneath
The very point of his fingertip

And yet he waits for what might be
And casts his eye on every scene  
Having seen the way the world did bend
Beneath the bow tyranny

His hands hold out and underneath  
The sovereignty which is at hand
But always will he watch the streets
For the enemy of every man
1.0k · Jan 2017
Mountain Top
Seanathon Jan 2017
Sometimes I wish I were like them
That I could see such alluring sights
And that in likeness shared with them
I knew the fear of such trembling heights

But then I’m reminded in my mind
Of my own mountains which arise
With every dawn until the dusk
It’s my own Everest I must climb
Climb young man. Even when you're tired.
990 · Mar 2017
Within The Eyes
Seanathon Mar 2017
My memories are not special
They are not unique
But they are mine

And though imperfect
They're all that I have
To reference these more confusing times

And after I’ve lived them once or twice
I store them away within my mind

Not just for me
But also for you

So that one day you can look back and see
All that it once meant to be
Alive within the eyes of Me
Generally speaking. Please know that if you're reading this. Liking this. Sharing this. Or just generally following me here on HP. I'm thankful for your kindness. For your input. For your thumbs up and considerate comments. It does mean a lot to me. Even though I don't say it nearly enough.


Thank you!
984 · Nov 2018
What You Ought
Seanathon Nov 2018
The answer is not
To wander
To lose one’s self in the wondrous thought
Or to throw precaution the wind


One answer which will travel much farther
Is to simply do
Whatever it is
You ought

That which you can
A blurb about something I learned long ago. Saying isn't doing. Declaring you will or would if you could, isn't doing. Life waits for noone who hides behind a when.
978 · Apr 2016
Dragon Fly Flakes
Seanathon Apr 2016
The kind of flakes which catch your eyelashes and make you blink.
Obnoxious yet beautiful things.
The dragonflies of a December night on an April day.
Yet as close as we are now to May,
There's no delight in dragonflies of frosted ice.
You catch my eye,
And land upon my windshield just to be scraped away.
Goodbye spring day,
Let us welcome back the winters bite of a dragonfly,
Which flew away.

976 · Nov 2017
Immortal Flame
Seanathon Nov 2017
The desire to be a creator never burns out
Like the immortal flame that it is
It may waiver, it my wane in the blowing wind
But it never dies, completely becomes extinguished or unhinged  
Just so long as you keep it calm and still
And close to your true heart within

Because the essence of desire is the creation which will linger in a state of wonderment
Wishing only that the original thought could be
All which you could've hoped and dreamed
About and for*

Mesmerizing isn't it?
The flame unseen
It's like walking on the beach, endlessly, but not bean permitted to leave with a single shell or grain of sand.
971 · Jul 2019
A Blueberry Haiku
Seanathon Jul 2019
Haikus are like Blue
Berries bursting in my mouth
Always gone too soon
If you liked, please add it to a collection and say "Hi! Blueberry Pancakes Please!!!" (;
960 · Apr 2016
Seanathon Apr 2016
This place is not my home
It's just the first place that I chose
A quiet corner of the world
A noisy hall of brick and stone

My quiet comfort is in you
A window seat, a quiet room
A place to eat beside a fire
The distant sound of passing shoes

You are both safe and insecure
Much like the students here before
I am a mark upon your wall
I am a figure behind your door

Within assignments I am tied
Within this desk I find my mind
And though my memories will fade
I hope these words surpass the time

959 · Jun 2016
Wild Lives
Seanathon Jun 2016
Look outside with the brightness that is within my eyes.

Taste the tea that is warm and sweet. Vanilla flavored.

Hear the song playing within my ears. It resonates.

As the songbirds fly in the Cloudy skies overhead.

The leafing trees waving eagerly, bidding that we both step outside.

Into the woods and wild lives of other eyes.

Don't be afraid of the unborn seed. It germinates.

Growing us both taller than the trees.

For love is in the sights and scenes which we both have seen.
956 · Apr 2017
Here Beside You
Seanathon Apr 2017
As I lay down here beside you
I will pull you in tight
And set your head upon my shoulder
To rest your fears for the night

And soon we'll venture on a journey
To somewhere only we know
We'll visit many distant galaxies
Where no one else goes

And then I'll tell you that I love you
Without saying a word
As if my holding you in silence
Showed my love as a verb

And yet within this perfect moment
There is silence between
With only heartbeats in the dark
To prove our souls aren't asleep

So would you speak to me in silence
Using those lovely eyes
Because I want to share my secrets
Which I've hidden inside

And as I hold you I'll be waiting
Hoping that you have heard
Because true love is beyond feeling
And we do not need words
Here Beside You is a classic verse I wrote back in my PoetryFreak days. Miss that site.... Meh... Kinda.... LOL.
951 · Dec 2016
Tiny Torches
Seanathon Dec 2016
Wishing only to feel I will seek
For the sake of being able to keep
My feelings alive and at peace
Like an undisturbed meadow I sleep

In the presence of shimmering lights
That have risen from flowers to be
Tiny torches which light up the night so that my eyes could see

Be it only the shadowing trees
Or the neighboring meadows at ease
My eyelids will wither and seep
To the base of my hollowing cheeks

In my ears are the rustling leaves
Singing softly of lingering peace
So like the last autumn breeze
Would you blow through my life
Bring me peace

Wake me up to the sound of the trees
Hear the hum of your heart as it beats
In a pattern known only to me
In my mind you were always with me

Standing by hoping that we could be
In the moonlight in which we could see
The bright stars in the sky and the fires of the far galaxies

Dry your eyes on the willows which weep
Hear my voice in the summery breeze
For it’s here you will find every remnant of me
Every word which I wrote on the leaves

And perhaps in due time you will see
Tiny torches afire like me
How they fade and ignite every night
Though my light never burned aimlessly
This (in my humble opinion) is probably my first truly noteworthy verse. I wrote the first seventeen lines on a whim last July, but only recently added onto it and finished the verse. Initially, I was so struck by the flow of this vision, that I was almost hesitant to continue writing it. But after a bit of labor, here it is. All thirty-two lines all nice and neat, and a video overlay to match. Please enjoy, like, comment, repost, and/or just do your thing:
945 · Oct 2017
In The Corner of My Eyes
Seanathon Oct 2017
Everywhere I go
She’s in the corner of my eyes
Like a fly
But I don’t mind
I don’t mind
Who would mind? LOL
937 · Apr 2017
You Call That Friendship?
Seanathon Apr 2017
Today I discovered
What I already knew
That our friendship will go
Only as far as our memories can carry it
Which is kind of sad really
Because I cannot
Will not
Should not
Adjust even just an inch for you
Tis true.
932 · Apr 2017
Immortal Arms
Seanathon Apr 2017
Please hold her
As only you can

Would you curl her up
In the palm of your hand?
And be with her
When I cannot?

Would you attend to her most every need
With efficiency
And make her well when she is not?

Because you know how she is
How she has these beautiful wandering dreams
And occasionally such restless thoughts

Would you speak to her now
With an voice unseen?
And reassure her that you are indeed the king
The creator of time and everything

Would you curl her up
And keep her more closely
Than ever she would've been to me?

Will you do this for me, my dear Lord?
Have you heard my prayerful repetitious plea?

If so I will stop until tomorrow
And finally try and get some sleep

Would you comfort her with immortal arms?
From a prayerful, tired version of me
I'm a tired but honest young man
Seanathon Mar 2019
Wisps of steam
Arise from dead leaves
To grace the presence of my windowsill
And the snow
How it blows and falls between
My future and me
But in the immediate reality of me
Is tea
Steaming Tea On A Windowsill
927 · Feb 2019
Myself In The Sky
Seanathon Feb 2019
Insignificant own
Comparable to that
Of many stars in the night sky
Glimmering and I just one
Burning out slowly
Like a distant light
Myself A Star
915 · Sep 2018
Look Up And See
Seanathon Sep 2018
When all around you is falling down
When the grass and trees and cricket sounds
Are no more there alive than dead
When your world is crashing inside out
To sky be bound
Look up instead

When the rolling clouds are sounding out
And the river ink is pouring down
And the flood is in your basement found
Stand proudly upon on your here and now
Don't sink your brow
Look up instead

When the voices jeer you all about
And the rumors populate the town
When commotive chaos finds your head
Don't let the horizon slip you now
Though falsehood fed
Look up instead

And when the never becomes the now
And the time like nightfall pulls you down
When the sunshine strays its fading stead
May the storms internal you allay
In peace be found
Look up instead
In short. When the turmoil grips you and the storm berates. When your hope is in shambles and your life is at end. Look up and see his goodness again. Because even the storm displays his power. Even the end portrays his goodness. You just have to look at it properly.

Easier said, right?
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