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Seanathon Jun 5
Hear my voice when you read me
For when I write you I see words
And in knowing such, share
Being delivered about a week later
By a parcel service called self aware

I knock at my own door
For more than me
My closely held tiny dancer
I knock knowingly
Allowing you to listen in and answer

Hear my voice when you read me
Jun 5 · 194
From Now Till Far Away
Seanathon Jun 5
And then suddenly
Like the dawn, she was there
And my face alight with a joy so bright
That she was even more radiant
In the second sun of my reflected
Impervious to shadows and the nets they weave
I am glad that I waited through the night
To be greeted by my dawning eyes such as these
I am glad
Seanathon Jun 5
You are a head turn in a crowded station
A mere reflection in a city bus passing by
You with your life embued and color renewed
Like New York after the fall of a subtle June
You are ever growing effortlessly grown
Like bridges and high wires in the sunlit sky
You are stretching and cleverly reaching
Whispering quietly with easy by traffic side
Peacekeeping being of elvish beating
And your heart the very least of things
By which I would wish you too described

No words do the essence of your summer justice
All around and within song
Blessed is the man who sees such beauty each morning
And where it secretly resides
Inspired by songs, artists, cities, colors, and visions
Jun 5 · 307
See Me?
Seanathon Jun 5
Secretly - I sit
And by windows - wait
Knowing - being
Breathing - seeing
That the world - will not
But hoping that you - just might
"I just want you to know who I am."
Jun 4 · 69
Afloat Somehow
Seanathon Jun 4
In an ocean of adulthood
My head doesn't swim
It bobs and crashes in a flooded dream
Where I am not myself
Nor what I wish I could be

At sea
Adulting this hard hurts my head
Seanathon Jun 2
When you are in Texas
The storm feels closer
The grass feels more vibrant
Not greener, but strong
And the cool wind blows
In a proud feminine way
Unpredictably beautiful

When you are alone and in Texas
You are peacefulness embodied
Tranquility on the edge of both war and throng

A wonderful feeling of being and belong
A Reflection
Jun 1 · 78
We've Become The Body
Seanathon Jun 1
The body never truly falls
Be it completely forward or back on itself
Because the body is so much bigger than just the one
Made up of ones nonetheless

When one man stumbles
Though it may reflect in small and personal pools of running water beneath
His falter is not of the body, the whole
For we are as one, and made up of ones
And when one man stumbles in his walk
Another man will always be there
To step up and catch his fall

For as he was in full, once one
Now we are in full, many as one

With him our unity never truly falls
Seanathon Jun 1
No ghosts ever ran
And I'm not afraid

Bring on the dark-wind furious beasts
And the sounds of unseen terrors to-night

For I and I will answer with ease
That the heartbeat of a thousand drums
And the focused ice of perfect clarified unity
Waits for you day beyond this dawn

Know this

I am the embodiment of this deity be
Which wills itself from the earth to leap into the sky and fly
And never falls unless it's willingly done so

And thus it goes
That the deepest storm isn't always shown above the waters
This I cannot say but know

That no ghosts ever ran but from me
It will be so
Ghosts Don't Have Feet, But They Will Run From Me
Seanathon Jun 1
Your sound it
Smells like my cologne in summer
Blue cotton polos in the sun
And red croquet mallets swinging
Like winning cheers and pretzel sticks
By the train station studying
To be in school and not knowing
Seanathon Jun 1
Some days my heart sinks
And stretches out a hand to hold
Knowing that when it finally gets
What it so often most desires
It will need more patience than it has ever known
And to grow more quickly than it has ever grown
When it was on its lonesome path alone
And yet somehow it still it wants to know
Jun 1 · 52
Love Is Ever Wild
Seanathon Jun 1
Less than sun and more than sky
Which holds above the clouds untamed
More wild and freely kept than these
The rugged lylac enthused hillsides
Just beyond my reach
Which as a child ever passed me by
And nowso you are more to me
And will ever be such
Most wild and free beside
Seanathon May 30
The most difficult part of being
Is to be
Seanathon May 26
One of these days the world will wake up
And I won't be in her bed anymore
Stroll through the earths kitchen commonly
To no blueberry sounds or pancake feelings flat
And then just like that
She'll know and know
That I'm nothing like her
And so this morning
I go
What can I say? I'm a good pretender and I'm nothing like you.
Seanathon May 26
Yearning for the hours free
But once set upon
By the all too present moment
You may wish yourself
To the time before a viral wish broke out
So be careful of your wishes now
A Year Stolen From Ourselves
Seanathon May 25
Nothing demotivates the soul
Like safety
Keeping you from the wind beneath your feet
The wings beneath your shoulders felt
Just as weeds, the weeds, grow ever still
In their moving way they never break
And our human plot of life is to take
Our hands to the earth in constant misery
Knowing that all things will grow
Both around us and through
All things inevitably will come due

And the earth will continue on, probably long after me

The human side of me
May 25 · 47
Seanathon May 25
Does the wind fear the trees?
Or the leaves depart other than because they must?
They frolic together in the most
Perfect and natural
Peaceable ease
And so also you should
In this season of changing leaves

PARKSIDE Memories 6

And if you're out there, know that I never wanted to leave

Seanathon May 25
Belief is underrated I find
And believing in is strong
Like the sunlight glistening off the wings of setting birds, believe
And so it will be
Shimmering and reflected in our most human kind of song
That the way to be happy, is to be
And not to harp on that which has been
Or those who didn't belong

Be free
Live long
Seanathon May 25
Softly does this song extend
Out a gift of memory back in time

To the touch of wallpaper and pillow down
The same smell of pretzels and of youth
And of the quiet Summer nights before the fall of June
Found only before and once well known
I will not forget that quiet little town
Or all the trust that it had in me
As I laid there late at night and on the ground

We understood each other
Did we not?

Seanathon May 25
My eyes beneath a stage are they
Looking out into a world of audiences bewildered
With a curtain brow not bent but known
And a well lit masterpiece unwound
Like spool and floss and threaded thought
I will weave these words around and down
Until they fall like leaves in September air
And you can finally see what was never mine
May 25 · 94
Falling Into Words
Seanathon May 25
You can set up all the pins
Set aside all the time in the world to try
And still fail at being
And in that failure of self
And it's alright

No bird without falling ever first learned to fly
And so will you
With word
Seanathon May 25
Which is the greater fear?
That you might
Despite all of your wishes
Be seen?
Or that you will find something
Once you truly begin looking?
My guess is that the truth of you
Lies somewhere in between
Lost but found
Like coins in this fountain of being
(For now)

Seanathon May 25
Your face was far more pleasing than
The dream of seeing almost surreal
So I slept away and slept away
To see you again
But for the life of me now
In this warm awkward hour afterwards
I cannot remember where I saw your face
The first time and for real

No dream was ever happenstance
Fun fact. Our minds cannot create new faces. Everyone we see, we've seen. Etc.
Seanathon May 24
If you could just see me when I'm alone
You might just fall in love me
The only problem is
That I don't let anyone see ME
When I'm alone
May 21 · 148
Comfortable Stagnation
Seanathon May 21
Comfort is a funny thing
All graciousness and charm at first
Like cotton down or endless cups
Or a pool of cool atop the earth

But in too much comfort and you will drown
In the constant reassurance of self worth

Too much of that comfort will actually keep you
From the discovery of new to be found
At work

And by work I mean
Stagnation kills creativity folks. Ya gotta take risks. Note to self.
May 21 · 30
New Mexico Reservoir
Seanathon May 21
Spin me around in the desert and see
If I'm upset by these
Dry surrounding beings

And the answer is this
As you trail kick the dust
And move away from me

So I shout out loud
In a fading barrage

"How can I be?!?!"
When there's just so much water and word
Following currents within me

I will not die when I'm like this
Let alone perspire
Some days just feel really good. As a human. Creative.
Seanathon May 21
I find
That some of the hardest things to do in life
Is to do for you
And not for me
To live for life
And as a being be
To let go of that
Which was never free
And to let yourself fade
With a gentling ease
For as sure as I am of many things
Theae are truly the most difficult for me
And after all of that. All I can keep is now. (:
Seanathon May 21
Do you ever find yourself
(when beneath canvasing trees)
Standing alone in the singular comforting heat
Of the of the only illuminant rays to find
Their way through the clouds of leafy green?

Do you? I did
And it felt so immaculate to be
Warm and alone in the wooded wilds
Where I was free
May 21 · 88
A Simple Cup
Seanathon May 21
Having to have made myself
And by myself all too often alone
I'll know its love
When she makes me coffee
And I dont even see her coming
But with a smile
Passenger coffee
Seanathon May 21
There are days when love is deeper than oceans
Running faster than faucet rivers at a head
And rolling quicker than wheels over hills and sleds through snowy dales intact

And then slower days of not (in love) arrive
With a scorching sun that never sets
And a chilling mournful eye in the night sky

My guess is that
In love we are tides
Simply unaware of our own comings and goings

How we ebb and flow until we die
In love
Challenging myself, just a little, today
Seanathon May 21
Just as birds envy trees for how they never seem to leave
And trees envy birds for how they move around

Deep waters envy shallows, and the shallows envy the dark abyss

And the stars, the stars, envy us
Because we get up from our burning existence
And breathe after everytime we fall down
I like this one. Meaning noone else will lol. This is life. (:
Seanathon May 21
Weary isn't the half of it
Behind this driving mind of which I've been

On a selfish quest and road trip bent
To distant spires by the sea
Where my timeful eyes can review and see

So many things

For she knows me well my feverish being
And remembers me still, that is until
The relentless Saturday morning thrush
Which knocks and wakes me inbetween

Ever pulling me from my feverish dream
Which I love as well with which to be

And so my dear, unless you are here
And within my thusly joining reach
With a quiet door and a will to speak

IF, but if not then all I ask is this

Don't wake me from this compulsive scene
Just let me live until you're live
For a little bit longer within dreams
Gotta love excessive sleep. It's what we humans do. Our last resort and escape from being. (:
May 21 · 62
Eternal Battle
Seanathon May 21
No matter how many people I build up
Or desperate towers I tear down
With the beautiful brutal honesty of humans
It is only the cannot that is felt
When it comes to the understanding built
Between two me's
There is a difficult us to be found
May 21 · 791
Beginning To Walk
Seanathon May 21
Write me in as I would of you
And stumbling onward
We walk

Converse with me as the trees speak to trees
And our whispers will grow in full
As we talk
Sprained Ankle is pretty underrated
May 21 · 91
Floridians (A Tanka)
Seanathon May 21
Yet Towards Winter
We are drawn in surreal
Running South away
Our feet acknowledging that
Which we fear the most alone
May 21 · 43
Stupid Questions
Seanathon May 21
There's no such thing?
There is, you see
As you walk into the room
Sit down with your little book of nothing
And stare at me demandingly

As if I know where the universe came from
As if your words are those which deserves to see
Through me intently

With your nose to the ground like a well-kept hound
You sniff up my leg most intentionally
When really
You are the furthest from the trail of truth
And you cannot even comprehend this loop
Which leads you around a thinly mirrored tree

So yes, every time I enter this houndtown
I will laugh you upside right from down
Until you bark with a tone more befitting your moan

There's no such thing to see
You see?
Stupid Questions
May 21 · 21
Winter Speed
Seanathon May 21
Chaos folded into a blade
Paired and piercing air and fury wave
With downward motion
For a spell once cast
Is tumblingon
As you are electric on ice
Flying for mere moments in this
Breaking the conceptualized time with forget
When HePo sends it to drafts instead, and you find out a week later. Hua? LOL
May 21 · 52
The Twilight Mr. Jones
Seanathon May 21
Ashen daggers stick
Digging at secrets
Prompter of every questioning man
Who already knows where death's shoes stand

Just behind the curtain
In the plain sight of night revealed
And the sun
The sun expects him not the be a blight
On the daylight strolling hills

So instead of hitching with the strange
And innocent alley cats and saints
Like a stray dog bound with one bright eye
Darkness rides like dust on the rails
Of Mr. Jones and his coattails

Thus the law which ought to be instilled
Forevermore held in place is this
No time for him should ever waste
As attacks imagined, grant to him
Such a silent advantage which he'll always take

Do you
Still bring all living things
To still?
Mr. Jones?
Seanathon May 20
What started as an echo wave
Reverberating across my moonlit lake
In hues of white and shining starlight gray
Has grown and flown, rippling like nether wings
As you've yet to be shown, yet shone another day

For you were eyes wide at the slightest path
Feet found friendly in the walking matter
And in the wake of Halley’s hue, unchanged
As if nothing out of reach were something real
Just as ripples of your sound, were, surreal and the same

As my own, but with a quake across my darkened veil
Darts a newfound thought in me
Of water, you see didn't see, did you?
That beneath the surface of this calm, I churn
Because of you and your distinct social sounds anew

I'm just saying
Your love song destroyed my universe
With it's crashing, falling, call, and crescendo growing tall
Into waters awake beneath the colors of sky
You are all that which matters to me this Fall

To this ripple, a memory
You ever have one of those writes where it's no longer about them, and you know it? Where it's been so long that the memory is all you have to keep? Yup. Be it alive or dead, it doesn't really matter. Because memories are just that. The past.

Also if this song was a girl.... Jeesh! Not to mention Gasp!
May 20 · 216
Unnatural Cold
Seanathon May 20
Ever since the sky first spoke
And warned me of this new treacherous you

I cannot unsee or unfeel the feeling
That these trees here have become too small
And been too old all along

For the youthful being still growing in me
I must repair to another day
When such a sounding mind was but s song

And now I know that I'm too warm a day
For such a cold unbegotten breeze of you
May 20 · 45
What I Know Of Youth
Seanathon May 20
I would not recommend
The yearning for younger
Stupider days
As we all did own version of foolish
(In youth)
Be it in our own being
And stupid way

Too old, too soon?

But the fast well known
Is a far better day
Seanathon May 18
Does a new wind ever blow or die?
From the same fountain of cloud which has alway given?

In a upward lifting thought of sky
Is the dream relentless?
Or is it just the same day which we've all been living

I ask because I wonder why

Is this the new beginning?
I'm ready for this new breeze of freedom to stay.

I'm tired of the old me.
Seanathon May 17
Sunlight comes and goes
Most homely on daily edge
Where moonlight it doesn't
Kind of a falsehood, since moonlight is just the sunlight reflected of the face. But I think you get my point. (;
Seanathon May 17
When everything is in order, set
And stones are smooth as rivers run
It is then, and in, I expect will forget
The endless coming of undone

But no
Not yet
For a hundred years more
I will remember, learn, to just let the coming of set

No order will ever
Take heart. Good or bad. It will pass.
Seanathon May 17
It's been forever now
Since my evergreen heart grew wild and free
With budding oaks, and leaves, and lilac strong
With edelweiss glimmering alive in the evening lights
And even the occasional ****
Poking its head up to remind through the matted red coals beneath
It's been forever now
But I hope that it won't always be
As such
All I Can Keep Is Now. Such a magical sound.
May 17 · 40
A Song A Sound Tanka
Seanathon May 17
Your sound here in ears
Is peaks and valleys out west
In this eastern world
Hear the Allegheny sky
I'm myself, a wishing song
A song called Tough. Echoing still.
Seanathon May 17
I am sunset rivershine. Holding onto the final fragments of the young moon fallen, and the starlight smile given quietly, free. In the passing lane of time, accelerating towards truth. Forward as I may be, at this present time. It's nice to know, that I'm not yet, or at least fully, through.
Sometimes I know I am. Other times. Not so much lolol.
May 16 · 112
And I Need Coffee
Seanathon May 16
Emancipate my blood stream with caffeine
So that I dont feel groggy
And captured by sleep
In a new world
Of coffee to be
Would you
Feeling my better already.
Seanathon May 15
Where the mountians meet the sky
There is more sense and visibility
Behind all of these tree branches reached
Than in me

In this moment of there and then
When I'm caught wondering about life
And where my next meal will begin
Respect is built

And all that's left is the untimely hill
Which is yet to climb
Over my yesterdays self
To again is to try
May 15 · 153
The Deer Know Not Human
Seanathon May 15
The deer, for one
Know better than to fraternize with humans
And their mechanistic ways
With coffee and love and oil to burn
Les their own natural pattern be disturbed
And lost
In our perceptive order and ignorance
Of the ways of the turning world
Beneath our very feet
They'd better not
May 15 · 44
Dating Time
Seanathon May 15
I send not love, nor hate
But acceptance
Because I cannot help but live with you
And escape your resting presence
With what?
The occasional rest
And sleeping in
As is the provision of heaven itself in self
I sleep, and thus
Break from our mortal relationship
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